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Shoot Like a PRO! - Joze Mont
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Shoot Like a PRO! - Joze Mont


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Who said only professional cameras can take professional pictures? Yeah everyone does, but what they don't tell you is that you can make amazing professional photography with any basic low cost and …

Who said only professional cameras can take professional pictures? Yeah everyone does, but what they don't tell you is that you can make amazing professional photography with any basic low cost and mobile cameras! But how exactly?

This is why I'm here for, to reveal you the secrets of photography and to make you a proud photographer who isn't depended on expensive cameras or other equipment that is needed to manage your work as a professional photographer, or a randome teenager who wants to look cool next to his friends by sharing his awesome photoshoots on facebook, or simply a parent who loves his kids and wants beautiful photographs of them.

Joze Mont: Media Director at Joze Mont Entertainment and International Education Project "Sattva". Film Director who has written, produced and directed over 8 movies and released 2 music albums. She's also a well known Photographer in USA who worked with Organizations, Hat companies, Models, Actors, Movie productions and personal clients. Her work has reached many souls throughout the world and has inspired people to grow through Art, Films, Music and Photography. Joze Mont is also the creator of "Cinemont" - The new generation of legendary films that will be remembered for centuries on by leaving a remarkable sign of creative existence.

The benefits you get from this course are:

Discover great features on your camera that will help you create professional pictures.
Learn how to hold your camera the proper and professional way before taking pictures.
Learn how to make your pictures presentable by using the right angles and correct lighting.
Give your pictures a style.
Learn self portrait.
Learn photoshop.
Create your own professional photography logo.
Learn iPhone Photography.
Sharing your pictures and having an online portfolio.
And most important of all, make professional photographs with any basic low cost camera!

Published in: Art & Photos, Business

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  • 1. SHOOT LIKE A PRO!Joze Mont Monday, June 30, 14
  • 2. Hello there folks! I’m Joze Mont guiding you through this slideshow, so enjoy yourself and don’t forget to share it. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 3. How many times in your life you thought having your own professional photos in a photo album, Facebook, your line of work, or simply nice looking pictures of your kids? But every time you just contribute it a thought, you abruptly see that it takes a great deal of money because it’s either the camera is too expensive or the photographer charges more than you can give. Immediately you give up the idea and say to yourself "ok, perhaps some other time when I'll receive the money" but that other time never comes because you have much more important things to worry about like; your bills, employment, family duties, school, and etc. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 4. Or another interesting situation that takes place very frequently today, is when you do have a professional camera but you exclusively apply it for special occasions or commercial use. When you trip, you likewise require to have decent looking shots, but you can’t always take your camera with you, then what do you do?! Or, if God forbid your professional camera breaks and you sustain an event to move to and work as a photographer, what do you do then!? You can't just go and purchase a new camera because it will cost you a great deal of money and plus, you don't have the time for that! You too can't be wanting in that issue because you threw a word and signed a contract, you delivered a deal and this lot cannot be off! What do you do in such instance!? Monday, June 30, 14
  • 5. Today, this is precisely why I'm here for! The reason I created this course “Shoot like a pro!” because it will cause your life a lot more excitement and easiness with less worries. It will occupy your brain with lots of imaginative ideas and will create your inner vision turn into a reality through your pictures. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 6. So a bit about myself... One day I awakened up in the forenoon at the age of 19 and decided that I wanted to take photography. I felt every bit if it was some other part of me that needed to be trained and disclosed to the world, another gift that had to be applied. I got my regular canon camera and ran out to get some photos of people and plants. Anything I saw was captured. Afterwards I looked at some astonishing photos that were taken by professionals and compared them with mine. I’ve realized those photographers had very specific things in their characterizations that I didn't. They had angles that presented the object they took a picture of, they had a flair and most significantly; they gave their own inside world and sight in their shots. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 7. Each photographer left a singular sign of his existence in his pictures. Even though the photographer didn’t appear in the photograph, but by looking at it you already knew it was brought by him So I went on taking those pictures until I saw the whole idea of photography. In the same year I made my first photo shoot event called "Life is" with professional models. This event was made for an organization I once had called "Help the World". Monday, June 30, 14
  • 8. After this successful result, I've seen that people got interested in my photography work, hence I made lots more photo shoots for; clients, models, hat companies in Los Angeles, for my own films, and personal photography as well. The photo shoots I’ve made so far are the following: Monday, June 30, 14
  • 9. Alix in DreadLand Monday, June 30, 14
  • 10. Life is... Monday, June 30, 14
  • 11. Little Red Riding Hood Monday, June 30, 14
  • 12. Victorian Family Monday, June 30, 14
  • 13. Chaplin Monday, June 30, 14
  • 14. Lovely Couple Monday, June 30, 14
  • 15. I Love Lucy Monday, June 30, 14
  • 16. Abundance Monday, June 30, 14
  • 17. Retro Cameras Monday, June 30, 14
  • 18. 1972 Puppet Show Monday, June 30, 14
  • 19. The Mustache Counts Monday, June 30, 14
  • 20. As well, I made some photography work for personal clients and other events. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 21. Here’s what people say about me: Corey L Thomas: “You’re hell of a photographer!!!” Monday, June 30, 14
  • 22. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 23. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 24. Now We’ll learn about the solid idea of photography and its’ importance, purpose, benefits and requirements. We'll learn about discovery ourselves through photography, and self development. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 25. The slide I’m presenting is very useful and important to those who truly want to succeed in the media and photography field. It isn’t something I’ve made up out of ennui; it is all the secrets of proven success facts and methods from personal experience of mine and other keen photographers. It is very valuable information that isn’t being told anywhere because of the rivalry and jealousy of those who are presenting the goods or are willing to succeed. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 26. From my course “Shoot like a pro!” you’ll get a special opportunity to take the precise steps to taking professional photos, and surprise the world with your imagination! Many photographers will envy you and try to defeat you, but you'll always gain ground because of your uniqueness and your own particular skills. This plan will help you interest grateful and successful people in the same field or other, to join their project. It will make your life exciting! Monday, June 30, 14
  • 27. The course “Shoot like a pro!” includes the following: 1. Getting ready 2. Find your Style 3. Learn your camera 4. Modes 5. How to hold a camera? 6. Angles 7. Working with Lens 8. Lighting 9. Self Portrait 10. iPhone Shots 11. Photoshop Magic 12. Logo Making 13. Online Portfolio Monday, June 30, 14
  • 28. So what is photography? Photography is Art of Still Pictures. Your vision snaps the moment and turns it into a reality through the picture. The whole idea of photography is basically for us to explore the beauty of the Art world, travel back in time and enjoy those moments that pass so quickly in front of our eyes. We can just snap those moments and stare at them as long as we want to. Photography was made for us to wise up our imagination and present the world that we consider inside our hearts & capture what catches our attention. Many times we face a whole different world through our images and believe it or not, but it inspires most people and it adjoins a very sore spot in their hearts. It still makes them pay for those images just so they can have another glance and feel those same great feelings again. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 29. Photography serves everyone’s needs and for generations. If you recollect about it; about 197 years ago when a camera was first invented by Nicephore Niepce, every living soul needed it! When people got married, they wanted at least 1 capture of their wedding day. The government needed pictures of presidents, places, wars, news and etc. Others needed it for business, personal use, commercial utilization and more. Back then, a camera was mainly utilized for storage purposes and within time, society has figured that they can create artwork out of photographs, and that's when the media became involved! Models began to model, actors were paid to take their films released to the press and the photographers became legends! Monday, June 30, 14
  • 30. Not everyone was able to own a camera though. In those days, if you owned a camera you were a very important man with lots of respect! Photographers ruled! Today photography is being practiced for a great deal more personal use, everyone can own a camera but not all know how to use it properly. That's real sad because with all this modern engineering science and fast information deliver, people should be a bit more creative and interesting. Alas, it looks as if the more time goes by, the more humanity loses its' self value and simply trusts the machines. The mystery is that the machine doesn't know what you want and will never serve you correctly, you need to run it and make it do what you necessitate it to do, that’s of course if you want to be successful and presentable. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 31. The primary cause why most of the times you see amazing photography that makes you open your jaw as looking at them shocked, is solely because those photographers know what they require. They recognize who they are and they present themselves through their films. But so you know, many times the camera does not capture the way we want it to, but it still doesn't put out those great photographers to make their results done! They hit the camera see what they pick up and fix the camera listen to their instructions up until they generate their answers. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 32. To be a good photographer doesn't mean that you must have a good camera or know the cameras manual by hard, it only implies that you necessitate to be clear about your visual sense and know how to give that vision in your shots. Don't forget that a photographer isn't a person who only takes good pictures, well in our modern society that's all it stands for. In reality, a photographer is an Artist. He has a style and his own rules. He’s a unique persona who follows his own special path that can only be seen by him or those who think like he does and have the same visions. That is a Photographer. I say it with much pride and trust because I am part of this world and I recognize precisely what it's all about. The single thing I'm really happy about is that I’ve met lots of photographers in my life and out of 100% about 10 % were the real Artistic photographers, the rest were show-offs who owned a good camera and labeled themselves. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 33. Before taking the photography skills, you must learn yourself first in order to cognize what you desire and, what is your world? Where do you come from in your imagery? What do you consider when you look at the people walking down the street? What are the colors you experience within your eyes? Who are you really? And so on... Allow me present you a little example about myself. In my imagery and life style- I come from the 18 hundreds, late 18 hundreds. When I walk outside I watch people on horses, Victorian women with huge dresses and big wide round hats that hide their faces. I see big men with french mustache and beards walking down the street holding their cane and bowing nicely as they catch a fine young lady passes by. I see those really old cars that were first manufactured. I Hear all those sounds of their walking feet with the hard heals. I see everything in sepia or black and white. No matter where I am or what I do- this is all I catch. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 34. I dress like that myself and behave as if I'm there again- people usually look at me like this... This is who I am and I'm so proud of it! Now you understand? Find out who you are and only then, you’ll be able to start with photography and creativity. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 35. But how do you ascertain out what your style is? And how do you determine to be a creative photographer? Well these questions are simply right for the most perfect answer I'm about to hand you! All those skills you can ascertain in my course “Shoot like a pro!” Your questions will be answered and your imagination will be wide open for fresh creative thoughts! Monday, June 30, 14
  • 36. The benefits you get from the course are: 1. Discover great features in your camera that will help you create professional pictures. 2. Learn how to hold your camera the proper and professional way before taking pictures. 3. Learn how to make your picture presentable by using the right angles and correct lighting. 4. Give your pictures a style. 5. Learn self portrait. 6. Learn photoshop. 7. Create your own professional photography logo. 8. Learn iPhone photography. 9. Share your pictures by having an online portfolio. 10. And most important, make professional pictures with any regular low cost camera. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 37. This course will instruct you how to get professional photographs with any low cost camera and iPhones. It will teach you how to edit your pictures on photoshop and create your own photography logo for your portfolio. Isn't it great?!!!!! Monday, June 30, 14
  • 38. So once again, the program includes the following: 1. Getting ready (Intro) 2. Find your Style - $11.99 3. Learn your camera - $17.97 4. Modes - $5.79 5. How to hold a camera? - $5.79 6. Angles - $27.95 7. WOrking with Lens - $27.95 8. Lighting - $9.97 9. Self Portrait - $15.97 10. iPhone Shots - $21.97 11. Photoshop Magic - $37.99 12. Logo Making - $27.99 13. Online Portfolio - $15.00 Total: $226.33 Monday, June 30, 14
  • 39. This plan will permit you to expand your way of thinking from the unimaginable to the possible ways of reaching your goals. It will assist you with your thoughts and creativity. It’ll answer your inquiries and will guide you to your success. Like I said earlier, it isn’t a made-up material, it’s all proven facts and it's entirely grounded on actual experience of mine and other pro photographers. Don’t forget that you also obtain a bonus gift with the course! The gift is a huge photography collection of mine from the age of 19 and up until today. In this collection you’ll see how I got better and better throughout the years with my work, it will inspire you and will give you lots of ideas. LUCKY YOU!!! Monday, June 30, 14
  • 40. At once, you experience how a good deal of unique and practical information, this course has that will help you get one of the most top rated creative photographers and unique souls who will inspire the world and change their lives eternally. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 41. Usually this program is being sold for $97 which is still underpriced because the real value is $226.33. Since this is your first purchase, I would like to give you a 10 times greater value for your investment and reduce your investment for only $47 today! Yes you read it right! your investment today is only $47 for the full course including the bonus gift. But don’t excite yourself so fast because I got a better offer for you that you wouldn’t resist! We have a special 10% off sale to our VIP Members who are part of the Joze Mont Club. These members get much more beneficial offers and bonuses that help them grow in their field and succeed too. You are more than welcome to join our club but you better do it fast before someone else steals your spot! The VIP Membership has a very limited access, it’s only for those who are really serious about their goals and desires. Use the following link and register. Link: Monday, June 30, 14
  • 42. As I just said earlier, the good news is that you can have this program for only $47 but the bad news is that this special offer will not stay long. As a matter of fact, it will be available for only 3 days. So don’t miss it! Log on now and register. Link: Monday, June 30, 14
  • 43. We have an official golden warranty incase you won’t find this program helpful enough or you’ll just feel it wasn’t for you, whatever the reason may be, we are here to support you with your decision making and will be happy to give you your money back because my strategy is to give you a much greater value than you invest. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 44. If you register to the program today, you have absolutely no reason to worry because right after you register and will still have questions, then our costumer support manager will contact you personally to answer all questions you may have before making a payment. Right after you complete your pay, we’ll send you the access to your personal page which contains educational materials and the bonuses! Monday, June 30, 14
  • 45. A reminder, this unique offer is active only for 3 days, after 3 days the access will be restricted and the price will change to $97. Therefore you need to make a choice here and now! Monday, June 30, 14
  • 46. You know I could just sit here and tell you how good I am and how good my work is but this isn’t what why I’m here for, it’s for you to decide rather I’m good or not by going through those steps with me in the course. So just register and enjoy! Link: Monday, June 30, 14
  • 47. QUESTIONS FROM THE RECORDED WEBINAR: Q: Hey there my name is John, I'd like to thank you for this helpful webinar. Thank you for your time it means a lot. I just want to ask, I don't have any experience in photography but I’m willing to learn so my question is- is your program easy to understand? will there be a stem by step tutorial? A: Hi John! Nice to meet you, thank you as well for joining my webinar today. I made this program as clear as possible so it will be easy to understand for beginners as well, all is explained and well presented. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 48. QUESTIONS FROM THE RECORDED WEBINAR: Q: What if I have extra questions to ask, whom should I contact? A: Well if you have general questions about the payment process, about your order, or anything technical then contact our costumer support team at But if you want photography tips or ask anything about photography specifically, then you can contact me personally at and I'll be glad to reply you ones I'll get the chance. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 49. QUESTIONS FROM THE RECORDED WEBINAR: Q: Hi Joze Mont my name is Claudia, nice to meet you. I'm really good at photography and I also have my own unique style but the problem is that I don't know how to publish it- I'm pretty stuck with them. Will your program teach how to publish our work as well and maybe even earn money from it? A: Hello there dear Claudia, a pleasure to meet you as well! Well you're more than lucky actually because I included this particular part to the program, whats the use of being a good photographer if you can't publish it and share it with the world? So no worries, I teach this step as well at the end of the program. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 50. QUESTIONS FROM THE RECORDED WEBINAR: Q: What if this program won't help me? A: Well it’s always good trying I say, but incase you won't find it helpful then don't worry because we have a 30 day money back guarantee policy for all our products. You can always return it and get your money back. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 51. QUESTIONS FROM THE RECORDED WEBINAR: Q: Have you ever taught this program anyone else? did it help them? A: Well yes actually I have, I’ve tried it on few people and it helped them in what they needed to learn- one of them actually became very professional after learning my skills. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 52. If you got something valuable out of this Slide then please help me deliver this information over to your friends. Expand it as much as you can because I’m sure if you’ll share the link of this particular slide with your friends, they’ll as well gain the benefits you guys get and will be able to move towards their success. I promise you that with this program I’ll teach you the best photography methods and special ways to break into the photography industry. You can believe in anything you want but my goal is to give you the very strong tools that will leave you no doubts on how this methods are effective. You’re not only getting results but you’ll also remember & use it for the rest of your life because it’s a very important and progressive program. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 53. We’ll discuss it through together and you’ll rethink your life, you’ll understand things better and will move towards a better direction. So lets click on this link and register for the program. It will be remote lessons, all you need to have is; computer with sound, connection to the internet, and ability to ask questions. Basically if you could see this slide, then you’re ready to go for the program. Monday, June 30, 14
  • 54. I’m doing this so it will be much easier and faster for you to learn and get satisfied. If like me you guys want the world of photogrphy to be better and more surprising, then please go over the link and register to our program. No worries, you know we have 14 days warranty and if you’ll still have questions then please contact us. Don’t be shy. Right now just submit the order and get your final results. Ciao and GOOD LUCK! Sincerely, Joze Mont. Monday, June 30, 14