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Hacking You Mind - How you are being exploited by hackers of all sorts!


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In the Hacking Your Mind presentation, Kai Roer explains how hackers of all kinds exploit our mental patterns, our social structures and rules, and make us do their bidding.
With a focus on social sciences, Kai focus on three main topics that makes the human mind vulnerable to hacking:
- our need to be liked,
- our lazy brain,
- our no-questions-asked acceptance of authorities
In Hacking Your Mind, Kai use his passion for people and psychology mixed with his presentation skills to make it easy to understand how hackers are using mechanisms we are all born with to make us do their bidding.

This talk is a part of the Norwegian Cybersecurity Months 2013 and 2014. It has been delivered to numerous organizations around the world.

Kai Roer is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker who work with communication, leadership and cybersecurity. He is passionate about people and security culture, and shares his passion everywhere he go. Organizations around the world relies on his advice and consulting on how to build and maintain security culture.

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Hacking You Mind - How you are being exploited by hackers of all sorts!

  1. 1. @kairoer HACKING YOUR MIND How you are being exploited by hackers of all sorts! Kai Roer The Roer Group
  2. 2. @kairoer KAI ROER Guest lecturer President CSA Norway President & Founder, The Roer Group Inventor of the Security Culture Framework Host of the Security Culture TV Bestselling author, Columnist Help-Net Security Expert Panelist, keynote speaker, blogger, conference speaker in over 30 countries on 4 continents, Radio and TV, consulting organizations worldwide, JCI International Training Fellow, appointed National Cybersecurity Institute Fellow, 20+ work experience from IT, Security, Leadership and communication. Psychology at the University of Oslo. Culture builder. • • • • @kairoer
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  10. 10. @kairoer Rule # 1 Cloud is more than just technology. Yes, Sir! Authorities to Get You Going
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