Have FIS Revamp your current Heater for Savings!


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Have FIS Revamp your current Heater for Savings!

  1. 1. Low Cost Value Added Solutions for Fired Heaters Fired Heater Revamp
  2. 2. Do it Once, Do it Right!Furnace Improvements Services (FIS) is a full service engineering and consulting company, hav-ing completed over 300 engineering studies and projects. FIS currently has a team of 45 skilled engi-neers on board with offices in Sugar Land, TX and in New Delhi, India. We have experience in designand revamp of all types refinery fired heaters.FIS TechnologiesFired Heaters develop many problems during operation. They are capacity limitation, unstablecombustion, high tube skin temperatures, premature coking, and high stack temperature. To com-bat these issues FIS has developed and patented three different technologies to solve most of theseissues.RevampingRevamping fired heaters is a practical and effective way to improve heater performance, debot-tlenecking, and increase capacity. FIS focuses on working with existing components and as a result,investment and downtime is minimized. Revamping provides: ♦ Longer Run Length ♦ Capacity Increase ♦ Efficiency Improvement ♦ NOx Emission ReductionOur ServicesFurnace Improvements’ scope ofservices includes: ♦ Process Design ♦ Detailed Engineering ♦ Project Management ♦ Procurement ♦ Fabrication ♦ Site Services
  3. 3. High Quality Technical WorkWorking MethodologyA fired heater revamping project typically has the following phases:Phase I → Engineering Study with +/- 30% Cost Estimates.Phase II → Project Design Basis Report +/- 10% Cost Estimates.Phase III → Detailed Engineering and Project Services, Procurement, Fabrication and Erection.FIS can undertake complete turnkey projects including erection.Case Study FIS was hired to improve the efficiency of a Platformer Heater. The stacktemperatures were over 1100°F. Thermal efficiency of the heater was only 66%.The client evaluated the conventional preheater parallel scheme and FIS Split FlowTechnology. They chose FIS’ patented Split Flow Technology, which divides the processfluid into parallel two streams.Improvements were:♦ Increased capacity by 33%♦ Improved thermal efficiency from 67% to 86%♦ Lower pressure dropThe installation costs were half compared to that of the conventional series flow de-sign. The job was completed in October 2002 and has been running without any prob-lems . Before After
  4. 4. Low Cost Value Added Solutions for Fired Heaters Some of our clients We have an agent near you. BRAZIL TAIWAN Jose Fleischmann Douglas Chang Tel: (+55) 11-5641-4361 Tel: +8862-2706-1544 Fax: (+55) 11-5641-4361 Mobile: +8869-2106-9827 jofleis@attglobal.net china.abc@msa.hinet.net CANADA U.A.E., OMAN, QATAR Paul Henry Sarwar Ali Tel: +450-676-3222 Tel: +971-6742-5035 Fax: +450-676-5997 Mobile: +9715-0631-7452 bjuren@bellnet.ca mists@emirates.net.ae VENEZUELA, COLUMBIA, INDIA ARGENTINA & ARUBA R. Rajamani Carlos Alarcon Tel: + 91 94483 79108 Tel: +58-441-6609-3444 Tel: +91 80 65971113 Fax: +58-441-4366-8406 rajamani@iprefining.com caav-ramasco@cantv.net INDIA CALIFORNIA, USA Ajai Agarwal David P. Diggins Tel: +9111-4214-3751 Tel: +94-9497-6551 Mobile:+9198-1015-9901 Mobile:+94-9463-8591 aqology@gmail.com digginsinc@cox.net KUWAIT LOUISIANA, USA Alex Ambi Charles H. Thatcher Tel: +965-2482-9160 ext.126 Tel: 985-892-4224 Mobile: +965-3384-1712 Mobile: 985-966-5513 alex@alzahemgroup.com cht@bellsouth.net SOUTHEAST, USA MEXICO David Gangle Lorena Nieto G. Tel: +20-5437-1702 Cel: (04455)43493284 Mobile:+20-5542-7006 lorenanietogarfias@gmail.com dgangle@gancoheat.com SAUDI ARABIA TEXAS, USA Azfar Mahmood Stan McHugh Tel: +966-3899-6333 Tel: +713-839-8788 Mobile: +9665-3451-2635 Mobile:+713-703-8907 azfar@smartbde.com sam.co@sbcglobal.net FURNACE IMPROVEMENTS SERVICES Furnace Improvements Services Inc. A.G. Furnace Improvements Pvt. Ltd. 1600 Highway 6 South, Suite 480 K-33, Ground Floor Sugar Land, Texas 77478 USA Opp. Balaji Estate, Kalkaji Tel: (281) 980-0325 New Delhi, India 110019 Fax: (832) 886-1665 Tel: 91-11-405-8-8696 Email: info@heatflux.com www.heatflux.com