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eBuddy corporate recruitment presentation

  1. 1. Recruitment presentation – October 2010
  2. 2. Contents The products Our team Your career
  3. 3. eBuddy aggregates the most popular IM networks into one application, for web and mobile Web >24M monthly visitors Mobile >15M monthly unique users Mobile iPhone Android Lite messenger messenger
  4. 4. eBuddy plays an important role as a mobile advertising pioneer: understanding & setting the rules
  5. 5. eBuddy is a truly global player with users and revenues across all continents Direct Sales offices in the UK, US and NL. Sales in the rest of the world are primarily generated via % of web users sales houses and advertising networks such as Google, Yahoo, AdLink and 24/7. % of mobile users UK Office NL Office 32% 20% 46% US Office 17% 15% 15% 11% 4% 29% 5% 3% 3%
  6. 6. eBuddy has a brand known by millions of people around the world Most popular Facebook product pages Popular internet brands (Google searches) Rank Name Facebook fans Name Google searches / month 1 Coca-Cola 10,918,483 Apple 124.000.000 2 Oreo 8,895,043 Orkut 101.000.000 3 Skittles 8,734,017 Amazon 83.100.000 … … QQ 68.000.000 39 Adobe Photoshop 764,025 AOL 68.000.000 40 ICEE 730,266 Twitter 68.000.000 41 Skype 711,579 Skype 37.200.000 42 Six Flags 618,290 eBuddy 30.400.000 43 Butterfinger 527,259 MTV 30.400.000 44 eBuddy 511,771 CNN 24.900.000 45 Cedar Point 507,671 Pandora 24.900.000 46 Barbie 451,468 Dailymotion 16.600.000 47 Heinz Ketchup 437,484 Meebo 11.100.000 48 SunChips 375,525 Foursquare 823,000 Source: Google (Aug 2010), FanpageList.com (Aug 2010)
  7. 7. eBuddy is growing fast, accelerated by for example Facebook and users from emerging countries Active Facebook users in eBuddy Active eBuddy users from India 2009 2010 2009 2010 We are currently processing >16,000,000,000 messages per month…
  8. 8. Contents The products Our team Your career
  9. 9. eBuddy’s team is highly diverse, with >20 nationalities!
  10. 10. eBuddy’s office is in the heart of Amsterdam, on the main canal (Keizersgracht)
  11. 11. Contents The products Our team Your career
  12. 12. Why work at eBuddy ? Life at eBuddy Benefits & Perks Employee Share option plan. eBuddy is international Free lunches, snacks, fruits, tea, coffee, and drinks. eBuddy’s team currently consists of 80 people and 21 different nationalities. We are based in the Competitive salaries. citycentre of Amsterdam at the canals with additional offices in London and San Francisco Office in the hart of Amsterdam’s city center. eBuddy is growing Flexible, smart casual work environment. The number of users has grown by more than 24 holiday days per year. 1000% in the last 4 years – and the growth still continues. We are the only IM client in the world Holiday allowance. that delivers its customers the benefit of mobile and internet convergence and the market is Fridays drinks & pizza nights. booming: IM is expected to be on all mobile phones in 2013 Gym membership and Clothes outlet Company discounts. eBuddy is team work Mobile phone and subscription. eBuddy provides a dynamic, young and informal Canal cruises on company’s boat working environment, where team work plays an essential role. All employees take part in the Fussball tournaments in the office. Employee Stock Option Program, reinforcing our shared goals. We’re only hiring top-of-the-bill Knowledge Migrant company. employees, so you’ll be working with smart and like-minded colleagues. Relocation package.