Globe7 Media Kit (Sep 22, 08)


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Globe7 Media Kit

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Globe7 Media Kit (Sep 22, 08)

  1. 1. WelcomeDear Advertisers and Agencies,On behalf of Globe7 HK Limited, we would like to extend our warmestwelcome to you.Globe7 HK Limited a pioneer in digital information and onlinecommunications company which has been operating in Hong Kong for twoyears. During those two years, we have expanded our business veryaggressively in the U.S., China, India and Southeast Asia markets. Forexample, we have entered partnerships with major portals and websites inthe regions such as, Bangkok Post, Sinchew-i, Asia Times andother major media. If you would like to learn more about our company,please visit take a moment to review the attached marketing / pricing kits fordetail information. You will find that Globe7 HK Limited operates anumber of websites which are very successful already;,,,, We already have more than 66 million dailyimpressions from our websites.We at Globe7 strive to provide you with the highest level of service in theindustry and are committed to assisting your needs to reach your targetaudiences.We hope to be working with you very soon and if you have a furtherquestions or assistance, please feel free to contact us .Thank you for your attention in advance.Sincerely yours,Hyeonza Hong
  2. 2. ABOUTConnect with AsiaGlobe7 connects young people, professionals, and businesses globally byproviding social networking, communication tools, information,entertainment, audio and video file sharing, web hosting and advertisingservices. Our two social networking sites, one in China and one in India,serve some of the world’s fastest growing markets. Our products andservices reach more than 38 million users, primarily in China and India, aswell as other countries in Asia and around the world with large Asianpopulations.We provide a unique, effective and expansive array of online vehicles formarketers seeking to reach the affluent, well-educated and tech savvyAsian audience. Globe7 enables marketers to embed their advertisingmessage into the flow of communication within the communities ofGlobe7.Our Products and ServicesGlobe7 VOIP Service, is a world leading softphone application bringingthe unique combination of real time Communication and information onuser’s desktop, laptop and mobile. It obtained over 56 million downloadsand 7.1 million registered users from all over the world. We are also theworld’s top VoIP player as rated by’s VoIP service enables users to make free PC-to-PC calls tolandlines across the globe, and provides an array of videos, games, newsand opt-in widgets like LiveTV, Live Radio, astrology, sports and moreentertainment tools. http://www.globe7.comWoop offers a variety of sophisticated networking tools, including IM, SMS,audio and video file sharing, produced in partnership with one of China’sleading online media companies SINA, for the booming Chinese market., Asia’s popular peer-to-peer audio andvideo file sharing service, averages 3 million uploads per day.The Globe7 Ad Network - Axill, a global online advertising network thataggregates more than 5,500 websites, providing advertisers with a broadarray of media channels to reach customers. 1
  3. 3. Our Products contd. Egglad, Asia’s lively casual gaming and shopping site with more than 500 games and attracts 2.8 million users a year. It aims to foster a game fan community where members enjoy free fun games and meet new friends. Launched in Oct 2007, it is among the worlds top 3500 portals by traffic. All the games are integrated with game advertisements to create large, high return on investment to advertisers.,, a social networking site launched in March 2008, is already attracting thousands of young Chinese anxious to study abroad and network with one another.,, the biggest social networking and education site in India, with more than three million registered users. We also operate more than 40 counseling and testing centers across India for college-bound young people seeking study abroad opportunities and testing services. We also provide a variety of outsourcing recruitment and admissions processing services to colleges and universities. Hosting Services for clients across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, supported by powerful server farms in the UK and Hong Kong. Our Company Globe7 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Northgate Technologies, a telecommunications, ecommerce and Internet media company based in Hyderabad, India. Northgate is led by Venkat Meenavalli, an online media pioneer and successful venture capitalist in India. Northgate has been profitable since its first quarter in business, and is growing about 30% year. Globe7 recently opened offices in Beijing and San Francisco. Northgate’s online ad partners include ValueNet and LincShare. Ecommerce partners include Walmart, eBay,Target, Sony MusicStore, and Verizon is our telecom partner. Globe7 also has strategic partnerships with many of Asia’s major companies, including China’s leading online media players SINA, Baidu, and Sinchew. Globe7 is committed to the highest standards of industry excellence and customer service. We look forward to working with you to develop the most effective advertising campaign for you and your audience. 2
  4. 4. Globe7.comGlobe7 is one of the world’s most popular Voice-over-Internet companies,with social networking tools, file sharing, streaming video and advancedadvertising and data mining capabilities. Launched in March 2006, it hasbeen downloaded 55 million times and has more than five million users. Itis available for Mac, PC, Windows CE and other operating systems. It isamong Chinas Top 20 instant messengers and ranked as the world’s topVoIP service provider by Globe7 Softphone offers Make PC-PC and PC-Voice Call Globe7 Phone enables you to make Free PC-PC Calls and cheapest calling to any landline or mobile across the globe. You can also get the benefit of Instant Messaging! Send SMS Send short messages to any international mobile from anywhere you are at any time! Videos Watch news, entertainment, sports, fashion and regional videos absolutely free! Games Play free interactive games in various categories like puzzles, fun, cross words, action and many more! My Channel It allows you to build your own community by uploading videos, photos and share them with your friends. Live TV Watch hundreds of Free to Air TV Channels from your PC absolutely Free! 3
  5. 5. contd. Demographic Profile of Globe7 users (Worldwide) Monthly Unique Visitors Average Daily Visitors Per Month Males - Age 15-24 5,165,000 399,000 25-34 3,019,000 234,000 35-44 2,664,000 216,000 45-54 747,000 47,000 Above 55 643,000 47,000 Females - Age 15-24 2,122,000 152,000 25-34 1,187,000 78,000 35-44 2,542,000 124,000 45-54 1,486,000 104,000 Above 55 219,000 11,000 Total 19,794,000 1,412,000 *Source: comScore Networks, Inc (Date: Jul 2008) Age Profile Above 55 4% 45-54 11%Age 35-44 26% 25-34 21% 15-24 37% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% *Source: comScore Networks, Inc (Date: Jul 2008) Gender Profile Female, 38% Male, 62% *Source: comScore Networks, Inc (Date: Jul 2008) 4
  6. 6. contd. Why Globe7? • Launched in 2005, it has already had an average of 20 million unique visitors per month*. • has a worldwide traffic rank of 480 in Alexa Ranking#. • Globe7 now has obtained more than 7 million registered users. • Globe7 achieved 288 million average page views per month. • Up to Jul 2008, Globe7 enjoyed 1.4 million average daily visitors*. # Source: Jul 2008 Alexa * Source: Jul 2008 comScore Netowrks, Inc. Geographical Breakdown of users : India 1,057,000 Thailand 924,000 Indonesia 511,000 Egypt 497,000 Taiwan 371,000 Japan 329,000 United States 259,000 China 203,000 Hong Kong 168,000 Others* 2,681,000 Source: Alexa (Date: Jul 2008) *Others: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Mexico, Malaysia, Algeria, Brazil, Iran, South Korea, Canada, UK, Germany. 5
  7. 7. is a 100% free file hosting service which is fast and users have no limitations or barriers for the usage, as a usercan host everything right from images,videos, audio to document files. Allthis is a click away.What Ziddu offers Ziddu in Multiple Languages Now Ziddu is more personalized or we prefer calling it more customized for our users, as it comes in five different Languages like English, Spanish, Thai, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional). Make Friends has come up with a total new option, where users can search & make friends. Any uploaded file can now be shared with your friends, just give your friends email id and Ziddu will send them the file for you. Upload & Download Using is absolutely the easiest file sharing tool anywhere, even for a first time users. Have a file of bigger size?? is here, which is user friendly and flexible, as members can upload a file size up to 200MB. Albums Create photo, audio and video albums of your choice and as many as you want. Use them any time you want and as you want or share them with your friends. Users can always embed the total album or any particular file in their Blogs or websites, as Ziddu gives you an embed code for the files uploaded. Greetings Here are the New Generation greetings, customize the favorite cards with your photos & text which will be completely your choice. Express your way, while you upload the files. Fun & Work is the new combination at Earn How good is this? Earning money for storing your files for free ??!! Yes, offers that too. Every user can earn for each unique download of their uploaded files as well as for the referral. 6
  8. 8. contd. Demographic Profile of Ziddu users (Worldwide) Monthly Unique Visitors Average Daily Visitors Per Month Males - Age 15-24 2,827,000 148,000 25-34 1,176,000 58,000 35-44 1,270,000 156,000 45-54 192,000 12,000 Above 55 622,000 32,000 Females - Age 15-24 1,135,000 58,000 25-34 360,000 19,000 35-44 193,000 10,000 45-54 2,488,000 179,000 Above 55 103,000 4,000 Total 10,366,000 676,000 *Source: comScore Networks, Inc (Date: Jul 2008) Age Profile Above 55 7% 45-54 26%Age 35-44 14% 25-34 15% 15-24 38% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% *Source: comScore Networks, Inc (Date: Jul 2008) Gender Profile Female, 41% Male, 59% *Source: comScore Networks, Inc (Date: Jul 2008) 7
  9. 9. contd. Why Ziddu? • Launched in 2007, it has already had an average of 10 million unique visitors per month*. • has a worldwide traffic rank of 173 in Alexa Ranking#. • Ziddu now has already obtained 700,000 registered users. • Ziddu achieved 80 million average page views per month. • Up to Jul 2008, Ziddu enjoyed 676,000 average daily visitors*. # Source: Jul 2008 Alexa * Source: Jul 2008 comScore Netowrks, Inc. Geographical Breakdown of users : Thailand 91,700 Indonesia 73,500 India 72,100 Egypt 45,500 Taiwan 45,500 Japan 38,500 China 27,300 United States 24,500 Hong Kong 22,400 Others* 259,000 Source: Alexa (Date: Jul 2008) Others*: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Mexico, Algeria, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, Vietnam, Sudan, Bangladash 8
  10. 10. Egglad.comEgglad is a casual online gaming and shopping site integrated with in-game advertising. It has over 500 games and aims to foster a game fancommunity where members enjoy free fun games and meet new friends. Itwas the first website to implement the “Play per price” concept whichintegrates e-commerce with casual gaming experience.Launched in Oct 2007, among the worlds top 3500 portals by traffic, allthe games are integrated with game advertisements to create large, highreturn on investment to advertisers.What Egglad offers Gaming Commerce When gamers play more, they can earn more egglad points. These points are expressed in “Chicks”. With more chicks, gamers can redeem various prizes. Play for Price – As the players increase their online game scores, they earn more points which gives more discounts on their favorite products like digital cameras, MP3 players etc. Play for Prize – Players can buy the daily prize vouchers with their points. The more vouchers they buy, the probability to win the daily prizes increases. Take Challenges No matter where you are, you can join the challenges with other players. Share Gaming Experience Players can share their gaming experiences through forums and video sharing. Discuss the Latest Game News It provides updated news on different popular game consoles, e.g. top stories, featured articles, game reviews. 9
  11. 11. contd. Demographic Profile of Egglad users (Worldwide) Monthly Unique Visitors Males - Age 15-24 426,000 25-34 784,000 35-44 182,000 45-54 236,000 Females - Age 15-24 86,000 25-34 43,000 35-44 78,000 Total 1,835,000 *Source: comScore Networks, Inc (Date: Jul 2008) Age Profile 45-54 13% 35-44 14%Age 25-34 45% 15-24 28% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% *Source: comScore Networks, Inc (Date: Jul 2008) Gender Profile Female, 11% Male, 89% *Source: comScore Networks, Inc (Date: Jul 2008) 10
  12. 12. contd. Why Egglad? • Launched in Jul 2007, it has already had an average of 2 million unique visitors per month*. • Egglad now has already obtained 755,000 registered users. • Egglad achieved 5 million average page views per month. * Source: Jul 2008 comScore Netowrks, Inc. Geographical Breakdown of users : Thailand 95,885 Indonesia 77,765 India 61,910 Egypt 52,850 Japan 43,790 Taiwan 30,955 China 30,955 South Korea 25,670 Pakistan 24,915 Others* 310,305 Source: Alexa (Date: Jul 2008)*Others: Mexico, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Turkey, Sudan, Algeria, Philippines, Italy, Brazil 11
  13. 13. Longhaier.comLonghaier is a leading social networking site among Chinas youth,building with billboards and message boards, file sharing and games. Itprovides a platform for teenagers and students to share their lives andcommunicate with each other.Launched in March 2008, it delivers a wide range of information on studyabroad, scholarship opportunities, and student jobs. It is also interesting,informational, educational and entertaining.What Longhaier offers Different Categories of Discussion Forums Topics have been categorized and members can join in any interested groups. Funny Games Offering more than 500 games, it allows members to play them at free, join the competition and earn prizes. Work and Study Abroad Members can grade their schools or work places, write reviews, so that students can have ways to access more educational information. Earning from Part-time We create opportunities for members to earn part-time money. 12
  14. 14. is a social utility that brings together all the youngIndians living across the globe. It is for every Young Indian who is astudent or a non-student, fresh graduate, a working professional or anEntrepreneur, and is focused on providing comprehensive solutions for anypersonal and professional issues.What Bharatstudent offers Friends and Gangs Students in schools / colleges, employees in corporations, young entrepreneurs in different regions can meet together in Bharatstudent. Through the social networking platform, they can have inter-connectivity with other Indian networks and make more friends online. Study Abroad We guide the students in identifying schools that provide good education, provide financial assistantships, while being affordable. We also help the eligible students in securing student loans and part time jobs. Café Bharat At Cafe Bharat, you can check out the latest film news, gossips, photo galleries, wallpapers, trailers and event videos. Campus TV Campus TV is a place for members to engage in new ways with video by sharing, commenting and viewing campus related and user created videos. Blogs Members can share their lives in blogs. Events They can arrange events by themselves and invite members to join in them. Game Zone We offer various funny games and set a platform to have challenges with other members. 13
  15. 15. contd. Demographic Profile of Bharatstudent users (Worldwide) Monthly Unique Visitors Average Daily Visitors Per Month Males - Age 15-24 1,784,000 136,000 25-34 1,175,000 87,000 35-44 696,000 38,000 45-54 352,000 21,000 Above 55 89,000 6,000 Females - Age 15-24 339,000 24,000 25-34 224,000 13,000 35-44 94,000 6,000 45-54 83,000 4,000 Total 4,836,000 335,000 *Source: comScore Networks, Inc (Date: Jul 2008) Age Profile Above 55 2% 45-54 9%Age 35-44 16% 25-34 29% 15-24 44% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% *Source: comScore Networks, Inc (Date: Jul 2008) Gender Profile Female, 15% Male, 85% *Source: comScore Networks, Inc (Date: Jul 2008) 14
  16. 16. contd. Why Bharatstudent? • Launched in 2007, it has already had an average of 5 million unique visitors per month and 98% are from India*. • has a worldwide traffic rank of 349 in Alexa Ranking#. • Bharatstudent now has obtained more than 3 million registered users. • Bharatstudent achieved 26 million average page views per month. • Up to Jul 2008, Bharatstudent enjoyed 335,000 average daily visitors*. # Source: Jul 2008 Alexa * Source: Jul 2008 comScore Netowrks, Inc. 15
  17. 17. 2008 Charter RatesWe’re pleased to have launched Globe7 advertising operations in China.To show our appreciation to early users of Globe7, we are offering specialcharter term advertising rates. It’s simple. Just commit to a three or sixmonth banner advertising program that is run of network on the Globe7sites and we’ll bill a flat CPM rate of RMB$20 per thousand. Geo and de-mographically targeted banner advertisements are also available for aRMB$20 CPM rate. After you’ve sampled success with Globe7, you can re-new the charter rate for 2009 but you have to sign a renewal agreementfor 2009, by October 30, 2008 to receive continued charter rates.Special term advertising rates for non-profit educational institutions andorganizations will be billed at half the Charter CPM rate.Premium position banner advertising that appears above the fold on anyof the Globe7 sites by request will be billed at the charter rate plus 10%.Exclusive short term category sponsorships are available for campaignsexceeding RMB$70,000.Globe7 rates are designed to provide advertisers and their agencies aneasy to use and convenient way to reach a predominately Asian audiencearound the globe. Globe7 is an Asian company which provides advertisersan opportunity to market their products and services to a high quality,well educated and affluent Asian audience. All Globe7 rates are gross andcommissionable to recognized AAAA advertising agencies.Globe 7 supports the use of all forms of rich media including pop-ups,interstitials, streaming video and rich media banners. Please refer to theGlobe7 mechanical specifications page for artwork details. 16
  18. 18. Material Specifications Globe7 supports the use of all forms of rich media including pop-ups, in- terstitials, streaming video and rich media banners. Advertising materials submitted to Globe7 for publishing on any of its sites is subject to review by the management and production team of Globe7. Globe7 reserves the right to refuse access to any and all adver- tisements deemed inappropriate for Globe7 audiences. All materials sub- mitted to Globe7 for ‘publication’ will be stored on Globe7 servers for a period of 30 days following the finish date of the original campaign. All materials submitted to Globe7 for publication on it’s sites must comply with established IAB standards. Recommended Recommended Maximum Initial Animation Download Fileweight Length (Seconds) 728 x 90 30k :30 (Super Banner) 468 x 60 30k :30 (Regular Banner) 300 x 250 30k :30 (Large Rectangle Banner) 30k :30 (Pop up) Rectangles and Pop-Ups All ad units are IAB Standard Ad Units. Examples and detailed descriptions of these units can be found on the Interactive Advertising Bureau website at Fung Phone: 852 3653 5565Senior Sales Manager (On-line Advertising) Fax: 852 3653 5500Globe7 HK Limited. E-mail:Unit 712A, Level 7, Core-D Cyberport 3, david@globe7.com100 Cyberport Road, HK 17