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  • Creds Me AOD 17 markets, but ability to buy in any country that has inventory Monthly volume Number of sites Amount of dataAll as a result of the advancements in technology, which allows us to do all of this in real time…
  • Hands up how many people in the room have either sold, or bought ads in real time via an ad exchange?Unfortunately the RTB trading floor isn’t as exciting as thisAs an agency trade desk, AOD buys every one of it’s 1bn a month + display impressions programmatically, in real timeNone of the traditional model of agreeing a CPM the month prior, deciding how much you want to spend, delivering and making a few optimisations along the wayInstead we bid on every ad impression individually as it comes up for auction, and decide how much we are willing to pay for it based on what we know about the user viewing the ad We essentially cherry pick the impressions we want to buy That initially will sound scary to a room full of publishers, but in really it’s an opportunityThe reality is that the technology that has allowed us to do this has already both fundamentally, and irreversibly changed the media landscape…
  • Long gone are the days of sharp suits and slick haircuts… as you can seeIt’s now the age of data and technologyGranular optimisation at a massive scaleEven the relationships you have with media agencies are changing The have less fewer direct relationships with publishers Traditional planners and buyers are having to get technical They are having to use new technologies to plan campaigns They have to be able to explain this moving landscape to clientsAnd that’s not easy, because display has become complicated…
  • How many of you know your DSPs from your SSPs Or your DMPs from your ATDs And these are just the basics of RTBRate and pace of change is unprecedentedPress example AOD on the other hand is a completely different trade desk than it was when it started out in the UK 2 years ago Which was completely different to how it was a year ago Even 6 months ago We get new inventory, data and technology innovation literally on a weekly basisBut what is the point of it all? Why is all this extra work a good thing?Because now it allows us to target audiences like we’ve never been able to target before…
  • Everything we do is with audiences in mindIt’s why we named ourselves Audience on DemandMove from traditional media planning to audience planning It’s less about buying sites that indexes highly against a client’s target audience More about buying exactly that audience across every siteUsing data in lots of exciting ways 1st party advertiser data 3rd party data Keyword contextual targetingLot’s of types of data DemographicSociographic Interest and intent dataAudience examples – afrocarribean hair, credit cardsBrand vs. DR objectives – cost and audience requirementsThere’s also one type of data I get particularly excited about – 1st party publisher data Many undiscovered audiences out there It’s all about harvesting that data and how it’s packaged upBut what do you do when you have those audiences?...
  • Build a private marketplaceWhat is a PMP? What are the rules?It depends on what assets you have available Inventory by site section Data you’ve collected on users – behavioural or user defined? Site search dataPackaging inventory and data that’s not available on the open marketplace First look Limited/closed auction Specific floor prices Above/below the fold Different creative formats Ad server priorityMythbusting RTB is not about remnant The bottom line is that there are no hard of fast rules, it’s bespoke to your sites and audience.And the best part is…
  • Publishers have the ability to set the rulesTest and learn – you can always pull the inventoryNot about us buying it cheaper, it’s about being smarter and more efficient, both buy and sell sidePaying the right amount to get the right performanceIf you set the floor price at £10 CPM when it’s normally £5, no one will buy itYou need to price competitively, because there is so much choice out there… unless you have that audience with afro Caribbean hair of course.
  • As a business, how was your 2012?Have you been feeling the pinch at all? Has it been because of the economy? Or could it have been because of the increase in RTB?The clients that have bought into audience buying are pushing more and more of their spend into RTBIf your inventory isn’t available across the ad exchanges, then the size of the pie you have available to you is only going to get smaller
  • Vivaki

    1. 1. Display - The Trade Desk Perspective November 2012
    2. 2. The rise of real time bidding
    3. 3. Media has already changed
    4. 4. Display has become complicated
    5. 5. It’s all about the audience
    6. 6. Building a private marketplace
    7. 7. You are in control
    8. 8. Top 5 private marketplace considerations 1. What data/audiences do you have? 2. How can you package them effectively? 3. How do you price? 4. Which server side platform (SSP) do you use? 5. Who do you partner with?
    9. 9. How big is your slice of the pie?
    10. 10. Questions?