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UX Hacks - from UX Bristol 2013
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UX Hacks - from UX Bristol 2013


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Workshop I did at UX Bristol in July 2013. …

Workshop I did at UX Bristol in July 2013.
Collaborative session in which we discussed a number of practical tips that could help enhance your UX skills. We focused on areas such as productivity, creativity, collaboration, communicating and selling UX design, design process, deliverables, and more…

Published in: Design, Technology, Education
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  • 1. Jan Srutek! @JanSru! 2013! #uxbristol!
  • 2. Hello! ! #uxbristol! @JanSru! Jan Srutek! Interaction Designer!
  • 3. #uxbristol! @JanSru!
  • 4. The art of war on the Overground! h"p:// Find a good place to lurk, but don’t appear to keen! Overground veterans develop 360-degree perception of their surroundings, much like chameleons! #uxbristol! @JanSru!
  • 5.! “I set myself the challenge of explaining something with a sketch - as explaining is a handy skill.”! ! #uxbristol! @JanSru!
  • 6. #uxbristol! @JanSru!
  • 7. #uxbristol! @JanSru! Productivity Wellbeing Research Creativity Collabo- ration Communication Sketching Proto- typing
  • 8. #uxbristol! @JanSru! Productivity Read, and apply ! GettingThings Done ! (Book by David Allen)!
  • 9. #uxbristol! @JanSru! Creativity Use Mental Notes for rapid ideation and lateral thinking! (Deck of cards by Stephen Anderson)!
  • 10. #uxbristol! @JanSru! Communication Follow a process when presenting your designs! (Start with the problem - the not solution)!
  • 11. #uxbristol! @JanSru! Sketching Don’t look at the tip of your pen! (To sketch nicer looking, straight lines)!
  • 12. #uxbristol! @JanSru! Prototyping Use custom widget libraries in your tools! (I’ve been using Better Defaults for Axure for years)!
  • 13. #uxbristol! @JanSru! Research Leave a longer gap after the first research session! (even if you’ve done a pilot beforehand) !
  • 14. #uxbristol! @JanSru! Agile/Lean Research Online forums are goldmines full of insights (especially around pain points)!
  • 15. #uxbristol! @JanSru! Collaboration When sharing screen, put a post-it on your monitor as a reminder to switch it off afterwards!
  • 16. #uxbristol! @JanSru! Wellbeing Always try to end your day with something positive (even a small achievement will do)! (Psychology principle: Peak-End Rule)!
  • 17. #uxbristol! @JanSru!
  • 18. #uxbristol! @JanSru!
  • 19. #uxbristol! @JanSru!
  • 20. #uxbristol! @JanSru!
  • 21. #uxbristol! @JanSru!
  • 22. #uxbristol! @JanSru!
  • 23. Thank you!! #uxbristol! @JanSru!