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Student Homework App

  1. 1. Helping students finish their homework in a timely manner KG and JH S
  2. 2. Research shows the amount of time spent on homework varies with ethnicity.
  3. 3. As well as age and grades,
  4. 4. Finally, it shows how students procrastinate Two weeks to complete an assignment. Deadline: Monday 800AM. When do students hand in their submission? 0-1 1-2 2-3 3-4 4-5 5-6 6-7 7-8 8-9 9-10 10-11 11-12 12-13 13-14 14-15 15-16 16-17 17-18 18-19 19-20 20-21 21-22 22-23 23-24 Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Maximum: ~9 % of all students submitted their solution in the hour before midnight Data: 811 student submissions on 8 different assignments from the courses Introduction to Computer Networking and Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing. Michael Müller, http:/ / License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
  5. 5. Kendall’s typical homework experience
  6. 6. Kendall can’t keep track of all her assignments Students like Kendall often struggle with keeping track of their assignments as well as completing them in a timely manner. There are many different reasons for these problems to occur.
  7. 7. To Kendall, completing all her homework on time is very difficult S She is busy S She can be lazy S She isn’t too organized S She doesn’t have the best work ethic S She gets distracted easily
  8. 8. After talking with Kendall, we decided to interview other high school students, this is what we found.
  9. 9. After meeting Kendall, we decided to interview other high school students and this is what we found. S 90% of students would use an app that helps them keep track of homework and time-management S 80% of students keep track of their homework in a handwritten notebook S 70% of kids keep their phone with them while doing homework S 100% of students spend over 90 minutes on homework S 70% of students get distracted by their phone or internet during homework
  10. 10. Kendall has tried the following options to help her with her homework. S The app, MyHomework- This lets you track your homework assignments and classes. You add the assignments and when it is due as well as priority level. You can also set reminders to do your homework.
  11. 11. The Second App S MyGradeBook allows you to track your grades and homework assignments as well as allowing your parents access your grades.
  12. 12. The Third App S StudyBlue allows you to create your own flashcards and you can share with peers. It also can track what cards you have mastered and allow you to spend more time on the other cards. Cards can be text, images or audio.
  13. 13. Then we quickly came across this question How can we help students keep track of their assignments and help them with time management?
  14. 14. We came up with 3 solution ideas that could benefit Kendall as well as other students S An application that blocks a set list of websites until you have completed/marked all of your homework as complete S A web application that you can add friends/classmates to in order to figure out what your homework is for a class even if you missed it/forgot to write it down. S An app that denies web access as well as text messages unless they are from your parents during the time you are doing homework.
  15. 15. Our Aha Moment S We then quickly realized that the main reasons kids don’t do their homework are: Not remembering what’s due, laziness, and miscommunication We then started to implement these three core elements into an application that would relieve all of these problems...
  16. 16. How this idea works S This app has three major features. It is able to block texts on your phone, as well as block certain websites you might use to procrastinate. It also is a calendar that you can mark your assignments down in. The final feature is that you can add your classmates to the calendar and they can also mark homework assignments and add notes and details.
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  18. 18. Appendix
  19. 19. Name:  Anna  O. Age:  14 Location:  Chicago,  Illinois About  Anna-­ Anna  is  a  Freshman  in  High School.  She  dances  on  Wednesdays, Thursdays  and  Sundays,  and  manages  her schoolwork  despite  dancing  3  days  a  week. Homework  Goals-­ She  wants  to  get  her homework  done  in  a  more  timely  manner without  getting  distracted. Homework  Frustrations-­ Anna  gets distracted  by  her  phone  and  the  internet.  She also  doesn’t  always  have  time  for  all  her homework.  When  she  doesn’t  turn  in  her  work on  time,  it  is  sometimes  because  the  printer doesn’t  work  or  she  can’t  access  the  file. Homework  Activities-­ Anna  keeps  track  in  a  planner  provided  by  the  school.  She  usually  has her  phone  with  her  during  her  homework.  She  likes  having  her  homework  online.  Usually  has  2-­3 hours  of  homework  a  night.
  20. 20. Name:  Arielle  K Age:  15 Location:  Chicago,  Illinois About  Arielle-­ Arielle  is  a  sophomore  in  High School.  She  dances  on  Mondays  and  Thursdays and  manages  all  her  schoolwork  in  a  timely manner  before  doing  any  of  her  other  activities. Homework  Goals-­ Doesn’t  have  any,  maybe  a better  time  management  system  but  that’s  really it.  Take  less  time  to  stay  organized,  she  already takes  4  hours  a  day  to  get  all  organized. Homework  Frustrations-­ There  is  a  lot  of homework  that  she  needs  to  complete  within  a short  period  of  time  and  she  sometimes  gets flustered  with  all  the  work  and  responsibility. Homework  Activities-­ Keeps  track  in  a  planner  provided  by  the  school.  Usually  has  her  phone on  but  puts  it  away  when  she  is  doing  her  homework.  She  likes  having  her  homework  in  a planner.  Usually  has  5-­6  hours  of  homework  a  night.
  21. 21. Name:  Emily  B. Age:  16 Location:  Chicago,  Illinois About  Emily-­ Emily  is  a  sophomore  in  High  School.  She dances  every  day  of  the  week  and  manages  her  schoolwork. Homework  Goals-­ She  wants  to  get  her  homework  done  in  a more  timely  manner  without  getting  distracted. Homework  Frustrations-­ Gets  distracted  by  her  phone  and the  internet.  Sometimes  doesn’t  have  time  for  all  her homework. Homework  Activities-­ Keeps  track  in  a  planner  provided  by the  school.  Usually  has  her  phone  with  her  during  her homework.  She  likes  having  her  homework  in  a  planner. Usually  has  1-­2  hours  of  homework  a  night.
  22. 22. Name:  Hannah  J. Age:  14 Location:  Chicago,  Illinois About  Hannah-­ Hannah  is  a  Freshman  in  High  School. She  dances  on  Thursdays  and  Sundays  and  manages all  of  her  schoolwork. Homework  Goals-­ She  wants  to  get  her  homework done  in  a  more  timely  manner  without  getting  distracted. Homework  Frustrations-­ Gets  distracted  by  her  phone and  the  internet.  Sometimes  doesn’t  have  time  for  all  her homework.  She  sometimes  forgets  the  homework. Homework  Activities-­ Keeps  track  in  a  planner  provided by  the  school.  Usually  has  her  phone  with  her  during  her homework.  She  likes  having  her  homework  online. Usually  has  2-­3  hours  of  homework  a  night.  She  has alarms  and  notifications  on  her  phone  for  homework, starting  at  7:30  PM  she  has  alarms  go  off  on  her  phone reminding  her  to  complete  all  of  her  homework.
  23. 23. Name:  Samantha  W. Age:  14 Location:  Chicago,  Illinois About  Samantha-­ Samantha  is  a  freshman  in  High  School.  She dances  every  day  of  the  week  and  manages  her  schoolwork. Homework  Goals-­ She  wants  to  get  her  homework  done  in  a  more timely  manner  without  getting  distracted. Homework  Frustrations-­ Gets  distracted  by  her  phone  and  the internet.  Sometimes  doesn’t  have  time  for  all  her  homework. Homework  Activities-­ Keeps  track  in  a  planner  provided  by  the school.  Also  the  assignments  are  on  a  website  called  Haiku.  Usually has  her  phone  with  her  during  her  homework.  She  likes  having  her homework  in  a  handwritten  notebook.  Usually  has  2-­3  hours  of  homework  a  night.
  24. 24. Design 1
  25. 25. Design 2
  26. 26. Design 3 (the one we chose)
  27. 27. Design 4
  28. 28. Design 5