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Bannerman Castle Visitors Center Presentation

  1. 1. Bannerman Castle Complex Rehabilitation and Visitor’s Center By Joseph Thompson
  2. 2. Pollepel Island History
  3. 3. Pollepel Island Figure 2 New York State Map Note. From Google Images •Located on the Hudson River in the Hudson Highland region •Mysterious Island historically feared by the Native Americans and Dutch explorers for being haunted
  4. 4. Pollepel Island History Figure 3 Site Location Map Note. From mapquest American Revolution: chevaux de fries (1777)
  5. 5. Pollepel Island History Figure 4 Pollepel Arial Image Note. From Google Earth The most significant point on the island today is the Bannerman Castle Complex
  6. 6. Bannerman Castle History Figure 5 Bannerman Island Sketch (1901-1905) Note. By Thom Johnson 1901- 1905: Construction began modestly for a new arsenal location for Bannerman’s arms business
  7. 7. Bannerman Castle History Figure 6 Bannerman Island Sketch (1905-1908) Note. By Thom Johnson 1905-1908: Bannerman’s business thrived and construction continued on the complex, without the aid of Architects, Engineers or Planners
  8. 8. Bannerman Castle History Figure 7 Bannerman Island Sketch (1908-1910) Figure 8 Bannerman Island Sketch (1910-1915) Note. By Thom Johnson Note. By Thom Johnson Construction continued until Bannerman’s death in 1918
  9. 9. Bannerman Castle Complex •Castle •Arsenal I •Arsenal II •Arsenal III •Tower •Harbor •Residence •Powder House Figure 9 Bannerman Island Sketch (1915-1918) Note. By Thom Johnson
  10. 10. Bannerman Island Arsenal Due to the fact that Bannerman Island is a historically significant site, no artifacts were taken. The island used to be full of military related artifacts and collectables but since it was shutdown, all existing arms given to the Smithsonian Institute. Below are pages from the Bannerman’s business catalog (1927 ed. replica)
  11. 11. Bannerman Castle History •The island was eventually abandoned in the 1950’s and was purchased by New York State 1967 •No less than two years later on August 8, 1969 a raging fire of Figure 10 Bannerman Castle suspicious and unknown origin Note. From The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. broke out for almost three days and destroyed all the buildings. •Off limits •Left to deteriorate Figure 11 Bannerman Castle Note. From The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc.
  12. 12. Bannerman Castle Trust •Castle Trust (1992): •Preserve the Island •Limited Access tours (2002) •Promote public interest •Stabilize existing structures •Formulating a master plan Figure 12 Harbor Wall Remains Note. From The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc.
  13. 13. Site Plan No existing documentation aside from Bannerman’s original napkin sketches (located at the Hagley museum in Delaware) was available, since the complex was planned without the aid of architects, planners, or engineers. No construction has been done since Bannerman’s death in 1918. This site plan of the 6.5 acre island was developed using online resources.
  14. 14. Site Visit Bannerman Island Hardhat Tour aboard the Pollepel Date: September 30, 2006 Time: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm Party: Joseph Thompson, Gary Thompson & Joseph Minuta, AIA Tour Guide: Thom Johnson, Bannerman Castle Trustee View of Island in distance from the Newburgh Marina
  15. 15. Site Visit: Photos View of Island from inside the Pollepel First View of Castle upon landing Only currently accessible route onto the island
  16. 16. Site Visit: Photos Pillars on the approach to the castle Sitting area with historic compass engraving View of Bannerman Castle
  17. 17. Site Visit: Photos Path up to the Bannerman Residence Natural Spring- No longer functional View of Bannerman Castle
  18. 18. Site Visit: Photos Bannerman respected nature Approach to the Bannerman Residence View of the Bannerman Residence
  19. 19. Site Visit: Photos View of Bannerman Residence View of the outhouse View of the Bannerman Residence
  20. 20. Site Visit: Sketches
  21. 21. Site Visit: Sketches
  22. 22. Thesis Proposal & Concept
  23. 23. Existing Problems •Limited Access to the Site •Limited knowledge on Bannerman Castle and its history •Deteriorating structures are in severe need of stabilization •Island is in need of clean up and reclamation efforts •Limited uses and functions for the island Image provided by the Bannerman Castle Trust
  24. 24. Master Plan •Preservation: •Stabilize existing structures and reclaim the island •Revitalization: •Bring life and activity back onto the island •Accessibility: •Promote public use of the island by facilitating access to it •Sustainability: •Create an environmentally friendly structure using green technologies which will be a model for the City of Newburgh’s own master plan
  25. 25. Master Plan Figure 13 Bannerman Island Sketch (1915-1918) Note. By Thom Johnson •Currently reclaiming the island and improving pathways
  26. 26. Master Plan Figure 13 Bannerman Island Sketch (1915-1918) Note. By Thom Johnson •Stabilize existing structures
  27. 27. Master Plan Figure 13 Bannerman Island Sketch (1915-1918) Note. By Thom Johnson •Reconstruct existing Marina build a new welcoming center to promote access to and use of the island
  28. 28. Master Plan Figure 13 Bannerman Island Sketch (1915-1918) Note. By Thom Johnson •Rehabilitate the existing Bannerman residence
  29. 29. Master Plan Figure 13 Bannerman Island Sketch (1915-1918) Note. By Thom Johnson •Rehabilitate Bannerman’s Castel into the “Museum of the Lost Arts” to display Bannerman’s arms collections
  30. 30. Master Plan Figure 13 Bannerman Island Sketch (1915-1918) Note. By Thom Johnson •Construction of a new Amphitheater for performing arts events
  31. 31. Connectivity/ Accessibility Increased accessibility to Bannerman Island will be a crucial factor to this projects success. Four main connection points: •Newburgh Waterfront •Beacon Ferry Dock •Cornwall Landing •Cold Spring Harbor
  32. 32. Sustainability This project also has the potential to be an example and a push for Newburgh’s new master plan, orientated towards sustainable living, currently in development.
  33. 33. Visitor Center A new Visitor Center will be constructed in reverence to the four main goals of the Master Plan for the Island. Its main functions will be: •Orientation •Educational/ Workshop •Museum •Banquet Hall •Restaurant
  34. 34. Schematic Design Process
  35. 35. Visitor’s Center Proposal I Initial Proposal: My initial proposal placed the new Visitor’s Center at a central location within the newly reconstructed marina walls. It is a separate entity from the existing castle and is very conveniently located for visitors to access. It affords beautiful view of the castle and the neighboring Hudson Highland Mountains.
  36. 36. Conceptual Sketches
  37. 37. Conceptual Sketches
  38. 38. Visitor’s Center Proposal II Second Proposal: This design proposes a structure more integrated with the island. The island will be accessed from two different points from visitors approaching from the North (Newburgh & Beacon) and from the south (Cornwall & Cold Spring). The heart of the building is located at the cross axis’ of both approaches. It begins to make unique relationships between itself and the existing castle and residence.
  39. 39. Conceptual Plan & Sections
  40. 40. Study Model
  41. 41. Visitor’s Center Proposal III Third Proposal: This deign is formulated from a series of interrelating axis’. It’s location and function remain the same as the previous proposal but it becomes much more fluid and sculptural in form. Much attention will need to be paid to a conflict in hierarchy between the new structure and Bannerman’s Castle.
  42. 42. Conceptual Plans and Model
  43. 43. Bannerman Castle Fourth Proposal: A new approach is taken to the function and concept of the building. Aside from its functional requirements, the buildings main purpose is to create an experience for people visiting the island. It also now focuses on its relationship with Bannerman Castle more heavily. A plaza space is designed from which observers can fully appreciate the castle in its full glory.
  44. 44. Visitor’s Center Proposal IV
  45. 45. Conceptual Plans Visitor’s Center: The building consists of two separate functions. The Reception Hall for special events, and the visitor’s orientation area for a launch point for tours. A restaurant, museum area, gallery space, and gift shop are also part of the building program.
  46. 46. Conceptual Renderings
  47. 47. Conceptual Renderings
  48. 48. Dungeon Entrance Experience Main approach: Visitors to the island will undergo a very controlled and dramatic experience. After docking they will be quickly ushered into the Visitor’s Center underground dungeon-like level. The will be compressed down to an almost uncomfortable level. The will not be released until the journey to the plaza above is complete. Once the arrive they will view the castle in its full glory in a dramatic experience that will be engrained in their minds forever.
  49. 49. Secondary Entrance Experience Secondary Approach: Visitor’s using the secondary entrance will also undergo a controlled experience of the island. The will approach and enter the Visitor’s Center from a long axis of monumental stairs. Their view of the castle will be shrouded the entire way as they are sheltered by a canopy of trees around them. They will not be allowed to fully experience the castle until reaching the plaza above. Their experience will be of the same nature as those using the island’s primary approach.
  50. 50. Final Study Model
  51. 51. Final Study Model
  52. 52. Final Design Proposal
  53. 53. Site Plan
  54. 54. Dungeon Level Plan
  55. 55. Floor Plan
  56. 56. Roof Plan
  57. 57. Sections
  58. 58. Sections & Elevations
  59. 59. Building Code Analysis
  60. 60. Zoning Code Analysis
  61. 61. LEED Certified 40 points: Gold Status
  62. 62. Conceptual Renderings
  63. 63. Conceptual Renderings
  64. 64. Conceptual Renderings
  65. 65. Conceptual Renderings
  66. 66. Conceptual Renderings
  67. 67. Conceptual Renderings
  68. 68. Conceptual Renderings
  69. 69. Conceptual Renderings
  70. 70. Conceptual Renderings
  71. 71. Conceptual Renderings
  72. 72. Conceptual Renderings
  73. 73. Conceptual Renderings
  74. 74. Conceptual Renderings
  75. 75. Projected Outcomes •Preservation of a great historically and architecturally significant site •Promote the current efforts to restore the Hudson River and the endangered Newburgh Historical District to their former glory. •New cultural educational and historical focal point for the Hudson Valley •Generate new use and activity on Bannerman Island, revitalizing it and once again reconnecting it with the Figure 14 Bannerman Castle hudson Highland Communities Note. From The Bannerman Castle Trust
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