Inttelix VisTrack - Intelligent Visitor Management System


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Facial Recognition based Intelligent Visitor Management System

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Inttelix VisTrack - Intelligent Visitor Management System

  1. 1. Tomorrow’s Technology, Today!
  2. 2. Facial Recognition Visitor Management What is FRS VisTrack ?  A Complete Visitor Management Solution  An Intelligent Application that can recognize your visitors  FRS VisTrack is backed-up by Facial Biometric Technology  Can identify the Black-listed persons  Send alerts in case of any anticipated security threats  Visitor Pass (with photograph) in few seconds
  3. 3. Facial Recognition Visitor Management Other features …  FRS VisTrack is available in both as PC based solution as well stand-alone Kiosk  Can integrate with RFID/Smart Cards & Barcodes for Quick Visitor Pass as well Visitor Tracking  Can integrate with EM Locks & Turnstiles for Access Control mechanism  System can also be extended for Temporary Workers & Project based employees  System provides statutory reports for Security Audit purpose
  4. 4. Facial Recognition Visitor Management Unique Advantages  Work with standard Webcam for Facial Recognition features  Business card data will automatically pushed to the Visitor's profile (Card Scanner required)  Option to scan any specific document and map it to the visitor profile (Ex: Driving lenience and Pan card )  Sufficient text fields to enter the material carrying by the visitor  Automatic exit punch (Optional)  Ergonomic Design of Kiosk for maximum comfort to users  Supports all popular RDBMS (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, etc.)  Can integrate with any other applications (customization)
  5. 5. Print Visitor pass with Photograph with basic information. Business Card Scanner will automatically push the data into the fields. Facility to reschedule priorities to entertain Important Visitors Visitor Pass Facial Recognition Visitor Management
  6. 6.  Basic information about Visitor details and appointment details. Facial Recognition Visitor Management
  7. 7. Facial Recognition Visitor Management Visitor data is stored centrally, hence the visitor can use any gate for exit Exit punch is automated by the Bar Codes Visitor Pass
  8. 8. Facial Recognition Visitor Management REPORTS  Registered Visitors List with images  Host-wise Visitor history report  Visitor Company-wise report  Pre-appointment List  Appointment history report  Missed appointment history report  Exception report – Visitor IN but not OUT  Feature to export all reports to PDF/CSV
  9. 9. Facial Recognition Visitor Management Technology Behind Face Recognition Humans mostly use faces to recognize individuals. Advances in computing capability now enables similar recognition automatically. Early face recognition algorithms used simple geometric models, but the recognition process has now matured into a science of sophisticated mathematical representations and matching processes. Major developments have propelled face recognition technology into the spotlight. Face recognition can be used for both verification (1:1) and Identification (1:N) applications. Face Template The heart of the facial recognition system is the Local Feature Analysis (LFA) algorithm. This is the mathematical technique the system uses to encode faces. The system maps the face and creates a "template“. Once the system has stored a "template", it can compare it to the thousands or millions of "templates" stored in a database.
  10. 10. Facial Recognition Visitor Management Identification vs. Verification Verification (1:1, one-to-one) - The process of determining a person's identity by performing matches against one biometric template that is located upon known ID. 1:1 verification usually uses tokens like: Card, code, or any other key based indexing. Identification (1:N, one-to-many) - The process of determining a person's identity by performing matches against multiple biometric templates. Identification systems are designed to determine identity based solely on biometric information. There are two types of identification systems: positive identification and negative identification. Our advanced applications allow our customer full control over recognition method. We support both 1:1 (verification) an 1:N (identification) methods. Performance Recommended minimal image size 640 x 480 pixels Multiple faces detection time (using 640 x 480 image) Single face processing time (after detecting all faces) Matching speed 0.07 sec. Maximum database size unlimited 0.13 sec. 100,000 faces/sec.
  11. 11. Facial Recognition Visitor Management Why Choose Face Recognition over other Biometrics? •It is non-intrusive and requires no physical interaction on behalf of the user •It is accurate and allows for high enrolment and verification rates •It does not require an expert to interpret the comparisons •It can use your existing hardware infrastructure – existing cameras and image capture devices will work smoothly •You can use existing images without having to re-enrol every user (For ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, etc.) •It is the ONLY biometric that allows you to perform passive identification in a oneto-many environment (e.g. Identifying a terrorist in a busy airport terminal)
  12. 12. Facial Recognition Visitor Management Face Recognition Process Flow
  13. 13. Facial Recognition Visitor Management System Requirements  Microsoft Windows: Windows 7 or above  Minimum Memory : 2 GB RAM  HD free space: 100 GB  Processor: Intel Core I3 Processor or better  Web cam (1MP or Above)  Deskjet / Lazerjet / Label Printer  Barcode/RFID reader (Optional)  Flatbed Scanner (Optional)  Business Card Scanner(Optional)
  14. 14. Facial Recognition Visitor Management Inttelix® Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an organization focuses on Face Recognition Systems & Biometric Technologies. Inttelix® specializes in Face Recognition Algorithms, Biometric Hardware, Software Research & Development, OEM and ODM supplies. Inttelix® is headquartered in India and has subsidiary company in Brazil. We have marketing and support offices in Delhi & Mumbai and have presence across India & Middle-East through our Resellers Network 57A, Race Course Road, Coimbatore - 641 018 Tamil Nadu, India Phone : +91 422 2220845, 2221539 Presence In : Ahmadabad | Baroda | Chennai | Mumbai | New Delhi Overseas : Brazil | Hong Kong | U.S.A