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Mix 2010 twilight


Published on

Summary of what happened at Microsoft's MIX 2010 event, as presented as part of Intergen's Twilight seminar series.

Summary of what happened at Microsoft's MIX 2010 event, as presented as part of Intergen's Twilight seminar series.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Highlights MIX10
    Chris Klug
    Senior .NET developer
    Intergen Wellington
  • 2. Swedish
    Developer for 11 years
    Senior .NET developer @ Intergen Wellington
    Worked with a lot of different industries
    Gambling, charity, professional sail racing etc
    Focus mainly on Silverlight
    ...and leading edge Microsoft tech when possible...
    Works to fund expensive addiction
    No...not dope...kitesurfing!
    Hi! I’m Chris Klug
  • 3. What is MIX?
  • 4. “A 3 day conference for web designers and developers building the world's most innovative web sites.”
    Both design and development
    Both current and future tech
    This years main focus
    Windows Phone 7
    Internet Explorer 9
    VS2010 / .NET 4
    Silverlight 4
    What is MIX?
  • 5. Windows Phone 7 Series
  • 6. It is not a Windows Mobile 7 or v.Next
    Consumer product, not mobile business user
    Simple and easy to use
    Good looking
    OOB functionality
    Work and private life
    Very different
    Datacentric, not appcentric
    Aims to fix a lot of WinMo problems
    Windows Phone 7
  • 7. “Life maximizers”
    Average 38 year old
    76% employed
    73% in a partnered relationship
    Care about
    Exchange server integration
    Games for the kids
    Work and private life
    Can afford a more expensive device
    Target group
  • 8. “Life maximizers” from Evanstone
    Mom and PR professional
    Recently gone to part time to have time for the kids
    Works in Chicago and commutes on the train
    Works as an architect with his own small company
    Meet the WP7 couple Miles and Anna
  • 9. Codename “Metro”
    Very simplistic
    Typography considered very important
    Non-intrusive, “informational” animations
    Integrated experiences
    The UI
  • 10. Real-time updated tiles
    Easy to re-arrange to suit the user
    Very quick overview of current status
    ...and yes...the blue colour can be changed
    The home screen
  • 11. Hubs
    Music and video
    Xbox Live
  • 12. Installs through marketplace
    Apps come in two forms
    Games can have Xbox live integration
    Apps integrate smoothly with metro look
    ...or stand out...
    Dev tools for the phone are free and available now
    App development
  • 13. Limit hardware platforms
    Limit manufacturer
    Limit customisability
    Limit, limit, limit...
    Limitations that makes the phone
    More responsive and faster
    Less likely to experience problems
    Unified experience from different brands
    Fixing WinMo problems
  • 14. 800x480 or 480x320 capacitive 4+ point touch screen
    A-GPS, Accelerometer, Compass, Light, Proximity sensor
    Min 5MP cam with flash and hardware button
    Detailed multimedia spec with codec acceleration
    Min 256MB RAM and 8GB flash
    GPU with DirectX 9 acceleration
    ARMv7 Cortex/Scorpion or better
    3 front facing hardware buttons
    home, search and back
    Keyboard optional
    Windows Phone 7 Hardware part 1
  • 15. ASUS, LG and Samsung are currently building hardware
    3 form factors
    iPhone type with big screen and no keyboard
    Blackberry/Palm Treo with front facing keyboard
    Third not confirmed AFAIK
    Windows Phone 7 Hardware part 2
  • 16. Internet Explorer 9
    “Same Markup, Better Performance”
  • 17. ...butfirst a quite minute for the late IE6...
  • 18. IE9 aims to implement defined and emerging standards as well as possible to ensure good cross-browser experience
    XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, EcmaScript etc
    Microsoft contribute standards compliance tests to W3C
    Deviating from expected behaviour is considered a bug
    Expected behaviour can be other browsers or specs
    Try to prioritize and focus on real world problems
    Scanned 7000 websites to get stats
    Internet Explorer 9 and standards
  • 19. IE9 will support HTML/XHTML, XML and HTML5
    HTML5 includes SVG
    IE8 markup will run well in IE9 as well
    A lot more detailed spec
    Still very different implementation across browsers
  • 20. Offers multimedia support as well as SVG
    Driven with markup and JavaScript/EcmaScript
    IE9 media
    MPEG-4, H.264
    MP3, AAC
    IE9 does HTML5 rendering with GPU
    Minimizes CPU usage
    Better performance and more power left for other processes
  • 21. DEMO – Rotating logos, dropping balls and YouTube
  • 22. Adds a lot of new functionality
    Main focus are often requested features
    Borders, transparency etc
    Limits the amount of JavaScript needed
    Supports selectors
    Supports namespaces
  • 23. DEMO – Transparency, borders etc
  • 24. Completely new script engine
    Compiles script for faster execution
    Does compilation in parallel using multi-cores
    Codename “Chakra”
  • 25. Subpixel font rendering engine
    Very crisp fonts all the time
    ICC v4 colour management for images
    Improved developer tools
    SVG support
    Network traffic monitor
    And lots more
    Other bits and pieces
  • 26. DEMO – Subpixel font rendering, developer tools
  • 27. Available at
    Not complete, only preview
    Lacks a lot of things include complete navigation, phishing filter etc
    “Report an issue” menu alternative
    Requires Vista SP2 or later
    New updates approximately every 8 weeks
    IE9 Technical Preview
  • 28. Silverlight 4
  • 29. Print support
    A set of new controls
    RichTextBox, MaskedTextBox etc
    Localization improvements
    Bi-directional text etc
    Enhanced binding support
    MEF – Managed Extensibility Framework
    Same code for desktops as Silverlight
    Access to webcam and mic
    What’s new in Silverlight 4?
  • 30. Right-click context menu
    Mouse wheel scrolling support
    Performance optimizations
    Up to 200% faster than v.3
    Multicast networking
    DRM support
    “Multiple screen support”
    Fullscreen while not focused
    What’s new in Silverlight 4?
  • 31. Browser to show HTML
    “Toast” notifications
    Offline DRM
    Control over UI
    Window settings
    Start position
    Offline apps
  • 32. Read/Write to My* folders
    COM integration
    Group policy objects
    ...what applications have elevated trust...
    Keyboard support in fullscreen mode
    Cross-domain calls without policy file
    Custom window chrome
    Trusted offline apps
  • 33. Read/Write to My* folders
    COM integration
    Group policy objects
    ...what applications have elevated trust...
    Keyboard support in fullscreen mode
    Cross-domain calls without policy file
    Custom window chrome
    Trusted offline apps
  • 34. “Automated” assertion of analytics information
    Logging to console for debug
    Supports both in and out of browser
    Visual state for A/B testing
    Support for “service oriented analytics”
    REST based interface
    Prebuilt for several providers
    Google, Comscore, Quantcast etc
    More to come inclwebtrends
    Built in to controls
    Analytics framework –
  • 35. Called smurf
    Prebuilt media player with lots of functionality
    Supports smooth streaming and download
    Events for “monitoring”
    Built in support for MSAF
    Fully templatable
    Ad engine
    Close captioning support
    Silverlight Media Framework–
  • 36. Silverlight version of Pivot
    Available this summer
    Show video instead of talking
    Silverlight Pivot
  • 37. Visual Studio 2010 & .NET 4
  • 38. Improved and faster IntelliSense
    Pascal casing recognition
    HCP > HttpCachePolicy
    “Contains search”
    Cache > HttpCachePolicy
    “Navigate To”
    Better than “Find”
    Box select support
    UI Zoom with Ctrl + mouse scroll
    Better code navigation
    Better code editing experience
  • 39. Semantic HTML with CSS styling
    Minimized ViewState
    Semantic URLs – URL Routing
    Get MVC type URLs OOB
    New controls
    Charting controls
    Data controls
    ASP.NET Controls with clean HTML
  • 40. OOB with VS2010
    Available as extension to VS2008
    Improved tooling support in VS2010
    Better client/server validation based on model
    UI and scaffolding helpers for faster development
    More modular and reusable projects
    Ability to break application into Areas
    Store, Accounting, Users etc...
    MVC 2.0
  • 41. Better and faster IntelliSense with JavaScript
    jQuery plug-in for templating with logic
    Simplifies DOM generation from AJAX
    <script type="text/x-jquery-template" id=“myTemplate">
    Data binding expressions { myExpression }
    JavaScript and jQuery
  • 42. Support for multiple configurations
    Code, content, DB etc
    Multiple deployment settings
    Better profiling and debugging support
    Better code visualization
    Class diagrams with usage and relationships
    Auto generated sequence diagrams
    Multi monitor support
    Other bits and pieces
  • 43. Open Data Protocol – OData
    “There is a feed for that”
  • 44. Expose data as a service, not an application
    The service offers more applications and platforms
    Phone, desktop, web etc
    API needs to use open standards
    HTTP, REST & AtomPub
    Data needs to be defined and documented
    Meta data
    API must support querying
    "Services powering experiences"
  • 45. Only a set of conventions
    ...but with ready to use clients for .NET, iPhone, JavaScript, Java etc
    REST based API exposing data as an AtomPub feed
    Return XML or JSON
    Feeds > Collections > Entries
    Service meta data document and inline typing$metadata
    Supports service operations – query & CRUD
    What is the Open Data Protocol?
  • 46. Microsoft applications expose or consume it
    Azure / SQL Azure
    Server 2008
    Windows Phone 7
    Office Excel
    SQL Server
    OData is already in use
  • 47. Commercial way to expose data from SQL Azure as OData
    Checkbox deployment
    Extremely scalable and available
    Catalog for finding available feeds
    Good exposure for good data
    Description and information about the data
    Simple subscription and transaction models
    Already in use
    NASA, NAVTEQ, National Geographic, Weather Central, AP, Bing etc
    Codename “Dallas”
  • 48. Was that it?
    More or less...but wait...
  • 49. Windows Identity Framework – Codename “Geneva”
    Bing Translator
    Microsoft Sync Framework
    RIA Services
    Entity Framework 4
    WebSpark & BizSpark
    IronPython & IronRuby
    Other things in brief
  • 50. Questions
  • 51. Thank You