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IntelliPatent 4.5 - Overview (july2010)

IntelliPatent 4.5 - Overview (july2010)



IntelliPatent 4.5 is an application designed to monitor and analyze patent information, that is useful to watch technological developments of competitors, potential partners, and technologies of ...

IntelliPatent 4.5 is an application designed to monitor and analyze patent information, that is useful to watch technological developments of competitors, potential partners, and technologies of interest for your enterprise.


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    IntelliPatent 4.5 - Overview (july2010) IntelliPatent 4.5 - Overview (july2010) Presentation Transcript

    • IntelliPatent 4.5 an overview Alberto Ciaramellla Intellisemantic http://www.intellisemantic.com July 2010
    • Presentation content System overview Architecture Functions Commercial conditions and follow up 16/07/10 Intellisemantic 2
    • Presentation content System overview Architecture Functions Commercial conditions and follow up 16/07/10 Intellisemantic 3
    • IntelliPatent: what is?  a browser accessed application for iterative search, statistic extraction, analysis and downloading of patent information and documents  includes new patent alerts via e-mail, allowing you to monitor competitors and technology fields and statistic extractions in order to compare the patenting evolution of companies or technology fields  includes the history of past queries and alerts, easy to reapply  a fair fee SaaS solution provided by IntelliSemantic and integrated with the worldwide patent data base collected and distributed by the European Patent Office 16/07/10 Intellisemantic 4
    • IntelliPatent: what is for?  Research and development search for patentability assessment of a new idea use patent literature for elaborating new ideas monitoring and analysis of the status of the art in a technology area identifying of research groups/researchers more active in a technology area  Marketing and sales monitoring of known competitors identifying new potential competitors, suppliers, partners or customers 16/07/10 Intellisemantic 5
    • IntelliPatent in summary  IntelliPatent is a value adding and labour saving personalized solution available at a fair annual fee  IntelliPatent is mainly oriented to the R&D departments needs, and can also support them in the improvement and optimization of interactions with patent consultants 16/07/10 Intellisemantic 6
    • Presentation content System overview Architecture Functions Commercial conditions and follow up 16/07/10 Intellisemantic 7
    • System architecture User data (user rights, history and alerts) Esp@cenet (worldwide) client application INPADOC server web Your client (orange) IntelliPatent service (green) External information (blue) 16/07/10 Intellisemantic 8
    • A three layer solution: the client The client is your usual PC, with a browser and a flash player  no need to install the application locally It runs immediatelely when you are enabled to use it  no mind about program updates The web 2.0 RIA solution provides desktop like interactions though a client/server environment supporting:  multitasking capability, which allows to analyise a patent, whilst the full table of patent results is still being compiled  multiwindows interface, which allows to compare different patent texts, by allocating them on multiple windows 16/07/10 Intellisemantic 9
    • A three layer solution: data bases IntelliPatent provides an efficient and powerful data base selection and unified access along with a integrated presentation of patent and legal information as well:  “Woldwide” Esp@cenet patent data base: more than 60 million patent documents of more than 80 nations (including China, Japan whose coverage is far beyond the WIPO defined requirements for prior art searching, US...)  INPADOC with patent families and legal patent information (number of extensions, status, etc. )  Espacenet and INPADOC are accessed in the new OPS 2 Web Services version released on april 2010 16/07/10 Intellisemantic 10
    • The server architecture Internet Searchengine (real time queries) Data Ajax Interface Inpadoc Manipulations User Agent (autonomous Esp@ce alerts) 16/07/2010 Intellisemantic 11
    • Presentation content System overview Architecture Functions Commercial conditions and follow up 16/07/10 Intellisemantic 12
    • Features summary (1)  Search: user friendly and efficient  quick evaluation of the number of search results  support of search iterations, with different strategies  Statistical functions: evaluates and saves as excel sheets  mono-dimensional statistics, e.g. the distribution of patent query results by year, by topics, by applicant and by inventor  bi-dimensional statistics (e.g the distribution of patent query results by applicant, year and by applicant,topics) 16/07/10 Intellisemantic 13
    • Features summary (2)  Results table manipulable locally and dynamically with:  support in place reorder and select  information useful for identifying the patent relevance, as the family size  support of search iterations, from the IPC identified in a sample patent  Patent documents access including drawings and references 16/07/2010 Intellisemantic 14
    • Features summary (3)  Family table and legal information adds valuable insights  Alerts to automatically monitor technologies and competitors. The user has only to specify the alerts frequence (e.g. every 2 days) and the e-mail to notify new query results 16/07/2010 Intellisemantic 15
    • A result example: the statistical function 16/07/2010 Intellisemantic 16
    • A result example: the full results table 16/07/2010 Intellisemantic 17
    • A result example: family legal results 16/07/2010 Intellisemantic 18
    • A result example: accessing to figures 16/07/2010 Intellisemantic 19
    • Configuration suggestions Hardware:  Pentium IV 1 GHz with 500 MB of memory  screen with a minimal resolution of 1024*768 Software:  Browsers: Internet Explorer 6.0 and up, Mozilla and Opera  Players: Flash Player 8.0 and up 16/07/2010 Intellisemantic 20
    • Presentation content System overview Architecture Functions Commercial conditions and follow up 16/07/2010 Intellisemantic 21
    • Commercial conditions:  Flat rate  Annual flat rate is simpler to manage and more suitable to continuous use  2 weeks of free trial allowed before the order  The most contemporary users you have, less is the expense for every user (1, 2 to 5, more than 5. etc.) 16/07/2010 Intellisemantic 22
    • To begin  Access www.intellipatent.eu for:  tutorial for basic operations  product data sheet  system access, after having obtained your pin and password  Contact Phone: +39 011 56 90 429 Cell: +39 335 69 83 080 E-mail: info@intellisemantic.com For  technical and commercial information  free evaluation access pin and password  technical assistance 16/07/2010 Intellisemantic 23