2007 Most Improved - IPRA Agency Showcase Competition


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2007 Most Improved - IPRA Agency Showcase Competition

  1. 1. Cut and take Photos © Chip Williams, Kim Karpeles Your Lake County Forest Preserves are a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors. Each year, millions of visitors enjoy the working ! 25,500 acres that make up the Lake County Forest Preserves and a variety of innovative educational, cultural and recreational opportunities. Our qualified and dedicated Ranger Police and Community Service together Officers help keep the Preserves safe for you and the natural resources Trail Courtesy they protect. Our Ranger Police professionals receive the same rigorous law enforcement training as other police officers throughout Illinois and work hard to ensure the safety of all Preserve visitors and neighbors by patrolling 365 days a year and offering assistance. Public Safety As visitors and neighbors of the Lake County Forest Preserves, you play an Welcome. As you share the multi-use trails in your Lake County Forest Preserves with others, important role in protecting our natural resources and keeping the please follow these rules of common sense and Preserves safe. There are many ways to get involved and do courtesy: your part. Stay on marked trails. Equestrians yield to Keeping an Eye. Our community Preserve Watch invites you pedestrians. Bicyclists yield to pedestrians and to help. Similar to a Neighborhood Watch program, the program equestrians. Snowmobilers yield to all trail users. urges you to get involved by immediately reporting any unusual Alert others when passing and control your speed or unlawful activity on Forest Preserve property. When calling, please if riding a bicycle or snowmobile. remember to give the name of the Preserve, the type of activity that For everyone’s enjoyment, leave only footprints, occurred and the general location within the Preserve. take only memories. Collecting and littering are prohibited. For emergencies, call 911. Dog owners must keep their dogs under control reat programs Calls are answered 24 hours a day by the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. at all times and must clean up after their animals. G For non-emergency public safety issues, call 847-549-5200. Unless using one of our four Dog Exercise Areas If necessary, a Ranger will respond immediately. (permit required), dogs must be leashed. For All to Enjoy. Your Lake County Forest Preserves are for everyone’s The Ranger Cadet Program is a great way Note: dogs, horses and other pets are not permitted at for young adults ages 14 to 20, interested in Independence Grove near Libertyville or Ryerson Woods use and enjoyment. When an individual intrudes onto Forest Preserve near Deerfield. property for their sole use without authorization, it affects everyone. law enforcement and conservation, to work This is called encroachment. Encroachments are prohibited and include and train alongside Ranger Police. For details on permits or programs, visit Call 847-968-3433 for details. online, call or stop by our General Offices: such things as self-made paths connected to trails, constructing buildings or structures, and mowing or cultivating on Preserve property. Take to the trails on a Walk with a Ranger. Forest Preserve General Offices If you observe an encroachment, call 847-968-3411. John Tannahill Learn how to avoid personal safety issues 2000 N. Milwaukee Avenue and how thoughtful trail use helps protect Libertyville, IL 60048 ! Chief of Ranger Police your Preserves. This free program is held Ph: 847-367-6640 We’re Green throughout the year for individuals Fax: 847-367-6649 This eco-friendly brochure was printed with vegetable-based inks on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper and is also available for groups. www.LCFPD.org (100 PCW) that is processed chlorine-free (PCF) and certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). Call 847-968-3411 for details. Preserve Hours: 6:30 a.m. to sunset
  2. 2. Public Protecting You and Your Forest Preserves Safety working t ogether Learn more Protecting You and Your Non-emergency Public Safety Issues: Stay in touch and learn more about the Lake County Forest Preserves. Forest Preserves For Emergencies: Call 911 Call: Call 847-549-5200 General Offices: 847-367-6640 Special Event Hotline: 847-968-3333 Winter Sports Conditions: 847-968-3235 You can also visit www.LCFPD.org 24237 W. Ivanhoe Road Public Safety Division and register for a program, reserve a Wauconda, IL 60084 Ph: 847-968-3411 picnic shelter, purchase a permit, search for an activity, learn about nature and 10/07 5M MJP GWG history, or download trail maps, fishing maps and other publications.
  3. 3. ‘07 Safety Brochure (in rack) ‘07 Safety Brochure (Open Panels)
  4. 4. Public Safety Participate Learn Trail Courtesy Your Lake County Forest Preserves are an Community Preserve Watch Program Your Forest Preserves As you share the many multi-purpose trails in inexpensive, fun and relaxing way to enjoy the As visitors and neighbors of the Lake County For free information about your Lake County your Lake County Forest Preserves with others outdoors. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Forest Preserves, you play an important role in Forest Preserves, including rules and who want to enjoy the outdoors, please follow visitors enjoy a variety of innovative protecting our regulations, trail maps and newsletters, call these rules of common sense and courtesy. educational, cultural and recreational natural resources 847-367-6640, or go online to www.LCFPD.org. •Horseback riders yield to pedestrians. opportunities in Forest Preserves throughout and keeping the You can also get controlled burn information, Bicyclists yield to pedestrians and horseback Lake County. Forest Preserves winter sports conditions, and download riders. Snowmobilers yield to all trail users. Nearly 25,000 acres make up your Lake safe for everyone. publications and maps from the website. County Forest Preserves. Our qualified and Our community •Animal owners are responsible for cleaning dedicated Ranger Police and Community Preserve Watch up after their animals. Service Officers help make the Preserves safe program invites •Dogs are required to be on a leash no longer for you and the natural resources they protect. you to help. Old Brochure than 10', unless using the four off-leash Our Ranger Police professionals receive the Similar to a Dog Exercise Areas (permit required, call 847- same rigorous training as police officers community 367-6640 for details). In all Forest Preserves throughout Illinois. Rangers work hard to Neighborhood Grant Woods near Fox Lake is just one of many places to enjoy nature. and while using the Dog Exercise Areas, ensure the safety of all Forest Preserve visitors Watch program, owners must keep their dogs under control at and neighbors by patrolling Forest Preserves the Preserve Watch program urges you — our all times. Note: dogs, horses and other pets not 365 days each year and offering assistance visitors and neighbors — to immediately Signs like this one mark the boundaries of Forest Preserve land. permitted at Independence Grove near Libertyville when needed. report any unusual activity on Forest Preserve or Ryerson Woods near Deerfield. property to us. See Contact Us panel on reverse side for details. Encroachment Issues •Alert others when passing from behind and control your speed if riding a bicycle or Your Forest Preserves are intended for snowmobile. Use everyone’s use and enjoyment. An caution around encroachment occurs any time there is horses and keep unauthorized intrusion of Forest Preserve on marked trails. property for the sole use of an individual. Forest Preserve borders are surveyed and •Leave only Forest Preserves throughout Lake County offer endless fun and marked for identification. Self-made paths footprints, take adventure for the entire family. connected to established trails, buildings or only memories. structures, and mowing or cultivating on Forest Littering Front Cover: Shift Commander, Mike Anderson, is one of and collecting Preserve property are all prohibited. If you Rangers assist with community many friendly and professional Forest Preserve Ranger Forest Preserves throughout the county are regularly patrolled. observe these activities, call us at 847-968-3411 are prohibited. activities and offer a variety of Police and Community Service Officers you'll meet. They Rangers assist visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. safety programs. patrol by car, bike, snowmobile, boat, ATV and on foot. with the location and type of activity.
  5. 5. Contact Us Emergency: Call 911 Emergency Assistance It’s simple. Just call 911. Tell the operator that Non-emergency public safety issue: 847-549-5200 Public you are reporting a Forest Preserve emergency. Calls to 911 are answered 24 hours a day by the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. Forest Winter Sports Hotline: 847-968-3232. This 24-hour automated Safety Preserve Ranger Police Officers are notified of hotline provides ice and snow conditions. 911 calls and they respond immediately to offer assistance. When calling, remember to give the Preserve Hours name of the Forest Preserve, the area of the 6:30 a.m. to sunset daily, unless otherwise Preserve where the activity occurred, and the posted. nature of the emergency. Your name and phone number would also be helpful for follow-up. Trail Maps and Publications Old Brochure 847-367-6640 Non-emergencies www.LCFPD.org If you notice a non-emergency public safety For more information on Lake County issue, call 847-549-5200 and ask to speak with a Forest Preserve facilities, activities and Forest Preserve Ranger. If necessary, Forest programs, visit our award-winning website. Preserve Rangers will respond immediately to offer assistance. When calling, remember to give the name of Keeping Watch Over Your Forest Preserves the Forest Preserve, Public Safety Division Lake County Forest Preserves the area of the 24237 W. Ivanhoe Road PUBLIC SAFETY Preserve where the Wauconda, Illinois 60084 activity occurred, 847-968-3411 24237 W. Ivanhoe Road and the nature of Keeping watch over your Public Safety Division Wauconda, IL 60084 the non-emergency. Lake County Forest Preserves Forest Preserves www.LCFPD.org Your name and www.LCFPD.org phone number 2000 North Milwaukee Avenue would be helpful Libertyville, Illinois 60048 for follow-up. 847-367-6640 Fax: 847-367-6649 Lake County Forest Preserves www.LCFPD.org Photos copyright Kim Karpeles 01/04 5M SEH
  6. 6. Rockford Plays Host to 2007 Beautification Conference Aldeen Practice Centre Reopens To Public FUNDAMENTALS T he finest practice facility in the area just got a whole lot nicer! The Aldeen Golf Club Practice Centre reopened in May after undergoing a major rough exactly like what players see on the golf course. New automatic irrigation will provide for the course,” says Duncan Geddes, PGA Professional and General Manager at Aldeen Golf Club. SUMMER 2007 News for friends of the Rockford Park District Foundation America in Bloom I n June, the City of Gardens held its two largest fundraisers, Go Fore The Green Golf Play Day presented by Saturn of Rockford, and Wine & The annual AIB Educational Symposium provides participants, and those interested in America in renovation. Approximately two-thirds of the cost of a more manicured presentation throughout the season, and new drainage will improve the “As good as the facility is, we felt it was necessary that additional the renovation is being generously paid for by functionality of the facility during periods of heavy target greens and delineation of Roses presented by Rock River Bank. More than Bloom a venue to learn, share, and network. The the Aldeen Foundation, thanks to the vision and rain. Six trees have also been planted on the range turf give golfers the same impres- 100 golfers participated in this year’s event, which symposium offers opportunities for communities was held at Aldeen Golf Club. The day included a hole-in-one contest, fabulous dinner, and a com- to showcase their efforts, community development sessions on topics specifically covering the eight endowment left by Norris and Margaret Aldeen for course improvements. to provide customers with additional targets. This renovation plan has been under develop- sion as the course.” “The long-term benefits WELCOME... Among the changes to the Practice Centre: ment for many years. for golfers and students will be petitive silent auction. Sponsors included Lonnie’s AIB evaluation criteria, sessions on community ...to the first issue of FUNDameNtals, the four existing target greens were replaced by “Norris’ and Margaret’s vision of the Aldeen evident with the new greens, Carpet Max, Allegiant Air, and 13 WREX. development topics, and tours of the host city. The the newsletter for friends of the Rockford six new, more visible and accessible target greens. Practice Centre was to provide players the improved drainage, and better Wine & Roses presented by Rock River Bank awards ceremony is the culmination of the year’s Park District Foundation. This new-and- The main body of the facility was re-seeded with a opportunity to work on any shot they might have irrigation,” he adds. “The Aldeen had a record turnout of more than 250 guests. The program where participants are recognized at an improved newsletter will feature timely bent grass fairway, intermediate rough and primary on the golf course, and to have the same look as Practice Centre will definitely fourth annual event featured food, entertainment, evening party while all participants celebrate plant- LeFT TO RIGHT Wilford Jones, information and news that impacts be what it was envisioned to be and a silent auction at the beautiful Sinnissippi ing pride in their respective communities. Charles B ox, Freeman B rown, the friends of the Foundation. In each – the finest practice facility in the Gardens. Participating restaurants included When AIB comes to Rockford, visitors will issue, there will be interesting stories and d r. Cyrus Oates enjoyed the Midwest.” Basil Café, Cannoli Caffe, Cliffbreakers, Five also have an opportunity to visit some of the city’s and photos about events, programs, Forks Markets, Forest City Pub Radisson, River crown jewels: Klehm Arboretum, Rockford Park G o Fore The G reen G olf Play day and the people who generously give of District Catering, Toni’s of Winnebago, and Union District sites, Anderson Gardens, Midway Village at aldeen G olf Club. their time, talents, and resources to the Beverage. Lonnie’s Carpet Max and Crimson & Museum Center, and Coronado Theatre, to Foundation. We hope you enjoy reading Ridge also sponsored Wine & Roses. name a few. “For Rockford, it was a rewarding each issue of FUNDameNtals. Be sure experience that brought many partners together,” to let us know what you think about the Community Pride Miller says. “The judges loved the community, and new look, or any story ideas you may Rockford will host the America In Bloom Symposium and Awards Program September told us to showcase it. “America in Bloom crosses all age groups The Nicholas Conservatory have for future issues. 27-30. The City of Gardens will lead the initiative in partnership with the City of Rockford, Winnebago County, the Rockford Area Convention & Visitors and has no boundaries as to who gets involved. We have mentored other communities, includ- ing Beloit and Rockton, who are entered in this Announces Addition of New Donors - RPD Fund Development Team E Bureau, the Community Foundation of Northern year’s competition. The message we are sending is, nthusiastically, several new donors have outside of Chicago in Lake Forest. “I wanted to do Illinois, and a variety of organizations throughout ‘Come to Rockford in 2007.’” supported the Nicholas Conservatory and something that many people could enjoy. My heart the community, including the Clock Tower Resort & Gardens with major gifts and naming opportuni- will always be in Rockford.” Conference Center, the host hotel for this year’s event. Reforest Rockford ties. The Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens is Some naming opportunities financially “When your city gets involved in America in Another focus of the City of Gardens this year was named in honor of the lead donor family of Albert, supported through donations and pledges include: Bloom, it demonstrates a commitment from your to plant new trees. In May, more than 700 trees Dan, and Bill Nicholas in honor of their parents, NON-PROFIT ORG government officials and residents to improve were given to neighborhood organizations and the William and Ruby Nicholas. The Conservatory is • e Rockford Register Star Meeting Room Th u.s. POsTaGe PaId the quality of life for your city. It also strengthens general public. Donors include Smith Charitable the centerpiece project of the 100th anniversary of Courtyard is an outdoor extension of the G eorge s chaffne r, general Rockford, IL residents’ pride in their community,” says Ruth Foundation, First Northern Credit Union, ComEd, the Rockford Park District in 2009. meeting room. The area will be enclosed by an Miller, Program Director for the City of Gardens. Alpine Bank, and Stonewoods. manager at s atu rn of Rockford, 401 South Main Street STE 112 • Rockford, IL 61101 Permit #1131 The Ipsen Atrium Display Lobby will be ornate fence and will feature plantings, seat- “It’s also true for business. The community has to For more information, please call City of welcomes golfers to the Cit y of named in memory of Harold Ipsen. Located ing, and dappled shade. be a pleasant place to live in order to attract quality Gardens at 815-987-1689. G ardens event held in J une. near the front entrance, this is an area of 2,000 businesses. It’s a win-win for everyone.” dIReC TLY a BOVe a concept square feet that features permanent and moveable • ockford Area Association of Realtors R displays to welcome visitors to the Conservatory. Riverview Terrace will be surrounded by a drawing of the front entrance There will be a mural of the Rock River and its stone seating wall and bordered by a trellis of the future Nicholas important role in the history, past and present, affording a spectacular view of the river, with Conser vator y facing south. For 27 years, the Rockford Park d istric t Foundation ha s b e e n of our community. The Ipsen Lobby will be avail- the opportunity to provide outdoor space for able for weddings, receptions, and other functions, weddings and receptions. uPPeR L eFT a concept drawing helping the Park d istric t fulfill its mission of helping p rov i d e t h e including catered events for groups up to 150. of the rear side facing nor th. best in parks, facilities, and recreational programs. Co nt r i b u t i o n s Lorraine Ipsen-Stotler made a generous gift • B ergstrom Entry Vestibule provides a glass 401 south Main street • Rockford, IL 61101 to honor her late husband. “Harold always loved entryway into the soaring structure, where 815-987-1630 • 815-963-3323 tty to the Foundation totaling nearly $17 million in the p a s t d e c a d e gardens and we enjoyed the Rockford community w w w. R o c k fo rd Pa r kd i s t r i c t. o rg have helped to sustain the mission. very much,” said Mrs. Ipsen-Stotler, who now lives Continued on page 3 5
  7. 7. Barnard Named 2007 Recipient Park District Welcomes New Corporate Partners of the Atwood Service Award F atWallet.com, Lonnie’s Carpet Max, and Pepsi-Cola are the latest to join the growing list Pepsi-Cola of Rockford was awarded a five- year exclusive contract with the Rockford Park J of companies who are part of the Rockford Park District to provide park sites and facilities with a Judy’s Accomplishments udy Barnard has a passion for the environment, and it shows in her volunteer work. District Corporate Partnership Program. variety of soft drinks. Lonnie’s Carpet Max has agreed to sponsor Each year, the Rockford Park District others recognize her efforts, too. In April, • s Deputy County Administrator for A B o a r d o f d i r e c to r s Barnard received the Seth B. Atwood Memorial Park Winnebago County, Judy initiated the process several Rockford Park District events, including welcomes 10 million user visits to Magic Waters the Music in the Park concert series, the Holiday Waterpark, Sportscore Complexes, five golf and Conservation Service Award at the America for and obtained an Illinois Environmental Kent A. Mallquist Tree Lighting, as well as City of Gardens Wine & courses, two ice facilites, and other properties. President in Bloom kickoff luncheon at Cliffbreakers. The Protection Agency “Green Communities” grant Norma E. Polcek Roses and Go Fore The Green Golf Play Day. In Many of these guests are potential customers for award for conservation, given by the Rockford to develop an environmental vision for the Vice President addition, Lonnie’s has advertising signage at the ice your company, or perhaps they do business with Park District, the Rockford Park District county. C. Phillip Turner facilities and the Sportscore Complexes. your competitor. secretary Foundation, and the Winnebago County Forest FatWallet.com will be a partner at Elliot, Through product sampling, cross promo- Hazen Tuck Preserve District, is in its 25th year and is the • P rovided leadership for the “Balanced Growth treasurer Ingersoll, Sandy Hollow, and Sinnissippi golf tions, media partnerships, hospitality, and on-site highest award presented locally by these agencies. Initiative” funded by an Illinois Department of Harris H. Agnew courses. The partnership will be visible through visibility, the Rockford Park District Corporate “I’m very honored to receive this prestigious Transportation grant to develop and promote Arthur W. Anderson signage and advertising, as well as other promo- Partnership staff will work with you to create award,” says Judy, who works in Planning and environmental principles in urban planning Bruce T. Atwood tional opportunities. FatWallet.com is a shopping innovative and exciting partnerships that will help Economic Development for Winnebago County. and land use. Tara Blazer portal, in which customers click on links to retail your company reach its target audience. For more LeFT TO RIGHT Paul arco, Barb Wandell, Ruth Miller, elaine Harrington, Lisa alexander, and Judy Roby “There are so many people who are truly deserving Carl Dargene Web sites to buy items using coupons, rebates, and information, contact Paul Arco at 815-969-4077, or of this honor.” • ost site for Klehm Arboretum’s “Garden H Gordon G. Eggers discounts posted on FatWallet.com. PaulArco@RockfordParkDistrict.org. Edward J. Enichen Karen Harding Meet the New Fund Development Award Legacy There have been 26 recipients of the Atwood Glory” tour – opening her backyard to more than 1,300 people. Tref Harnois Helen Hill James W. Keeling Team of the Rockford Park District Award, which recognizes individuals and organiza- tions for their exceptional volunteer contributions • D irector of the Winnebago County Soil and Water Conservation District Board for 15 I Reforesting the Forest City Merritt Mott n an effort to create a more seamless system, the projects in public and private spaces, encourages in providing facilities, programs, or services in years. J u d i t h B a r n a rd i s a l l Daniel J. Nicholas Rockford Park District has created a new team landscaping projects, and interacts cooperatively the areas of preservation of natural areas and park John Nielsen to support the critical work of the Park District with established gardens and organizations. s m i l e s at t h e am e r i c a spaces, recreation, and education. • C ity of Gardens Advisory Board member T Ashlisha Nigam Foundation. The new group has a wealth of ex- Grants Writer JUDy RoBy has been with the i n B l o o m l u n c h e o n at “Everyone talks about defining moments – working on America in Bloom competition he Rockford Park District received grant noti- “This project will enhance the overall Webbs Norman periences and talents, and provides even greater Park District since 1990. She started in Customer in their life,” Judy adds. “For me, it was spending with focus on community beautification and fication of an award of $4,999.99 for forestry park experience with the ability to enjoy Nobel Olson support to the work of the Foundation. Let’s meet Services, then moved to Capital Planning and Cl i f f b re a ke r s i n ap r i l. summers outdoors with my family – time at the environmental education. enhancement at Fair Grounds Park from the Illinois the environmental beauty of this hidden Jack W. Packard the team: Development in 1994. In her new role, Judy writes lake, visiting Wisconsin, looking at the Northern Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) through inner city oasis,” said Judy Roby, Grants James F. Thiede ELAINE HARRINGToN was appointed to and administers grants for the Centennial Project, Lights, gathering hickory nuts. It was a wonderful The Atwood Award is named in honor of Seth the Urban and Community Forestry program. Writer for the Rockford Park District. Rolf Thienemann the position of Deputy Director, Fund Develop- other capital projects, and programs. time to be kids. But times are changing. That’s why B. Atwood, the late industrialist who preserved and Fair Grounds Park is one of the oldest city “This first phase will involve volunteers Jeanine Wortmann ment for the Rockford Park District in November BARB WANDELL, Administrative Aide, it’s important to involve our youth in environ- donated more than 1,000 acres of valuable land for parks in existence (1886), established long before the working with Rockford Park District 2006. For seven years she served as Executive has been with the Park District for 10 years. She mental issues and activities. We need future the citizens of Winnebago County. Rockford Park District was established in 1909. It and City of Gardens program staff and Director of the RPD Foundation. Elaine has been a worked at Riverview Ice House and then joined generations to carry the torch.” was originally the site of the old county fair grounds, contractors. We have worked closely Nanc y Williamson from the Illinois H o n o r a ry d i r e c to r s fundraising professional for 20 years. the Community and Therapeutic Recreation team and was the center of cultural and recreational with the Upper Rock River EcoSystem Depar tment of Natural Resources Edna May Taylor LISA ALEXANDER, Assistant to the Deputy before moving to the Fund activities for many years. General and President Partnership and consultants to presents a check to Rockford Park David Wiemer Director, has been with the Park District for two years. Lisa coordinates a variety of activities for the Development team earlier this year. Nicholas Conservatory Continued Ulysses S. Grant visited the site on September 16, 1880, and the first national professional baseball conduct an assessment of Kent Creek, and have made improvements District Commissioners Doug Brooks Nicholas Conservatory capital campaign and Park The Park District visitors will see giant palm trees, waterfalls, “Naming opportunities still exist, and are league, the Forest Citys, played their home games at north of this site as part of another (left) and Charlotte Hackin (far right) at a f u n d d e V e lo P m e n t t e a m District Foundation Board. Foundation welcomes the and floral displays. being very well received by prospective donors Fair Grounds Park. IDNR C-2000 funded project.” special event held on April 12 at Lockwood Elaine Harrington PAUL ARCo spent five years as the Park new Fund Development when they learn more about this exciting, dynamic Phase one of this multi-phase urban forestry The improvements at deputy director Park. The check, in the amount of $91, 917, District’s Corporate Partnership Manager, securing team. • aitzen Family Stairway and Elevator to the M project,” says Elaine Harrington, Deputy Director project involves about 700 feet of stream bank Fair Grounds Park are a Lisa Alexander is an Illinois Depar tment of Natural executive assistant national, regional, and local partners for facilities, Green Roof Garden, a circular stairway lead- of Fund Development of the Rockford Park located along the western edge of the park. Plans continuation of those efforts Paul Anthony Arco programs, and events. In his new role as Annual Warmest regards, ing to the roof garden that is planted with District. include removal of dead trees, trees in decline, to improve the quality and Resources Conser vation -2000 (C-2000) annual fund director Fund Director, Paul manages the annual campaign, flowers and grasses. The elevator makes the For information on how to make a contribu- and invasive plants along the banks of Kent Creek. recreational opportunities Grant for Phase 2 of Habitat Enhancement of Ruth Miller special events, donor recognition, and writes the roof garden fully accessible. tion, please contact the Rockford Park District Its overgrown present condition poses a safety of Kent Creek and the parks Program direc tor, Rockford Register star the Kent Creek at Lockwood and Page Parks. city of Gardens/celebrate life Foundation quarterly newsletter. Foundation at 815-987-1630. and security issue, which will be reduced with that border it. Currently, publisher, Fritz Jacobi (lef t), Volunteers and contractors were also thanked Judy Roby RUTH MILLER has been the Program • Th e Building Material Display System, free- the completion of this project. Future phases may Kent Creek restoration Grants Writer Director for the City of Gardens program since KENT A. MALLqUIST standing programmable electronic display kiosks, talks with Mar ti Mallquist at include planting appropriate tree species, stabilizing is also occurring at that evening for their ser vice and financial Barb Wandell administrative aide 2002. The City of Gardens promotes beautification President, RPD Foundation Board will be named in honor of Benjamin F. Lyons. the Puttin’ on the Fritz event. the stream bank, and adding benches. Lockwood Park. contributions to the project. 2 3 4