INA Board Annual Report 2011


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INA Board Annual Report 2011

  1. 1. INFORMATION NETWORK OF ARKANSAS BOARD A r k a n s a s ’s O f f i c i a l e G o v e r n m e n t P r o v i d e r 2010 A NNUAL R EPORT
  2. 2. Table of ContentsInformation Network of Arkansas Profile……………....…....…...…...…...…..............…..…..… 3Board of Directors...……………………........……………...…...…...…...……..........…..…..…....42011 Service Highlights- INA County and Local Services...........………………...…...…...…...….......................…..…...5- Mobile Payment Processing Portal.................…...…...…...….............…..…....8- Centralized Electronic Network for Sex Offender Registries System (CENSOR) ....…..….. 10- Arkansas Department of Higher Education YOUniversal ….…...…...…..................…..…....12- Portal…...........…................…...... ….…...…...…...........…................…..…... 14INA by the Numbers………………………………………...…...…...…..........................…..….. 16Security………………………………………………….......…...…...…...…...….............…..….. 18Awards and Recognition……………………………...…...…...….………......................…..….. 192011 New Services/Websites…………………......…...…...…...…...…........................…..…... 20Top Government Services………………………........….....…...…...…...…..................…..….. 23
  3. 3. Governor’s LetterAs Governor since 2007, I have worked continually to makestate government more accessible to Arkansans and moreefficient in its delivery of services. Over the past year, thestate’s official website introduced 93 new eGovernmentonline services and websites. These allow citizens to searchfor information and resources more easily, whether onlineor via mobile smartphones.Government agencies, which have a digital presence throughWeb and mobile offerings, provide government transparency,information sharing, and convenience via online services for citizens. TheInformation Network of Arkansas (INA) continues to deliver state and localgovernment in formats that keep citizens connected. State agencies have alsoincluded social-media tools, including Facebook and Twitter, to maximizeofferings and effectively engage the public. The state portal,,combines all relevant social-media streams into one view for the public, andcreates an easy point-of-access for developments in state government.Arkansas has become a national leader in using technology to make governmentmore responsive, and it will be exciting to see where we are headed in the future.In 2011, the state’s website was named the best state government site in thenation, receiving a first-place ranking by the Center for Digital Government.This research institute has ranked in the top-ten state websitesfor each of the past five years.We are grateful to receive this recognition, and my administration will continueworking to improve the information and services the state provides online.As technology continues its rapid development, Arkansas will strive to remaina national leader in serving our citizens with these new technologies. I believe wehave created the most efficient and innovative Web portal to meet the needs ofArkansans, and we look forward to providing an ever-more accessible anduser-friendly state government.Sincerely,Mike Beebe
  4. 4. INA Board Chair LetterInformation Network of Arkansas had quite a fewsuccess stories in 2011. introduced a majorredesigned fully mobile-ready website which included asmart search, Text4help, and geolocation services. ACIClaunched the new online Centralized Electronic Networkof Sex Offender Registries (CENSOR) which will save thestate approximately $55,000 by eliminating the notices sentto offenders via certified mail every six months.“YOUniversal” Financial Aid System saw an application increase of 441% over theprevious year with the addition of the mobile version and increased Financial Aidavailability just to name a few. In addition, INA designed/developed and launched93 new online services and websites for the State of Arkansas.2011 was a year of accolades for and the state. The Center forDigital Government ranked the portal site,, Best of Web for 2011.Mobile and Online Services Suite also won a Center for DigitalGovernment Achievement award in the Government-to-Citizen category as wellas earned a National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO)finalist award. And last, but not least, “YOUniversal” Mobile Application won theCenter for Digital Education Achievement Award.INA has proven to be a leader in the industry and I am sure it will be interestingto see what INA produces in 2012.It is my privilege to serve as the INA Board Chair and on behalf of theINA Board members we sincerely hope you find the annual report a usefulreference for Arkansas state government services and that it provides somepotential solutions for your organization as well.Sincerely,Ann PurvisINA Board Chair
  5. 5. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t Information Network of Arkansas Profile The Information Network of Arkansas (INA) Board was created in 1995 and operates under the authority of Arkansas code 25-27-101 et. seq. with the statutory responsibility of assisting the state in exploring and improving citizen and business access to public information and services. INA is a State Governing Board that consists of individuals from both the public and private sector that represent different communities of interest. The objective of INA is to improve the accessibility of Government in the form of public information or electronic transactions. These transactions may be between Citizens and Government, Businesses and Government or between Governmental Agencies and offices. INA manages the State’s web portal and provides secure online payment processing through Arkansas GovPay, the State’s payment portal. Operating under a self-funded model, the INA network, its infrastructure, employees, office space and equipment are fully funded through portal convenience/transaction fees associated with information requiring limited access by statute and electronic filings that require a fee. The State does not appropriate any funds for this network. State services that do not have a fee remain free to businesses and citizens. State and local agencies do not pay for the development or hosting of the online services. If agencies need expedited development services, INA may charge rates consistent with state published rates for each biennium. In 2011, INA developed 93 new services and websites for the citizens and businesses of Arkansas and processed more than $2.25 billion in transactions for state and local agencies. The Information Network of Arkansas provides non-partisan support for more than 270 government agencies, boards, and commissions and has created over 890 online services at no cost to the agencies or using state appropriated funds. The website was named “Best of Web” in state web portals in the nation in 2011. INA continues to bring innovative solutions and creative design to eGovernment in the State of Arkansas. 3
  6. 6. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t Board of Directors INA Board Members Ann Purvis (Chair) Claire Bailey Representing Arkansas Department Representing Department of of Health Information Systems 501-280-4545 501-374-9977 Matt Cashion (Vice-Chair) Harold Evans Representing Independent Insurance Agents Representing Arkansas Bar Association 501-975-9975 870-372-8000 Mark Martin Stan King Representing Arkansas Secretary of State Representing Department of Finance and Administration 501-682-3510 501-683-0988 James Downs Ron Pitts Representing Arkansas Science and Representing Public Accountancy Technology Authority 501-664-8739 501-683-2253 Amy Mattison Michael Gaines Representing Chamber of Commerce Representing Arkansas Economic Development Commission 501-682-5148 870-682-1124 Nancy Arn Glen Colvert Representing Arkansas Public Library Representing Bankers Association Association 501-312-5556 501-863-5447 Phil Billingsley Network Manager Representing Arkansas Information Consortium 501-324-8913 4
  7. 7. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2011 Service Highlights INA County and Local Services The Information Network of Arkansas continues to work with County officials in order to expand their online services throughout the state of Arkansas. In 2011, INA launched 22 new county services. Website Development: Working in collaboration with Connect Arkansas’s e-Community Strategies program, INA developed fully funded new websites for approved counties across the state. The new websites help create a central location where users can find information on county government, general news and other county specific information. Having a county web presence provides new avenues for civic engagement in shaping smart growth within a county’s footprint for the future. Using Content Management System (CMS) technologies, the CMS solution provides the standards, compliance, and tools, for counties to have a first class web presence that is easy to maintain and keep current. This year INA launched the geolocation widget to which is designed for inclusion on local and community websites that want to embed code for city, county or state online services “near me” within their own website. Because its geolocated, the widget returns search results based on the user’s location. Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Payments: A new service launched in 2011, the Emergency Medical Service payment application allows citizens who use this county service to make payment online or over-the-counter using a credit or debit card. Online, citizens can enter their account number along with required information and submit payment to be applied to their existing account. Over-the-counter citizens can now use a debit or credit card where formally the only accepted method of payment was cash or paper check. Personal Property and Real Estate Tax Payments: The tax services include Online, Telephone Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Over-the-Counter (OTC) and Mobile payment options for citizens. These services allow county residents to pay for their property and real estate taxes with a credit card or e-check. Currently 41 counties offer the ability to pay personal property and real estate taxes using the GovPay payment engine. These counties represent almost 75% of the State’s population. Hot Check Restitution Payments: This service allows defendants the ability to pay their restitution and fee payments online via credit card for hot checks written and prosecuted. Offenders can go online to make restitution and possibly prevent a warrant from being issued for their arrest. INA is currently providing this service to 41 counties in Arkansas. 5
  8. 8. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t INA County and Local Services Court Record Payments: The online court records application allows businesses and citizens to search the county court records index for free. Court images may also be purchased and downloaded from the service. Traffic and Court Payments: This service allows courts to accept court, traffic and parking tickets, bonds and fine payments online or over-the-counter (OTC). This service can be standalone or integrate with any case management system. Payments may be made by credit/debit card.; INA also provides payment processing services for the Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts eTraffic portal. City Utility and Permitting Payments: This service allows cities to offer online and over-the-counter (OTC) payments for water, waste disposal, and city permitting. This service can be standalone or integrate with any backend database solution. Payments may be made by credit/debit card or by electronic check. All of these services were created using the INA self funded business model. The counties do not pay for any development, maintenance, customer support, hosting or payment processing of these applications or services. 6
  9. 9. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t Serving 61 Counties in Arkansas and 90% of the population $45 Million Property and Real Estate Tax Payments Hot Check Restitution Payments Totaling More Than $764,134 $10,217 Emergency Medical Payments $17,498 Court Records Online Over $1 Million Traffic and Court Fine Payments $52,049 Utility Payments 22 New Services Added 7
  10. 10. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t Mobile Payment Processing Portal Statistically becoming the technology of choice by Americans, mobile smartphones are embedded in our daily life connecting us with the world in which we live. INA continues to develop our mobile suite of services delivering state and local government in a format that keeps citizens engaged. In 2011 two new services were added to our mobile offerings suite, Auditor of the State Unclaimed Property search and Arkansas Department of Higher Education YOUniversal Mobile. The Center for Digital Government Achievement awarded Arkansas as winner in the Government-to-Citizen category for Mobile and Online Services Suite. Not only was Arkansas 1st in the nation to offer mobile payments with a smartphone but Arkansas was 1st in the nation to offer Text4help which is a customer service support function using text messaging technology. Serving Arkansans on the go, the mobile payment applications take advantage of the same GovPay payment processing engine as the online solution providing a convenient, simple and secure option for users to access government services which are available on all smartphone operating platforms, including Apple iOS, Rim Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone. Below is a listing and description of the mobile services available and can be found on your mobile device at Unclaimed Property Search | Auditor of the State Each year millions of dollars in unclaimed property are turned over to the Auditor’s office by companies who cannot locate the owners. If your name is on this list, money could be waiting for you! YOUniversal Mobile | Arkansas Department of Higher Education Mobile version of the YOUniversal Financial Aid System which allows Arkansas students the ability to determine scholarship eligibility and streamline the application process for applying and receiving available scholarships. Inmate Deposit Service | Department of Correction Deposit money into an inmate’s trust or pre-pay phone account Probation and Parole Payments | Department of Community Correction Pay monthly supervision, drug court, or restitution fees Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes | 32 Arkansas Counties Search for parcel information and pay installments or the total amount due on personal property and real estate taxes Mobile Certificate of Good Standing | Arkansas Secretary of State Search businesses registered to do business in the state of Arkansas, purchase a certificate that contains a validation code which may be verified by any party requiring proof of good standing Game Check | Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Allows hunters throughout Arkansas to check their deer and turkey kills 8
  11. 11. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t Game and Fish Commission: Game Check 40,153 1st State in the Nation to Offer Mobile Payments with smartphone and Text4help Processed over $1,745,530 in Mobile Transactions 61,104 Number of Mobile Payments in 2011 Inmate Deposit Service 13,904 Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes 3,128 Probation and Parole Payments 3,882 9
  12. 12. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t Centralized Electronic Network for Sex Offender Registries System (CENSOR) The registration of sex offenders and the ongoing management of their information have been significantly improved in comparison to formerly used paper-based processing methods with the launch of the online Centralized Electronic Network for Sex Offender Registries System (CENSOR) in March 2011. CENSOR, which contains data records on over 11,720 sex offenders in Arkansas, not only provides more efficiency for the Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC), local law enforcement and the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) but it also allows more timely information about these sex offenders to be communicated to citizens. Through a collaborative effort between officials at the ACIC, the ADC and local law enforcement to streamline the registration and verification processes, local law enforcement officials now utilize this unique application to reduce the time it takes to update the statewide sex offender registry system at ACIC and ensure the ADC has current sex offender data available for assessments. Officers can also conduct the sex offenders’ scheduled verifications and update their information through the online system. “This new system gives us a sex-offender registration process that is faster and safer, and saves our taxpayers money,” Governor Mike Beebe said. “Along with notifying the public sooner, the system also increases accountability for offenders, giving law-enforcement agencies more confidence in tracking those who are living in their communities.” This one of a kind system seamlessly integrates with a web camera to capture current photos of sex offenders and electronically transfer the images to the statewide sex offender registry at ACIC. Official registration and acknowledgement documents are automatically generated and are able to be signed by the offender and the registration official on an electronic signature pad. All information, including photos, is saved securely into the ACIC imaging system. That ADC officials regularly receive updated data files through the CENSOR system allows these users to start the sex offender assessment process immediately. The development of the CENSOR system was enabled by new legislation that allowed ACIC to mandate electronic sex offender registration, which alleviated the state’s responsibility to continue sending certified letters. As a result of this change, the state has realized savings of $55,000 annually that includes a reduction in the manual processing of the Verification of Residency forms. Since the launch of the CENSOR system in March 2011, 515 users from ACIC, ADC and law enforcement have registered for the system across the state. These users submitted a combination of over 9,800 registrations, verifications and other allowed administrative changes. 10
  13. 13. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t This one of a kind system seamlessly integrates with a web camera to capture current photos of sex offenders and electronically transfer the images to the statewide sex offender registry at ACIC. CENSOR contains data records on over 11,720 sex offenders in Arkansas. The state has realized savings of $55,000 annually. 515 users from ACIC, ADC and law enforcement were registered for the system across the state. A combination of over 9,800 registrations, verifications and changes were submitted. 11
  14. 14. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t Arkansas Department of Higher Education The “YOUniversal” Financial Aid System was developed to help students determine which scholarships they may be eligible for and to streamline the application process. The system consolidates 21 programs from different governmental agencies into one unified database and then applies a rules engine that takes basic information from the student or parents and returns a list of scholarships for which they may qualify. The result is an easy to use tool that walks Arkansas students, parents and counselors through a series of questions to find and apply for available scholarship funds within one application. The agency sees significant savings in staff administrative work as the system has automated many of the manual functions that were previously being performed to join information from disparate systems. The system automatically integrates processes and information from the Federal Government FASFA application process, Arkansas Department of Education TRIAND data for student transcripts, and Higher Education Institutions for student enrollment verification and financial aid awards. Students manage their profile and can review the award process in the system throughout their higher education experience. Because many of Arkansas’s students use smartphones or other mobile devices, creating access from a mobile device was key to this programs success. A mobile version of the site was created along with apps in the Apple, Android and Windows 7 stores. The YOUniversal mobile system includes several innovative features. Integration with Facebook, Twitter and the nation’s first state government SMS Text4help service allows students to text their questions and receive answers via text message, keeping them on the mobile application. . 12
  15. 15. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t The agency sees significant savings in staff administrative work as the system has automated many of the manual functions that were previously being performed... To date, more than $335 million distributed since inception of program 64,845 scholarships applied for in 2011 13
  16. 16. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t Portal The new design is a vehicle for bringing Arkansas E-Government to the forefront by becoming the first state government to use groundbreaking technology, delivering state agency information quickly, and effectively through the latest electronic devices for citizens of every generation that utilize state services. The nation’s first state government mobile payment services were created by the Arkansas. gov portal. Mobile payment services were designed to cater to Arkansans on the move. Citizens from 32 counties have the ability to complete mobile property tax payments. Tax payments, traffic and court fines, utility payments, and business licensing cover almost 92% of the state’s 2.9 million residents. Approximately $2.5 billon eGov transactions are processed yearly. This year mobile transactions for the portal increased approximately 16 percent. This increase solidifies INA’s initiative to be the leader for implementing new technologies in the government sector. Text4help and the YOUniversal Financial Aid Scholarship System are two examples of unique mobile systems that are supported via text messaging technology. Users can quickly and effectively communicate with technical support representatives by sending and receiving information using only text messages. Monthly there are approximately 178,745 portal visitors that benefit from our user centric smart searches that quickly locate information for county, state agency, and the local community. The portal displays the State’s public meeting calendar that lists state agency public meetings, provides links to relevant meeting documents, and offers location mapping. The eGovernment services section offers a geolocation widget that embeds code for eGovernment services and pushes them to community websites; showing where the services are in proximity to the user. This widget assists local entities in better serving the needs of their citizens. The portal combines convenience and improved accessibility by seamlessly readjusting the size of the mobile website to match the screen of many electronic mobile devices from the iPad to the Android device. Podcast, eNewsroom, the latest road conditions, and portal Alerts can all be accessed via smart devices. From Amber Alert notifications to property tax payments the portal redesign encompasses just about everything the average Arkansan would want to access from their government. 14
  17. 17. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t The nation’s first state government mobile payment services were created by the portal. $2.5 billion eGov transactions $1.7 million mobile payments processed 2.1 million portal visitors 15
  18. 18. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t INA by the Numbers 67.7 page visits million 4.2 transactions million $2.5 processed through portal billion $2.20 in sales and use tax and withholding tax billion 891 online services developed and supported 270 state and local partners 17 new websites in 2011 391 state agency users supported 5,760 jobs posted 322,910 applications processed 16
  19. 19. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t INA by the Numbers 93 new Services in 2011 71 agency services 22 county and local services 23 value-added services; limited access by statute, requiring authentication subscriptions with monthly billing 8,118 subscriber accounts with monthly billing 21,175 help desk phone calls 4,185 live help chats in 2011 1,190 application change requests 7,083 facebook and twitter followers 3 tier support team 17
  20. 20. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t Security Information and Payment Processing Security The Information Network of Arkansas takes its responsibility as the state board providing e-government services in Arkansas very seriously. INA recognizes that not only should there be a focus on the government more efficiently conducting its business, but also on the citizens being assured that all possible efforts are being made to ensure that their information is used solely for the purposes they intended. Portal Information Security Employees, project requirements, development practices and infrastructure hosting services must meet rigorous security standards to protect our state and local government partners. A security review is required and conducted on all new and modified software code before being released to the public and adheres to strict privacy guidelines. The portal also has regular communications with a dedicated security team that provides information on new and upcoming security risks. Payment Security As the payment processor for the State of Arkansas, INA complies with the Payment Card Industry/Data Security Standard (PCI/DSS). PCI/DSS contains more than 60 specific requirements for ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of payment information submitted. INA conducts a full re-assessment of its compliance with PCI/DSS annually and receives quarterly scans from an approved scanning vendor. In 2011, INA securely processed over 4.2 million transactions for the State of Arkansas. These transactions accounted for over $2.5 billion through the portal’s payment processor. In addition to compliance with PCI/DSS, INA holds additional security certifications. The INA partnership with Arkansas State Police and the Arkansas Crime Information Center mandates that INA comply with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policy. INA also undergoes an enterprise-wide security assessment as part of the Verizon Business/CyberTrust Security Management Program (SMP). Financial Data Assurance To ensure the integrity of all financial systems and transactions INA participated in an annual SSAE16 Assessment. The assessment, conducted by a third party accounting firm, ensures that all of INA’s financials systems are configured to ensure that financial transactions and disbursements are accurate, follow industry best practices in terms of reconciliation, and financial data security. 18
  21. 21. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t Awards and Recognition 2011 Center for Digital Government Best of Web Digital Government Achievement Award Winner - State Portal - website Winner -, iPhone was completely redesigned and fully mobile Application ready. The new design included a smart search, geolocation services and the first in Digital Government Achievement Award the nation to include Text4help. Honorable Mention - Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration Commercial Center for Digital Government Driver Alcohol and Drug Reporting System Achievement Award Winner - Government-to-Citizen: Mobile and Online Services Suite 2008 Center for Digital Government Best of Web Center for Digital Education Finalist - State Portal Achievement Award Winner - Department of Education Digital National Electronic Commerce Application/Project: Arkansas “YOUniversal” Coordinating Council Mobile Application. First Place - The State Portal and Payment Processor Security Initiative NASCIO First Place - Innovation in the use of social Finalist - Digital Government: networking to enhance citizen involvement in Mobile and Online Services Suite government - Governor Mike Beebe - News Room and website. 2010 NASCIO Center for Digital Government Winner - Cross-Boundary Collaboration Digital State Survey and Partnerships - Arkansas YOUniversal 12th Place - State of Arkansas Financial Aid Management System 2007 Center for Digital Government Best of Web Center for Digital Government Best of Web 2nd Place - State Portal Finalist - State Portal Digital Government Achievement Award Digital Government Achievement Award Honorable Mention - Winner - Franchise Tax Suite Honorable Mention - Office of State Procurement – Professional Consulting 2006 Services Contract System Center for Digital Government Best of Web 5th Place - State Portal Top Government Website Digital Government Achievement Award Honorable Mention - IT Budget Planning System 2009 Center for Digital Government Best of Web Center for Digital Government 3rd Place - State Portal Digital States Survey 6th Place - State of Arkansas 19
  22. 22. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2011 New Services/Websites Agency Service Adult Probation Parole Association Website Arkansas State Board of Architects, Website Landscape Architects, Interior Designers Arkansas Arts Council - DAH Emma - eNewsletter & Marketing Service Arkansas Users of Telecommunications and OTC GovPay Payment Information Systems (AUTIS) Processing Arkansas Users of Telecommunications and Membership Registration Information Systems (AUTIS) Attorney General Facebook Page Auditor of State Emma - eNewsletter & Marketing Service Auditor of State Mobile Unclaimed Property Search Auditor of State Website Board of Apportionment bbPress Message Board Board of Apportionment Website Board of Apportionment WordPress Blog Board of Apportionment Emma - eNewsletter & Marketing Service Board of Podiatric Medicine Website Capitol Zoning District Commission Website Capitol Zoning District Commission Flickr Photo Gallery Career Education, Arkansas Department of (ACE) Website Career Education, Arkansas Department of (ACE) YouTube Channel Career Education, Arkansas Department of (ACE) Flickr Photo Gallery City of Eureka Springs OTC City of Eureka Springs Columbia County Sheriff Court & Traffic Fine Payment System Commissioner of State Lands OTC Sales Office Community Correction, Department of Website Contractors Licensing Board Website Correction, Arkansas Department of (ADC) Website Correction, Arkansas Department of (ADC) Flickr Photo Gallery Correction, Arkansas Department of (ADC) Paws in Prison Donation Form Cosmetology Board Third Party GovPay Integration Crime Information Center, Arkansas Centralized Electronic Network of Sex Offender Registries Dental Examiners, Arkansas State Board of License Renewals - Dental Hygienist Dental Examiners, Arkansas State Board of License Renewals - Dentist Education, Department of Emma - eNewsletter & Marketing Service 20
  23. 23. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t Agency Service Emergency Management, Website Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, HazMat Tier II and Toxics Release Inventory Arkansas Department of (TRI) Payment Processing Examiners in Counseling, Board of Website Examiners in Counseling, Board of Online Forms - fillable PDFs and form genies Finance and Administration, Department of OSP Emergency commodities/services registry Finance and Administration, Department of Personal TVR (Instant Access) Finance and Administration, Department of ARBenefits Website Finance and Administration, Department of Office of Child Support Enforcement - My Workers Forestry Commission, Arkansas Website Game and Fish Commission YouTube Channel Governor’s Office (GOV) Website Governor’s Office (GOV) No Kid Hungry Campaign Form Governor’s Office (GOV) Scholastic Honors Day Governor’s Office (GOV) State Seal Use Form Health Information Technology, Office of Website Health Information Technology, Office of Emma - eNewsletter & Marketing Service Higher Education, Department of ADHE YOUniversal Mobile App Historic Arkansas Museum Foundation Membership, Memorials & Honoraria Registration Historic Arkansas Museum Foundation OTC GovPay Payment Processing Hot Springs, City of Website Human Services, Arkansas Department of Website Information Network of Arkansas Local Services GeoIP Widget (eGov Services Near Me) Information Network of Arkansas Migrate to hosted Google Search Information Network of Arkansas CDB Tools Information Network of Arkansas Portal Redesign (2011) Information Network of Arkansas Text4help Information Network of Arkansas Google Analytics Lieutenant Governor Website Lieutenant Governor Flickr Photo Gallery Lincoln County, Star City Website Little Rock, City of Little Rock Environmental Court Tickets Little Rock, City of OTC Traffic/Warrants/Business License 21
  24. 24. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t Agency Service Little Rock, City of Little Rock Cemetery Donations Livestock & Poultry Commission, Arkansas Website Minority Health Commission Online Event Registration Minority Health Commission Emma - eNewsletter & Marketing Service Natural Heritage Commission, Arkansas - DAH Emma - eNewsletter & Marketing Service Nursing, State Board of Board Meeting iPad Application Poinsett County Sheriff Court & Traffic Fine Payment System Pope County EMS Payment System Prairie County Online Property Tax Payments Prairie County OTC Property Tax Payments Prairie County IVR Property Tax Payments Prairie County Mobile Property Tax Payments Psychology Board, Arkansas Website Pulaski County District Court OTC Pulaski District Court Saline County OTC Circuit Clerk Payments Saline County Circuit Clerk Fax Filing Payment Systems Science and Technology Authority, Arkansas Website Secretary of State (SOS) Website Secretary of State (SOS) YouTube Channel Secretary of State (SOS) Blog (Guestbook) Senate - President Pro Tempore Senator Search (by address) Shannon Hills, City of Utility Payments Sharp County Website State Police, Arkansas Emma - eNewsletter & Marketing Service Stone County Online Property Tax Payments Stone County OTC Property Tax Payments Stone County IVR Property Tax Payments Stone County Mobile Property Tax Payments Tobacco Control Website 22
  25. 25. 2 0 1 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t Top Government Services Arkansas, one of the leading Government States, has implemented over 890 online Government services for Government to Business, Government to Citizen, and Government to Government functions since 1997. Below are a few of the top services. Visit for a complete listing. Business Services Agency Services Criminal Background Checks Service IT Budget Planning System Business Entity Searches and Filings – State Vehicle Reporting and 1st state Safety Systems Uniform Commercial Code UCC Agency Surplus Disposal Form Searches & Filings Administrative Rules Search Business Tax Filings Correctional Industries Catalog Franchise Tax Filing Citizen Services Unemployment Insurance Arkansas State Jobs – 1st state Tax Filing Child Support Payments Alcoholic Beverage Sales Permits Citizen Alert System Child Support Employer Payments City Business Licensing Commercial Driver Alcohol and Drug Test Reporting City Traffic and Court Ticket Payments Commercial Vehicle Driver Watch Concealed Handgun Carry Licensing System Food Permit Renewals County Court Records Motor Vehicle Driver Records County Property Tax Payments (OTC, Motor Vehicle Title, Registration, and online, mobile, IVR) Lien Search Forestry Commission Seedling Sales Professional License Renewals and Searches Game and Fish Permits & Game Check Game Check Online System Democracy Inmate Search & Banking Service Financial Disclosure Online Filings and Probation and Parole Fee Payments Reports Search Legislative Bill Tracking & Code Search Election Night Returns Reporting and Results Mobile Payment Processing Voter Registration Professional License Searches Voter View/Voter View Mobile - Voter Sex Offender Registry Search Registration, Polling Place Search State Police Accident Records Elected Officials Search State Surplus Auction State Vehicle Inventory Search Unclaimed Property Search, Treasure Hunt YOUniversal Financial Aid Search and Application System 23
  26. 26. Information Network of Arkansas425 West Capitol, Metropolitan Tower, Suite 1620 Little Rock, AR 72201 Phone: (501) 324-8900 Email: