Imperial Creative Introduction


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Integrated Thinking. Delightfully Executed.

Imperial Creative Group is a creative boutique marketing agency that delivers awesome results through delightful execution. While our services are deeply rooted in today's new social media, we also provide traditional support services. From graphic design for print pieces to management of your entire social media marketing campaign, Imperial has the experience and the knowledge to delightfully execute your message.

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Imperial Creative Introduction

  1. 1. hello.We know that entering into a relationship with an “ad agency” can bea daunting task. But we have humble beginnings too, and there’s noreason why your story shouldn’t be shouted from the rooftops. Integrated thinking. Delightfully executed .
  2. 2. THE FUTUREOF YOUR BUSINESSIS NOW Integrated thinking. Delightfully executed .
  4. 4. WHO WE ARE& WHAT WE DOIntegrated Thinking Delightfully ExecutedEverything we do and everything we Any agency can tell you what to dosuggest for you to do will have a to get results, but many times theverifiable reason for doing it. We don’t execution falls flat.advertise just to earn commission onthe placement cost, and we don’ttake your valuable time askingquestions that we don’t need theanswer to. We look at the wholepicture, and whether you want us tofocus on one detail or one section ofit, we honestly tell you what needs tohappen to ensure overall success. Integrated thinking. Delightfully executed .
  5. 5. OUR PROCESSES& WHY THEY WORK The Imperial Way We do marketing differently. Most advertising agencies want to dazzle you with their cool, slick office spaces that use white space as a design element, along with quirky, weird items sitting around to induce creativity. But we’re different because we see the beauty and inspiration that lives in everyday things. Every company has a story that is unique to them. And it’s about getting that message out in a way that makes sense. We are integrated thinking. Delightfully executed. Integrated thinking. Delightfully executed .
  6. 6. OUR CLIENTS& WHY THEY LOVE USClient Story One Client Story TwoPersonal trainer and fitness guru. Private label packaging program. Integrated thinking. Delightfully executed .
  7. 7. OUR HISTORY& WHERE WE CAME FROM The Imperialists Imperial began in the dining room of a home near old Mission when a group of marketing professionals and friends decided that something needed to be done to help the small businesses of the area succeed. Based on the federal government’s definition of a “small business,” 99% of all companies in the US are considered “small.” What a huge demographic! And we have some great marketing ideas that can help those businesses make money and grow. Integrated thinking. Delightfully executed .
  8. 8. OUR HISTORY& WHERE WE CAME FROMAmy Wood Christy SheehanAmy founded Imperial Creative Group, LLC Christy is part of the original team atbecause the world needs better marketing. Imperial. She will be your point of contact,Most companies don’t have the budget or and the one person responsible for yourneed for Super Hero marketing . You know, happiness. There is no passing the buck atthe stuff that wins awards and are called Imperial. Everyone is empowered to do“branding” campaigns.) Those campaigns what is in the best interest of the client rightare great and creative, but they aren’t now.results-driven enough for most smallbusinesses. A trained graphic designer, Christy has an eye for design and a flair for the original.We strive for originality, deliverability and She is an accomplished jewelry designer byresults. We think integrated so your night, and a knight in shining armor for ourmessage is clear and consistent. Then we clients by day.execute it delightfully to ensure you loveyour marketing. Integrated thinking. Delightfully executed .
  9. 9. OUR BRANDING PACKAGES& WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR YOUBasic Setup Add-onsAfter our initial consultation, we can We can create an ala-carte programbegin work on your custom logo, for you by adding on differentwhich is just part of the basic package services:we offer: - Social Media Set Up- Logo Design (includes three - Accounts/Profile Set Up choices plus two rounds of - Monthly management fee revisions) - Website Design- Business Card Template - Traffic monitoring is also- Letterhead Design (includes available matching envelope) - Signage - Retail signs, car wraps, etc.Our basic program is $800. There are - Collateral Materialadditional charges for procuring - Pamphlets, brochures,business cards, letterhead and portfoliosenvelopes. Integrated thinking. Delightfully executed .
  10. 10. OUR TRADESHOW PACKAGES& WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR YOUBasic Tradeshow Additional ServicesAfter our initial consultation, we can We can add on valuable services:begin formulating a theme for your - Promotional Items with yourshow. After that, graphic production logo/message imprinted on themwill begin on the: - Booth Assistants for helping you- Signage (depending on show, it manage your energy during the might be a banner stand, billboard, open show floor times or tabletop display) - Complete show management,- Flyer or other print pieces to be including working the booth and distributed at the show providing you with the list of leads- Your custom “Imperial Way” at the close of the show tradeshow Bible to explain everything you will need to know once you arrive at the show.Tradeshow package costs aredetermined based on your needs. Integrated thinking. Delightfully executed .
  11. 11. OUR CUSTOM PACKAGES& WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR YOUIntegrated ThinkingWe aren’t a cookie cutter advertising agency, and you aren’t a cookie cutterbusiness. That’s why we encourage our potential clients to sit down with us anddiscuss what your needs are.To provide a truly integrated approach to marketing, we have to understandyou and your business at its very core. Once we have that understanding, wecan create a marketing plan for you, and discuss the tools needed fordelightful execution. Integrated thinking. Delightfully executed .
  12. 12. Don’t forget to Integrated thinking. Delightfully executed .