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Groundbreaking UX after the perfect vacuum; slides cover the past, present and emerging technologies...

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  • Intro\ntiltle\nJared Spool: Mobile & UX:Inside the eye of the perfect storm\n\nquestioning day job\ndid not explain where tech is heading, so I tried to make sense of everything\n\n
  • Post digital era\n\n
  • evolution of man and tech\n
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  • Can anyone see TV?\nCost is going down and speed accelerating\n\n
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  • app revolution\n\nthe mobile everything\n\nconnected devices\n\nthe ecosystem\n\n\n
  • Apps are not smart phone specific\n\nThey are showing up on ever more specific,\n\nCan we name what else they are appearing on:\n\nSmart TV’s\n\nWith cloud this has got the opportunity to literally appear on any smart device\n\n
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  • I love sci-fi because they are not scared to make predications of the future\n\nSurvive 2012\n\nPrepare for 2021\n
  • Designers & architects need to be aware of the digitals materials available \n\n
  • Crucial starting point\ngives an excellent overview\n\n
  • First step was to list the most interesting and relevant emerging technologies\n??\nUBICOMP: Ubiquitous computing, is a post desktop model of HCI in which information processing has been integrated into everyday objects and activities\n
  • added a degree of prediction of when each individual tech is likely to become mainstream\n\nThe nodes are organised by area of research similarity\n
  • the distance from the centre indicates how far into the future the technology might take place\n\nAnd you can start noticing the critical path necessary to develop the future ones\n
  • And you can start noticing the critical path necessary to develop the future ones\n
  • \n
  • When you start connecting the dots between the individual technologies you start creating unique businesses\n
  • Would have been impossible if GPS, smartphones and social networks weren’t already available\n
  • Urban intelligence\n
  • Scenario: Urban intelligence \n\nWe’re moving toward an internet of things, where all infrastructure is interdependent and connected. \n\nSometimes called the smart city\n
  • The surge of personal agents\n
  • Coupled with context-aware computers witch know where we are.\n\nCreates a wealth of opportunity\n
  • A scenario where the computer, or the network, is smart enough to guide you through your day.\n\nWhich road to take based on traffic patterns\nNotify when a friend is nearby\ncoordinate your calendar etc\n\n\n
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  • Envisioning technology aka “roadmap to the singularity” for the next 30 years\nCluster of technologies\nThe idea is to look at all sorts of emerging technologies; from bits to atoms\nNext spread the observation in a timeline\nYou can see it as an “interdisciplinary roadmap for the future”\nTechnologies mentioned\nArtificial Intelligence: High-frequency trading, Software agents, Natural language interpretation, Machine translation, Procedural storytelling, VR-only lifeforms, Machine-augmented cognition\nInternet: Cloud computing, Cyber-warfare, 4G, Mesh networking, Virtual currencies, 5G, Reputation economy, Interplanetary internet, Remote presence, Exocortex\nInterfaces: Multitouch, Gesture recognition, Speech recognition, Augmented reality, 4K, Haptics, Holography, Telepresence, Immersive virtual reality\nSensors: Depth imaging, Near-field communication, Pervasive video capture, Biometric sensors, Smart power meters, Biomarkers, Machine vision, Computational photography, Optogenetics, Neuroinformatics\nUbicomp: Tablets, Volumetric (3D) screens, Flexible screens, Boards, Picoprojectors, Eyewear-embedded screens, Context-aware computing, Fabric-embedded screens, Reprogrammable chips, Skin-embedded screens, Retinal screens\nRobotics: Appliance robots, Smart toys, Robotic surgery, Self-driving vehicles, Powered exoskeleton, Commercial Unmanned aerial vehicles, Domestic robots, Swarm robotics, Embodied avatars, Utility fog\nBiotech: Personal gene sequencing, Organ printing, Synthetic blood, Smart drugs, Personalized medicine, In-vitro meat, Synthetic biology, Stem-cell treatments, Gene therapy, Hybrid assisted limbs, Artificial retinas, Nanomedicine, Anti-aging drugs\nMaterials: Additive manufacturing, Self-healing materials, Graphene, Personal fabricators, Meta-materials, Optical invisibility cloaks, Carbon nanotubes, Biomaterials, Molecular assembler, Nanowires, Programmable matter\nEnergy: Inductive chargers, Tidal turbines, Fuel cells, Bio-enhanced fuels, Multi-segmented smart grids, Photvoltaic glass, Piezo-electricity, Biomechanical harvesting, Nano-generators, Artificial photosynthesis, Enernet, Thorium reactor, Traveling wave reactor, Space-based solar power\nSpace: Commercial spaceflight, Sub-orbital spaceflight, Space tourism, Lunar outpost, Mars mission, Space elevator, Solar sail\nGeoengineering: Weather engineering, Vertical farming, Seasteading, Desalination, Carbon sequestration, Climate engineering, Arcologies\n\n
  • with a comparison of relative importance \n
  • and the relative commercial appeal (indicated by thickness)\n
  • When you start connected the dots:\n\nits possible to vision how future business models may evolve\n\n\n
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  • Groundbreaking ux

    3. 3. THE PRESENT
    4. 4. Extreme Booking App
    5. 5. THE FUTURE
    6. 6. UbiquitousGPS Social networks smartphones
    7. 7. UbiquitousGPS Social networks smartphones
    8. 8. Scenario
    9. 9. INEVITABILITY If its possible, it’s necessary
    10. 10. WHEN YOU START
    11. 11. Making sense of innovation
    12. 12. SOURCES & CREDITS• @Gurkan Cekin• Michell Zappa @envisioningtech