How to improve your content on GupShup


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How to improve your content on GupShup

  1. 1. GROUP
  2. 2. SMS GupShup:World’s largest SMS-based mobile communityFacts and figures:65 Million+ users: Highly engaged GupShuppers4.5 Million communities: Plenty of regional content2.1 Billion: Messages per month
  3. 3. Transition from SMS to APP..WHY?
  4. 4. • Cost of SMS toJoin, Reply, Share, Leave• Delay in delivery• Private chat is charged asper SMS rates• No SMS cost, just data cost• Instant Delivery• All posts in one stream• Private chat is free andunlimited!WHY app?SMS is EXPENSIVE APP is FREETransition from SMS to APP..BECAUSE…
  5. 5. GupShup Today…• GupShup is India’s largest mobile socialmessaging platform with over 65 millionactive users• GupShup supports more than 5 lakh UserGenerated Communities
  6. 6. NOW…So put it to use!Remember, the popularity of your groupis in YOUR hands. Users will stick to yourgroup & many more other users will join,ONLY if you maintain/improve yourquality of group.And you have the GupShup power
  7. 7. So WHAT can make your group popular
  8. 8. LET’S focus onSo WHAT can make your group popular1. Profile Appearance2. Messages3. Interaction
  9. 9. Which includes-– Name– Age– Sex– Location– Description– Group Image1. PROFILE
  10. 10. 1. PROFILEKeep a relevant group name and image.A good group name guarantees a good impressionA group image completes your profile
  11. 11. PROFILEA group description is very important.The group description is the best way to tell members and others about you group.Do not promote other groups in your description1. PROFILE
  12. 12. PROFILEMention your name, age and gender.A proper profiling allows members to know more about you.Do not falsify your details.1. PROFILE
  13. 13. PROFILETo edit profile details,Login to GupShupGo to FINISH once you have edited your profile1. PROFILE
  14. 14. FOUR important factorsof creating a fantastic GupShup group2. MESSAGES• Relevance to group name• Uniqueness of posts• New/interesting posts• No porn/sexual content• No spamming/repeat ofcontent• No link/other promotion• No language errorsBefore you post, always see to it that your msg has-
  15. 15. MESSAGES• No special characters• No long spaces• No blank/small lines• No mixed cases• No incompletesentences• No all capsPresentation of msg is important. So make sure youavoid -2. MESSAGES
  17. 17. 3. INTERACTION• ASK USERS FOR FEEDBACK• REPLY• SHAREContinuous engagement on the group is very necessary. It helpsyour users believe that the group is all alive & in action-
  18. 18. Never spam/reply to multiple groups– Do not spam others with repeated mentions.– Nor must you reply to multiple groupsINTERACTIVITY3. INTERACTION
  19. 19. Frequency of messaging matters a lot.– Make sure you post atleast once a day.– It is seen that owners who don’t post that often, do not remainpopularINTERACTIVITY3. INTERACTION
  20. 20. FOUR important factorsof creating a fantastic GupShup groupMESSAGES0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80Entertainment - 68%Others - 15%Religious - 6%News - 3%Lifestyle - 3%Education - 3%Sports - 1%Bollywood - 1%But, Are You Different From Others?Various Categories of Groups on GupShup
  21. 21. INTERACTIVITYWhat Would You Like to Write On?Explore More…There is so much to write on-News– Business– Sports– EventsEntertainment– Local Celebrity Fanclub– Gujarati MoviesEducationLifestyle•Jobs•Technology•Hobbies•Food•Automobile•Social Issues•Travel•Beauty•Fashion
  22. 22. CONCERNSVoice your opinions on social issuesHOBBIESHave a hobby? Share it with others and findlike minded peopleEXPERIENCESShare everyday experiences. Tell themwhat’s new in your life todayWhat Would You Like to Write On?
  23. 23. EVENTSAre there any upcoming events in yourarea or your town?JOKESAnd whacky one liners. Give them areason to laughUSEFUL INFOHealth tips, quotes, household tips, etc.What Would You Like to Write On?
  24. 24. So.. Are You Ready to Become Popular?InfluenceStatus FameMoneyAnd ready to earn-
  25. 25. Just email us onpep@gupshup.meDOUBTS?
  26. 26. Thank You