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Do you control your reputation, or do you let random online users?

What is being said about you?

What are you actively doing to improve, maintain, and publicize your reputation?

Are you building your reputation on social media networks like Facebook, Yelp and LinkedIn?

What do people see when they search for your company? Do they see positive reviews? Do they see Negative Reviews?

Nowadays with the Internet one unreasonable customer can damage a business that has been passed on for several generations. How?

There are more and more websites where anyone can leave reviews. Unfortunatley, unreasonable customers, disgruntled employees, and shady competitors can leave dishonest statements.

Because of this more and more of my customers, local businesses like you, ask me to help them with reputation management which includes canning reviews posted, answering them, and collecting positive reviews from your customers, and making sure they are visible all over the internet.

Wouldn’t you agree that a clean reputation is definitley an asset to protect and broadcast?

Fortunately and unfortunately, these consumer generated reviews carry much more weight than whatever you may say on your own website.

Reputation management is essential these days. Everyone has a mobile phone that is internet capable and check reviews before spending their money.

That’s where a reputation Management specialist come in. We can help you protect, broadcast, and if needed repair your online reputation, get more positive reviews, and maintain a strong online presence.

If you would like more information, please contact us at (336) 310-9322.

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Lawyer reputation management

  1. 1. Triad Internet MarketingTriad Internet Marketing ReputationReputation ManagementManagement
  2. 2. Clients Are Seeking YouClients Are Seeking You  Local Clients Search:Local Clients Search:  GoogleGoogle  YahooYahoo  YelpYelp  FacebookFacebook  ……and Moreand More Do You Have A Presence?
  3. 3. Clients Make NoiseClients Make Noise  People look for reviews & socialPeople look for reviews & social proofproof  They find & create three types ofThey find & create three types of info;info;  Client reviewsClient reviews  Content you controlContent you control  Content youContent you don’tdon’t controlcontrol We Think You’ll Agree | You Want To Control The Message
  4. 4. It Only Takes OneIt Only Takes One  Loud & Nasty ReviewsLoud & Nasty Reviews  Leave a mark on reputationLeave a mark on reputation  Are generally permanent fixturesAre generally permanent fixtures  Internet archivedInternet archived  Can be ‘pushed-down’Can be ‘pushed-down’  Acts as a client deterrentActs as a client deterrent  ‘‘Better safe than sorry’Better safe than sorry’
  5. 5. Over-Balancing ActOver-Balancing Act  The Good Must Outweigh The BadThe Good Must Outweigh The Bad  Way More Positive Info ThanWay More Positive Info Than NegativeNegative  Buyers know not everyone can beBuyers know not everyone can be happyhappy  Wide Coverage = Wider ReachWide Coverage = Wider Reach  Consistent MessageConsistent Message  Leverage Social ProofLeverage Social Proof  Start & Join Discussions (BeStart & Join Discussions (Be Proactive)Proactive)
  6. 6. Steps To GrowthSteps To Growth  Understand & AdaptUnderstand & Adapt  Identify Triggers & ProblemsIdentify Triggers & Problems  Apply Stop-Gap MethodsApply Stop-Gap Methods  Augment Online PropertiesAugment Online Properties  Brand SitesBrand Sites  Review SitesReview Sites  Social MediaSocial Media  Support Image CampaignsSupport Image Campaigns  Enlist Preferred ClientsEnlist Preferred Clients  Reward & IncentivizeReward & Incentivize
  7. 7. Review StewardshipReview Stewardship  Compelling Fan Base To ‘Spread TheCompelling Fan Base To ‘Spread The Word’Word’  Promotions & SpecialsPromotions & Specials  Request For Social ProofRequest For Social Proof  Review Request Cards at Point-of-SaleReview Request Cards at Point-of-Sale  Offline / Online Relationship RequestsOffline / Online Relationship Requests  Social Media SeedsSocial Media Seeds
  8. 8. Local Traffic SourcingLocal Traffic Sourcing • Fresh Eyes On Strategic PlanningFresh Eyes On Strategic Planning • Bottom Line Affected By NewBottom Line Affected By New ClientsClients • Local Search Terms CaptureLocal Search Terms Capture SeekersSeekers • Monthly Keyword CostsMonthly Keyword Costs • Vary by market, type, and nicheVary by market, type, and niche • Custom programsCustom programs
  9. 9. Turn Key SolutionTurn Key Solution  Position AnalyzedPosition Analyzed  Stop Gap RecommendationsStop Gap Recommendations  Custom Profile & Blog PortfolioCustom Profile & Blog Portfolio  Unified MessagingUnified Messaging  Offline Call To ActionOffline Call To Action
  10. 10. ResultsResults  Meaningful EngagementMeaningful Engagement  Relationships StrengthenedRelationships Strengthened  Communications ImprovedCommunications Improved  Local Reach IncreasedLocal Reach Increased  New Clients Exposed To BrandNew Clients Exposed To Brand  Existing Clients Encouraged (SpendExisting Clients Encouraged (Spend More)More)
  11. 11. PricingPricing  Simple Review SolutionSimple Review Solution $397$397  Online DiscoveryOnline Discovery  Immediate FixesImmediate Fixes  Created & Updated ProfilesCreated & Updated Profiles  FacebookFacebook  TwitterTwitter  YelpYelp  LinkedINLinkedIN  (Others As Needed)(Others As Needed)  Blog Creation / Content RecommendationsBlog Creation / Content Recommendations  Offline StrategyOffline Strategy  MonitoringMonitoring  ReportingReporting Most Programs Complete In 7 Business Days
  12. 12. PricingPricing  Add On Services (monthly)Add On Services (monthly)   Content CreationContent Creation $297$297  Review Stewardship (printing not incld)Review Stewardship (printing not incld) $219 /mo$219 /mo  Promo Site InstallPromo Site Install $99$99  Email MarketingEmail Marketing $45 /msg$45 /msg  Full Site DevelopmentFull Site Development $CALL$CALL Questions? Call Now  (336) 310-9322
  13. 13. Next StepsNext Steps  Let’s Get StartedLet’s Get Started  We only need;We only need;  URLs of existing social and review sitesURLs of existing social and review sites  Your contact informationYour contact information  Description of your businessDescription of your business  Profile images / photos / logo artProfile images / photos / logo art  A week to two weeksA week to two weeks  DepositDeposit
  14. 14. ContactContact Terry PowerTerry Power Triad Internet MarketingTriad Internet Marketing Greensboro, NCGreensboro, NC (336) 310-9322(336) 310-9322