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Profile January 2010

  1. 1. Global Advantage: Your Supply Chain and Logistic Specialists
  2. 2. Management Profile
  3. 3. Glynis Sylvester Managing Director Supply Chain and Logistics Professional
  4. 4. Business Profile Personal Strengths Interests Style Success Stories
  5. 5. Business profile: Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Integration – Post Merger/Acquisition Shipping Logistics Training Sales and Marketing Office Administration and Events Management Customer Service Finance Personal Strengths: Self motivated, goal orientated and highly focused People orientated, with the ability to work with various cultures
  6. 6. Interests – People centred activities Work in an environment where I can influence, motivate and develop people Counsel and teach Build agreement and consensus between people
  7. 7. Style – Enthusiastic person To do things which have never been attempted before Putting a proposal together using the ideas of the rest of the team Open/flexible to the ideas of others
  8. 8. Glynis Sylvester is a Supply chain and Logistics specialist, who has vast experience in the Europe, Africa and Middle East Region. Has travelled extensively to many of the countries in the Region, and has implemented Distribution channels in a number of these markets. Understands the complexities of working with Emerging markets Areas of expertise include Supply chain management, Shipping, Logistics, Training, Sales and Marketing, Business Administration, Customer Service, Events Management and Finance Has worked on assignments in Nigeria, Kenya, Belgium and Switzerland Set up and managed an Export Shipping and Logistics Department for a Multi-National Company She has successfully handled the Integration of 4 Multinational Consumer Healthcare companies in her 15 years in the “Regulated” Consumer Business.
  9. 9. Success stories  Start up of a Shipping and Logistics office in South Africa  Investigated a Distribution model for Consumer Business in Turkey and implemented it  Successful Integrations of the Supply Chain, for 4 Multinational Consumer Business Units  Led a project to change all artwork due to Legal entity change for 1750 skus. (5690 actual artwork changes) across 70 markets with NO impact on customer service  Development of People – Factory worker to management
  10. 10. Company Profile
  11. 11. Our expertise is in Supply Chain, Shipping and Logistics processes and Operations, that will deliver measurable and sustainable results to companies. Management is Comprised of Experienced Operational Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics to help you get the most out of your investments and to move your consignments in the most efficient, timeous and cost effective manner.
  12. 12. What can we offer? - Logistics Tailor Made Solution for each Customer Warehousing and Distribution Strategy and Optimisation Customs and Tax Optimisation using the best Warehousing solution (bonded vs. free warehouse) Distribution network modelled specific to business type Door to Door Tracking and Tracing of Consignments Competitive Transportation rates (with Global Leaders): Air Ocean (FCL and LCL) Road/Rail Compilation of Documentation: Import Documentation Export Documentation Customs and Excise Facilitation of: Import and Export permits if required (Commodity Specific) Authentication and Legalisation of Documents Financial documentation (Letter of Credit/Bank Drafts) Complete documentation for VAT declarations PEACE OF MIND
  13. 13. What can we offer?- Supply Chain Supply Chain Integration – Post Merger/Acquisition Supply Chain Strategy Supply Chain Training Manufacturing Strategy and Techniques Inventory Management Distribution Operations and Networks Operations Re-engineering Advanced Material Flow Setting up of Sales & Operations Process Planning Techniques Demand and Supply Planning