Malenko v handrahan timeline


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Malenko v handrahan timeline

  1. 1. Timeline: Malenko vs Handrahan A detailed summary of events surrounding the dissolution of marriage & child custody caseATTEMPTS TO HAVE MALENKO COMMITTED/DIAGNOSED MI EXAMS/MEDICAL TESTS OF MILAGRIEVANCE FILED/PROFESSIONALS HARASSED `  May 2005: Malenko and Handrahan meet in Macedonia  Summer 2005 – Early 2006: Handrahan believes on multiple occasions that she is pregnant. When pregnancy tests at the doctor’s office return negative, Handrahan claims to family and friends that she miscarried…again and again.  Early 2006: Handrahan becomes pregnant.  April 2006: Handrahan and Malenko move to the United States. They move into the home of one of Handrahan’s friends.  April 2006: Handrahan and Malenko move into the basement of her parents’ home for a short period of time.  May 2006: Handrahan and Malenko marry, moving into Lori’s home in Sorrento, ME  Spring – Fall 2006: Handrahan insists Malenko apply for numerous jobs he does not qualify for then becomes angry when he does not get them. Handrahan refuses to allow Malenko to buy second car so that he is able to find and secure work. Handrahan often tells friends, in Malenko’s presence that he is lazy and mentally ill. Handrahan purchases books, leaving them around the home, highlighting the mental illnesses she claims Malenko has.  June 21, 2006: Handrahan files a grievance against immigration attorney, Cynthia C. Arn after Arn terminates their business relationship due to Handrahan’s erratic behavior and claims.  Fall 2006: Handrahan claims that during the course of one of their many arguments over moving, Malenko threw food at her. This is not reported to the police.  Fall 2006: Handrahan and Malenko move to Portland ME  Fall 2006: Handrahan and Malenko move to South Portland, ME  Fall 2006: Malenko secures a job teaching swimming at the YMCA.  November 2006: Mila is born.  Winter 2007: Handrahan reports to GAL Stout in 2008 that around this time, Handrahan purchased a chair at a garage sale, which she claims Malenko stated was “possessed”.  February 22, 2007: Handrahan creates a plan for Malenko which includes: “a list of foods he should eat, supplements he should take, physical activities that he should engage in, spirituality practices for him, time to play with Mila, finding work and family therapy.” GAL Liz Stout notes in 2008 that the level of details on how Malenko is to run his life is “striking.”  May 2007: Mila’s pediatrician is inundated by calls from Handrahan, often in the middle of the night, often regarding “minor issues”. It is the pediatrician’s opinion that Handrahan just needed assurance of her parenting skills.  Spring 2007: Handrahan purchases a home in Williard Beach, South Portland ME. The home is a great source of contention between the couple. Malenko feels the purchase of a half million dollar home is
  2. 2. excessive, inappropriate and a financial burden. Handrahan makes it clear that since she earns the bulk of the money, he has no voice in purchasing & financial decisions. The arguments are incessant, Handrahan constantly creating confrontations. Malenko admits to slapping her hand away during one argument, then leaving the room so the situation could cool off. Spring 2007: Handrahan researches mental health issues online and begins consulting with Dr. Frank Ochberg by phone. Ochberg admits that he never saw or spoke with Malenko. His information was gained solely from Handrahan’s perspective. April 2, 2007: Malenko and Handrahan engage in another volatile exchange of words, brought on by Handrahan’s incessant claims that Malenko is mentally ill and needs to be hospitalized. Malenko swipes a plastic peanut butter jar off the counter with his arm, which hits the refrigerator and wall. Handrahan contacts the South Portland Police to file a domestic abuse jar, claiming Malenko picked up a glass jar and slung it at her head as she held Mila. Malenko freely admits he swept the plastic jar off the counter and that it hit a wall because he was extremely frustrated. He retrieves the plastic jar for police. Police note no injuries are found on Handrahan. Malenko is arrested and Handrahan bails him out later that evening. Malenko moves in with Handrahan’s parents in Farmington ME. Handrahan also secures an attorney for Malenko and works out a plea deal for Malenko so his immigration status will not be threatened. May 2007: Handrahan writes Malenko, sharing with him what she has provided to the court re: Malenko and his character. Here are Handrahan’s words about Malenko and his relationship with Mila, from the email she wrote to Malenko shortly before they went to court to file the charges away:
  3. 3.  June 2007: Handrahan writes a note to herself about why she needs to get the charges she forced on Malenko dismissed. Note, that while these notes start about Malenko, they quickly develop into how many different ways this legal action has inconvenienced her life:
  4. 4.  June 2007 – May 2008: Handrahan begins to utilize the unfiled charges of domestic abuse as leverage against Malenko. When Malenko disagrees with a decision being made by Handrahan – inclusive of hiring nannies, creating lists of how he is to conduct his life and taking medication not prescribed to him buy garnered by Handrahan - Handrahan threatens to have the charges re-filed and threatens that he will no longer see his daughter. Malenko is held emotional hostage to these threats, as his primary concern is involvement in Mila’s life. July 5, 2007: Malenko and Handrahan agree to couples counseling with Dr. Sean McCloy. A comprehensive plan is agreed upon: Malenko will receive “Emotional Freedom Technique Therapy,” both parties will engage in couples counseling, and Igor with work individually with counselor David Pritchard. Absent Malenko’s continued work with Pritchard, these recommendations were not followed by either party. Summer 2007: Handrahan creates a detailed list of duties and responsibilities of both Handrahan and Malenko as it pertains to household duties and child care. Summer 2007: Malenko who has been self-employed providing private swim lessons to students, it scheduled to start permanent full time work in September 2007 with a local fitness center, providing swim instruction. This job is cancelled when… Summer 2007: Handrahan accepts a teaching position in Budapest. Handrahan, Malenko and Mila move to Budapest. Summer 2007: Upon arriving in Budapest, the family continually moves from hotels to apartments over to the course of a few weeks. Malenko does not feel this is providing stability for Mila. October 12, 2007: Handrahan attempts to have Malekno involuntarily committed in Budapest. Below are just a few of the observations and information collected by the intervention team (who found Malenko offered no threat to himself or anyone else, and furthermore found him without a mental health issue.
  5. 5.  October 18, 2007: Handrahan emails her boss Allaine Cerwonka, requesting that she try to convince one of her employees to write a letter stating that Malenko is a “credible threat of harm to himself or others” based purely upon Handrahan’s say so. Cerwonka refuses to assist, nothing that it would be unethical and no one has experienced any problems with Malenko. October 19, 2007: After multiple attempts to have Malenko involuntarily committed, Handrahan has found that without exception, Malenko is found not to suffer from any form of mental illness, but rather has appropriate reactions to the ongoing stress and manipulation at Handrahan’s hands. See the notations from the hospital in Budapest, below:
  6. 6.  October 24, 2007: Handrahan is terminated from employ with CEU, with her supervisor noting her delusional and self-serving behavior in the month that she was employed: October 2007: Handrahan books a flight for herself and Mila back to the United States, then cancels all the family credit cards in an attempt to prevent Malenko from returning home due to lack of money. November 2007: Malenko returns to the US after securing the funds. Handrahan will not allow Igor to move back into the home until he agrees to take medication not prescribed for him and stipulated by Handrahan, undergo a mental evaluation as well as sign a full medical power of attorney. While Malenko refuses to provide Handrahan with medical power of attorney over him, he does agree to take the medication she dictates and to undergo an evaluation in order to see his daughter. Malenko moves back in. December 2007: Malenko is evaluate by True North, as stipulated by Handrahan. After completion of the evaluation, Dr. Miles Simmons writes the following to Handrahan: “the marital relationship clearly held the source of emotional and behavioral changes far beyond any consideration of a major mental illness diagnosis. For this reason I recommend marital therapy as the primary intervention”. March 20, 2008: Handrahan files a grievance against counselor McCloy
  7. 7.  April 2008: Handrahan and Malenko’s marriage continues to be filled with discourse. Malenko returned home from work one day to find his dog, Bakai (to whom Malenko was very attached and whom Malenko owned prior to meeting Lori) shaved apparently violently, as the dog was described by neighbors as having bleeding wounds across its body. Malenko demanded to know why Handrahan did such a thing, to which she ran out the front door, with Mila, screaming down the street claiming she was in fear of her life. May 2008: Handrahan takes Mila to Washington DC. During this time… May 16, 2008: Igor Malenko (plaintiff) files for divorce from Lori Handrahan (defendant) May 23, 2008: Divorce complaint served upon Handrahan by certified mail. May 23, 2008: After receipt of the complaint for divorce, which includes the plaintiff’s intent to request that the court order shared custody of minor child, Mila Malenko (Mila), Handrahan files for a Protection from Abuse against Malenko, claiming he threatened her on 5/23/2008. She further claims that Malekno has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), states he requires medication and psychiatric services. The request of this PFA marks the beginning of a pattern for Handrahan during the course of the divorce and child custody battle: When issued a summons pertaining to this case, a new allegation is made. Of particular interest on this request for a PFA, Handrahan states Malenko does not own a gun, does not have access to one and has never been a threat with a weapon: June 6, 2008: Judge issues a PFA with no finding of abuse. Judge further appoints a Guardian ad Litem to the case, Liz Stout, to determine what is in the best interest of the child. This agreed on by attorneys Waxman (Malenko) and Chadbourne (Lawyer #1 Handrahan). June 6, 2008: GAL Stout recommends forensic psychologist Carole Lynn Kabacoff conduct parental capacity evaluations on both parties. Waxman (Malenko) and Chadbournd (Lawyer #1 Handrahan) agree. May 23 – July 2008: Handrahan prevents any contact between Malenko and Mila. August 12, 2008: GAL Stout issues an Interim Report and recommends that Malenko be permitted unsupervised visitation at graduating levels, after receiving observances from the positive relationship between Malenko and Mila, as observed by Connection for Kids, and on the recommendation of Dr. Kabacoff July 2008 – December 29, 2008: Malenko is awarded thrice weekly visitation with Mila, supervised by Connections for Kids. Malenko sees Mila twice a week – very rarely does he see Mila three times a week as Handrahan continually has reasons this cannot happen. August 2008: Handrahan hotly contests unsupervised visitation and does not comply. Septermber 2008: After unsuccessful attempts at manipulating Dr. Kabacoff – adamantly insisting that Kabacoff find Malenko mentally disturbed – Handrahan hires and pays Leslie DeVoe to evaluate
  8. 8. Malenko, although she never has any contact with Malenko and her assessment is based only on what Handrahan tells her. September – December 2008: DeVoe develops a new theory that Malenko is violent and poses a risk to Handrahan and Mila. DeVoe has never once spoken to Malenko, never performed any psychological tests on Malenko and has relied fully on Handrahan’s assessment of Malenko to make this determination, in violation of medical and psychological standards everywhere. Handrahan’s attorney Chadbourne (Attorney #1 Handrahan), attempts to convince the court to designate another expert. Judge Mary Gay Kennedy (Judge #1 Malenko vs Handrahan) denies the request. October 22, 2008: Handrahan sends an email to her mother, step father’s and sisters, attacking them for their support of Malenko, citing numerous personal slights over the year, and stating that they are placing Mila’s life in jeopardy. December 8-9, 2008: Divorce is heard in court. December 29, 2008: Divorce Judgment is issued (as found at by Judge Moskowitz (Judge #2 Malenko vs Handrahan). Of particular interest are the following: o Plaintiff Malenko is found to have no signs of mental illness as corroborated by Kabacoff and a number of prior mental health care providers o Defendant Handrahan is found to have a narcissistic personality disorder, as corroborated by Kabacoff and the defendant’s own behavior during the trial. o The court found Handrahan’s testimony to be without credibility, noting her tendency to perceive events differently than others and that some of the defendant’s claims were refuted by other evidence o Malenko believed primary care should be awarded to Handrahan, with liberal, unsupervised visitation for himself, a request that was honored o The court imposed upon Handrahan, an order that she may not move/relocate without prior notification o The court imposed upon both parties a strict order that neither shall speak of the other in a derogatory manner in front of the child, Mila o Decisions regarding Mila’s health, education and welfare are to be agreed upon by both parties, and the event of a hospital visit, the other party was to be notified immediately January 2009: Handrahan files for an appeal of the Divorce Judgment on the basis of the relocation clause, even though Waxman (Malenko) agrees the relocation provision cannot be automatic and forward looking. January 2009: Visitation begins. Despite the fact that the Divorce Judgment provides 21 hours per week of visitation to Malenko, Handrahan and Altshuler (Attorney #2 Handrahan) will only agree to 18 hours as an initial “Transitional period.” Parties agree to the following days and hours: Mon, Weds, Friday 4pm - 7pm and Sunday 9am to 6pm. January – May 2009: The 18 hour schedule is observed. Waxman (Attorney #1 Malenko) and Malenko try to convince Handrahan and Altshuler (Attorney #2 Handrahan) to honor the 21 hours as established by the Divorce Judgment. They rebuff these efforts. January – May 2009: Handrahan makes unilateral decisions pertaining to 1) medical issues; 2) day care; 3) child care; 4) travel; 5) visitation; and 6) with whom she will “permit” Mila and Malenko to spend time with – all in defiance of the Divorce Judgment.
  9. 9.  April 21, 2009: Guardian ad Litem Stout files a Motion for Withdrawal due to the unrelenting harassment by Handrahan – inclusive of slandering her at a legislative committee meeting. Stout wrote: “Handrahan has behaved in an insulting and disrespectful way towards me personally and professionally on numerous occasions, most recently in the public forum of a legislative committee. I do not believe I can continue to exercise unbiased judgment in this matter.” May 1, 2009: Judge Moskowitz grants Stout’s Motion for Withdrawal. May 2009: Handrahan agrees to add one our per week of visitation on Monday, Weds and Friday, finally complying with the Divorce Judgment. May 2009: Attorney Altshuler vetoes the increased visitation, insisting that “all parties will have to abide by the terms of the Divorce Judgment precisely”. May 2009: Waxman (Attorney #1 Malenko) sends emails to Handrahan and Altshuler trying to convince them this is not in Mila’s best interests. In doing this, they have now reduced Malenkos visitation from 18 hours a week (already in contempt of the Divorce Judgment) to three hours per week (in clear contempt of the Divorce Judgment) occurring Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 pm to 4pm. May 2009: Waxman files several Motions to Modify, requesting the Court to change primary residence from Handrahan to Malenko in light of Handrahan’s continual defiance of the Child Custody agreement as issued in the Divorce Judgment. May 15, 2009: Waxman (Attorney #1) accompanies Malenko and Mila to Little Earth Day Care to ensure a smooth transition, following several emails to the day care’s attorney, Neil Jameison, explaining the new schedule and the requirements. Stephanie Wright and boyfriend Michael are there. No other witnesses. Wright never indicates Waxman was inappropriate. May 18, 2009: Handrahan files a grievance against Waxman (GCF# 09-204). May/June 2009: Waxman writes numerous letters to the Court requesting a hearing on the Motions to Modify. The Court is silent. Malenko and Mila are seeing each other 3 hours per week. June 2, 2009: Handrahan libels Judge Moskowitz and the Maine Courts in the Bangor Daily News. June 8, 2009: Handrahan and Altshuler (Attorney #2 Handrahan) file a Motion to Disqualify Waxman, based on claims that he 1) harassed and intimidated the Little Earth Day Care and Trevor and Lisa Braden, and 2) that he has a financial stake in this case. July 7, 2009: The Court sends 6 Notices of Hearing on Waxman/Malenko’s Motions to Modify, setting the hearing date for July 29, 2009 - including to Lori Handrahan. July 10, 2009: 1st Hospital Visit. Handrahan takes Mila (age 2.5 years) to Freeport Medical Clinic completely naked, claiming that she is concerned that Malenko is sexually abusing the child. Handrahan then engages in a rehearsed question and answer session with Mila in front of Julie Gray, PA. The doctor does not file a Mandatory Abuse report, as there are no findings that Mila has been abused. July 10, 2009: Handrahan leaves the hospital, right after the report of sexual assault and exam, drives directly to Malenko’s home and leaves Mila with him without underpants. Malenko immediately contacts Waxman, concerned that Handrahan is up to something. July 11, 2009: Handrahan invites long-time friend, Polly Campbell (who is also the Director of Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners) over to her house to hear “something”. Once Campbell is present, Handrahan asks Mila what she told her kitty. Mila repeats the story.
  10. 10.  July 11, 2009: Campbell calls DHHS to make a referral for suspected abuse. In addition to discussing the disclosure, Campbell says she “thinks” child pornography will be found on Malenko’s computer, despite the fact she had never seen such information. July 13, 2009 – August 20, 2009: DHHS launches an investigation into Malenko’s alleged abuse. Malenko agrees to curtail his visitation so that the investigation can move forward unfettered. July 29, 2009: Hearing on Motions to Modify aborted because Handrahan has filed appeal of the Divorce Judgment (M.R. Div. P. 62 (a)). August 8, 2009: Handrahan takes Mila to been seen at Maine Coastal Memorial Hospital after Mila falls down the steps in Handrahan’s home August 13, 2009: Handrahan threatens Guardian ad Litem Stout. August 13-14, 2009: Malenko/Waxman indicate they will no longer agree to curtailing of Malenko’s visitation schedule with Mila. DHHS indicates it will not stand in Malenko’s way of visiting with his daughter as they are about to issue a find of unsubstantiated after their investigation into the alleged sexual abuse. August 14, 2009: Handrahan moves, without notification, 4 hours away to Sorrento Maine. There she files for a PFA (Protection from Abuse request #2) against Malenko. Handrahan is clear that she filed this in Ellsworth because she was trying to avoid Judge Moskowitz. Information on this PFA directly contradicts the May 2008 request for a PFA where Lori states, under oath, that Malenko has never used a firearm in a threatening or violent manner: August 14, 2009: Waxman (Attorney #1 Malenko) and Wagner (Attorney #3 Handrahan) exchange emails when Waxman is made aware that she has relocated in violation of the Divorce Judgment and has filed a PFA in Ellsworth in order to circumvent the court in Portland. August 14 – October 26, 2009: Handrahan withholds all visitation with Mila from Malenko. August 18, 2009: Handrahan forwards a copy of the Spurwink Report, including novel and never reported allegations of abuse to Jackie Couture at WMTW, channel 8 – a television news reporter. August 20, 2009: DHHS unsubstantiates the claim abuse by letter from Beth Fawcett. August 20, 2009: Handrahan contact DHHS commissioner Brenda Harvey and complains of the determination by Fawcett and Dean Staffieri. Daniel Despard, 2nd in command at DHHS, conducts a de novo review of the investigation and agrees with the findings of unsubstatiation. August 25, 2009: Dan Despard, director of Child Welfare, DHHS, affirms assessment of Fawcett and Staffieri as “unsubstantiated.” August 26, 2009: Hearing on Handrahan/Altshuler’s Motion to Disqualify Waxman. Braden/Bisceglia testify that Waxman was “friendly”. No testimony from Little Earth. Moskowitz denies motion. August/September 2009: Waxman attempts to get PFA hearing transferred to Portland. Attorney Harwood (Attorney #4 Handrahan) represents to the Court that Handrahan has not relocated. September 1, 2009: Law Court (Panel of Judges: #4) issues decision in appeal in Malenko v Handrahan. 2009 ME 96. Decision issued to Handrahan’s attorneys, Altshuler (Attorney #2 Handrahan), Godsy
  11. 11. (Attorney #5 Handrahan) and Meier (Attorney #6 Handrahan) as well as Waxman (Attorney #1 Malenko). The Court found in favor of Defendant Malenko. September-November 2009: Waxman files motions in order to get a hearing on Relocation and on his Motions to Modify. September 9, 2009: Judge Staples (Judge #5) orders the PFA hearing be transferred to Portland District Court. September 15, 2009: Lisa Bisceglia files grievance against Waxman (GCF # 326) October 2009: Handrahan files grievance against Waxman (GCF #09-365) October 7, 2009: Handrahan files grievance against Kabacoff. October 15, 2009: Handrahan sends letter to Board of Overseers (Bar) claiming collusion between the Board and Waxman. Further criticizes Moskowitz’s decision on the Motion to Disqualify. Handrahan seeks to have the Board to forcibly remove Waxman from representing Malenko, stating: “Mr. Waxman is completely out of control and is using the law as a weapon to destroy people’s lives. If the Overseers do not arrest this behavior, who knows how many more lives Mr. Waxman will destroy”. October 19, 2009: Joan Meier (Attorney #6 Handrahan) files grievances against Waxman (GCF #377). October 26, 2009: Final hearing on Handrahan’s PFA against Malenko. Handrahan does not show up and later testifies that she did not show up because it was “inconvenient”. Moskowitz dismisses PFA Complaint. October 26, 2009: Visitation with Mila resumes, at 3 hours per week because of Handrahan’s insistence that she need not abide by the 21 hour rule only the times rule (Malenko works during the day, and at the Divorce Judgment Judge Moskowitz incorrectly assumed he worked at night). October 27, 2009: Handrahan/Altshuler (Attorney #2) file a Notice of Appeal in PFA Decision. November 2, 2009: Parties agree to Stipulated Order giving Malenko a quickly graduated visitation schedule whereby he and Mila are with each other every single weekend, either Friday through Sunday or Thursday thru Sunday. November 17, 2009: Polly Campbell files grievance against Waxman (GCF# 09-403) November 23-30, 2009: Handrahan tries to convince DHHS to engage in a Child Support Enforcement action against Malenko. Waxman points out to DHHS that there are several outstanding motions before the Court and any action should be held until those decisions are rendered. DHHS agrees not to pursue Enforcement Action. December 2, 2009: Mila sustains a finger injury at her daycare, Dirigo Montessori. Hanrahan refuses, in non-compliance with the custody order, to allow Mila to visit with Malenko. Mila is taken to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital by Handrahan. December 6, 2009: Handrahan emails 27 people in the LD 1142 workgroup, including two judges (Stanfill and Cadwallader), slandering: Judge Moskowitz, Guardian ad Litem Stout, DHHS, and misrepresents the facts of the case while evincing a paranoid, narcissistic perspective. Decmeber 8, 2009: Handrahan files a Protection From Harm request individually and on behalf of Mila against Waxman in Ellsworth District Court, again attempting to circumvent Portland District Court. Attorney Sophie Spurr (Attorney #7 Handrahan) signs on to Amended Complaint. Waxman (Attorney # 1 Malkenko) files motions to transfer PFH to Portland District Court.
  12. 12.  December 12, 2009: Handrahan sends Judge Staples (Judge #6) an ex parte letter claiming Michael Waxman has unduly influenced Judge Moskowitz and she is unable to get a fair hearing in the Portland District Court.  December 14, 2009: Handrahan sends a second ex parte letter to Judge Staples (Judge #6) claiming Waxman has unduly influenced DHHS and their subsequent finding of unsubstantiated, and further, that DHHS has used “secret” information to come to their conclusion, which was not shared with her.  December 22, 2009: Handrahan files a grievance against Waxman, which is actually her PFH request (GCF #09-445)  January 4, 2010: Mila is taken to the doctor’s office for suspected sexual abuse. No indication of sexual abuse. Handrahan is advised to reduce bubble baths, a known cause of vaginal infections. At Handrahan’s request, Mila is tested for STD’s. All negative.  February 10, 2010: Notice of Hearings on all outstanding Motions is scheduled for March 25, 2010 at 8:30 AM.  February 12, 2010: Waxman gets a hearing on his Motion to Dismiss the temporary PFH Order entered by Judge Staples (Judge #6). Judge Beaudoin (Judge #7) presides and dismisses both PFH order on February 12 and February 16th.  February 27, 2010: Handrahan sends ex parte letter to Maine District Court claiming “I would like to note that it is Mr. Waxman who has caused, and continues to cause, this never-ending horrendously bitter custody battle…” By this time, Handrahan has violated the Custody Order 53 times, inclusive of failing to keep Malenko informed on medical care, day care, child care, travel and visitation; she has filed or had friends filed 10 grievances; she has filed 5 motions; made 2 reports of abuse to DHHS; has had Mila undergo at least 3 gynecological exams; has recorded Mila (video and audio) numerous times; has attempted to circumvent the court 6 times; has engaged in harassment and slander 8 times; has introduced 6 new attorneys to the case and filed 3 appeals, yet claims it is Waxman perpetuating the nastiness of this divorce. Grievance Motion Mila Abuse Custody Attempt to New Date Appeals Order Circumvent Attorney Harassment Filed Filed Examined Allegation Vioilated Court Introduced & Slander5/23/08 X X9/1/08 X1/1/09 X1/1/09 X X1/1/09 XXXXX2/1/09 XXXXX3/1/09 XXXXX4/1/09 XXXXX4/1/09 X5/1/09 XXXXX5/1/09 X5/18/09 X6/1/09 XXXXX6/2/09 X6/8/09 X7/1/09 XXXXX
  13. 13. 7/10/09 X 7/11/09 X 7/29/09 X 8/1/09 XXXXX 8/1/09 XX X 8/13/09 X 8/14/09 X X 8/14/09 X 8/18/09 X 8/20/09 X 9/1/09 XXXXX 9/1/09 XX 9/15/09 X 10/1/09 XXXXX 10/1/09 X 10/7/09 X 10/7/0910/15/09 X X10/19/09 X10/26/09 X10/27/09 X11/17/09 X11/23/09 X 12/2/09 X 12/6/09 X 12/8/09 XX X12/12/09 X X12/14/09 X X12/22/09 X 2/27/10 X 10 5 3 2 3 53 6 6 8  March 4-5, 2010: Judge Bradley (Judge #8) dismissed the PFH complaint.  March 21, 2010: Urine tox screening for methamphetamines. Findings are negative.  March 28, 2010: Urine tox screening for methamphetamines. Findings are negative.  April 4, 2010: Urine tox screening for methamphetamines. Findings are negative.  April 11, 2010: Urine tox screening for methamphetamines. Findings are negative.  April 25, 2010: Urine tox screening for methamphetamines. Findings are negative.  April 30, 2010: Urine tox screen at Handrahan’s request. Findings are negative.  May 16, 2010: Urine tox screen for methamphetamines. Findings are negative.  June 9, 2010: Mila is taken to clinic by Handrahan stating history of sexual abuse and methamphetaime exposure. Requests standing order to Mila be seen after each visit with Malenko to be tested for Meth. Handrahan states she has a freezer full of frozen urine samples.  July 11, 2010: Urine tox screen for methamphetamines. Findings are negative.
  14. 14.  July 13, 2010: Mila is taken to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital by Handrahan for a small bruise on her arm. When asked how she got this bruise Mila states: My papa grabbed my arm. When the doctor asks why her Papa grabbed her arm, Mila states because I almost ran in front of a car. July 18, 2010: Urine tox screening for methadone. Findings are negative. August 9, 2010: Mila is taken to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital by Handrahan for cold sores. Handrahan claims these are the result of sex abuse and wants Mila tested for Herpes. Tests for both Herpes Simplex 1 and 2 return negative as do all tests for every type of STD. August 15, 2010: Urine tox screening for methamphetamines. Findings are negative. August 20, 2010: Mila is taken to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital by Handrahan after she steps on a rock in a tidal pool with in care of Handrahan. October 27, 2010: Mila is taken to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital by Handrahan who now claims that Mila is being drugged with Marijuana and sexually abused. Family provider has refused to test for THC. Tox screen performed: All tests are negative. December 2, 2010: Overseers of the Bar issue their findings regarding the numerous grievances Handrahan and her friends have filed against Waxman. Waxman is found to have acted in the bounds of professionalism and none of the alleged violations warrant disciplinary action, as they have all been unfounded. January 14, 2011: Hearing on Handrahan’s Motion to relocate & Malenko’s Motion to Modify January 18, 2011: Handrahan files PDH against Waxman and Malenko, based on receiving an email that a former client of Waxman’s will “no longer be manipulated by Handrahan”. January 2011: PFH is denied February 1, 2011: Judge Moskowitz transfers primary custody to Malenko, as well as ultimate decision making authority based on Handrahan’s absolute refusal to co-parent, continued violations of Custody Order and her quest to prevent Malenko from being part of Mila’s life. February 2011: Handrahan begins and continues letter writing campaign to Governor LePage. February 26, 2011: Handrahan brings Mila to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, along with Mila’s bowel movements with Handrahan again bringing up allegations of sexual abuse. Demands Mila’s stool be tested for drugs. Stool cannot be tested for drugs. Handrahan is advised that she needs to keep Mila better hydrated, or constipation such as this may occur. Diagnosis: constipation. March 3, 2011: Mila is taken to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital with a slightly bloody nose. Handrahan claims this is a result of Malenko blowing “meth smoke” in Mila’s face, and states Mila is being drugged and sexually abused by Malenko. At Handrahan’s assistance, a tox screen is performed. Negative findings. Mila is diagnosed with dry membranes and Handrahan is advised to begin using saline nose solution to combat this. March 10, 2011: Handrahan brings Mila to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital seeking urine tox screen, demands chest x-rays be performed, demands to be taken seriously and states she is tired of being treated like she is crazy. Findings on urine tox screen are once again negative. Mila’s urine is tested for EVERY drug on this visit. NO mandatory report is made. March 25, 2011: Handrahan picks up Mila from daycare for her weekend visit. Daycare informs DHHS that when Mila was picked up she was injury free.
  15. 15.  March 27, 2011: Handrahan brings Mila to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, stating that Mila’s father hit her in the head with a frying pan. Attending physician does not find proof of this “large hematoma”, and at most sees what appears to be a small birthmark. NO mandatory report is made. March 29, 2011: Handrahan files an abuse complaint with DHHS claiming Malenko has hit Mila in the head with a frying pan. April 3, 2011: Having learned about Handrahan’s false allegations of hitting Mila in the head with a pan, Malenko refuses to allow Mila to visit Handrahan this weekend. April 2011: Mila states in the presence of DHHS, Handrahan and PI Pickering that her father does not hurt her, her mother only tells her to say that he has. April 21, 2011: Alicia Cummings from DHHS convinces Malenko that Lori’s visits should resume. Malenko agrees. April 22, 2011: Handrahan was supposed to be at her home in Sorrento, Maine with Mila for the scheduled visit. Instead, Handrahan takes Mila to Washington DC and refuses to return her and refuses to allow Malenko to speak with his daughter. April 29, 2011: Abuse allegation is once more unsubstantiated by DHHS, with DHHS nothing that Mila stated her Papa does not hurt her, her Mama just tells her to SAY that he does. April – May 10, 2011: Legal action begins pertaining to Lori’s absconding with Mila. May 10, 2011: 18 days after Mila was taken, she is returned to her father. May 10, 2011: Malenko informs Handrahan that given her attempted abduction of Mila, her continually subjecting Mila to unnecessary tests and exams, coaching of Mila to make false statements regarding her father, and her continually making disparaging remarks re: her father to Mila, Malenko will require all future visitation to occur in a supervised setting, until the court orders otherwise. May 14, 2011: Handrahan sends a 22 page, type-written letter to DHHS demanding a second review of the frying pan allegation. June 3, 2011: Handrahan files a complaint with DHHS claiming that Malenko is poisoning Mila with methamphetamines and that he is viewing and exchanging pornography on the web. June 21, 2011: Handrahan arrives at Malenko’s home, demanding to take Mila on vacation although she has already been informed all visitation from May 10, 2011 forward will be supervised. Handrahan goes about the house, knocking on doors and windows. Mila, inside, becomes anxious and upset. Malenko calls the police to request Handrahan be arrested for trespassing, while Handrahan also calls the police claiming her child is being held hostage. The police inform Handrahan this is a civil manner and it is NOT a hostage situation. The police further inform Handrahan that arrangement have been made for supervised visitation at DHHS. Handrahan refuses. June 23, 2011 – Retired State of Maine Trooper now turned Private Investigator shows up at the home of Waxman’s children June 21, 2011 – Current Date: Handrahan has chosen not to visit Mila in a supervised setting, she does not call or accept calls from Mila – refusing all contact with her child. June 2011 thru Current Date: Handrahan libels Dan Despard, DHHS, on the www claiming he is trafficking children June 2011 thru Current Date: Handrahan libels DHHS on the www claiming they are trafficking in children June 2011 thru Current Date: Handrahan libels Judge Moskowitz claiming he is trafficking in children
  16. 16.  June 2011 thru Current Date: Handrahan libels Waxman, claiming he is trafficking in children, engaging in pedophilic activities with Mila, and is “blowing meth smoke in Mila’s face” June 2011 thru Current Date: Handrahan libels the entire State of Maine, claiming Maine is trafficking in children June 2011 thru Current Date: Handrahan libels the Maine Children’s Alliance claiming they are trafficking in children and covering for a pedophile ring in Maine. September 22, 2011: Ombudsman Report is issued. Every instance of alleged abuse by Malenko are once again found unsubstantiated, and furthermore, Handrahan’s credibility is called into question on numerous occasions. December 2011: Handrahan libels WACA (War Against Child Abuse), one of the most well-known and respected child advocacy cites on the web, claiming they are a pedophile ring January 27, 2012: Handrahan is seen driving erratically and dangerously, swerving all over the road in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. A witness states she watched the woman throw herself out of her car, and start charging Mila Malenko (now 5) and Lily Malenko (Mila’s stepmother). When Lily becomes aware of Handrahan behind them, she gathers Mila’s arms and starts crying for help: She knows that Lori is there to kidnap Mila and she and Igor will not see her again if she does. Over the next 20+ minutes, Mila is held in what can only be described as a terror campaign, based upon numerous witness statements. Lori manages to wrest Mila from Lily’s arm – who at 5 months pregnant has been hit several times by Handrahan – and is pinned by her arms to the side of a car. The temperature on this day is well below freezing and it is sleeting horribly. This “mother” holds the child by her arms, as Mila screams and cries in terror – wanting Lily, wanting to go to school – as her “loving mother” screams into Mila’s face during the entire ordeal. Parents/Witnesses plead with Handrahan that if she loves her child to let her go: She is terrified and is soaked through to the bone. After 15 minutes of pinning her child to the car and terrifying her, Handrahan agrees to move inside the gates, where she promptly pins Mila against a wall – still in the weather, still hysterical. Mila is not released until the police arrive and tell Handrahan she will be arrested unless she lets Mila go. Mila is finally released and can take haven in the daycare. January 27, 2012: Mila asks that she no longer go to school on Friday’s because her mother might do that again. January 28, 2012: Lori publishes her rendition of the January 27, 2012 assault on Mila and her pregnant stepmother on According to Lori, she was attacked by Lily (every witness statement refutes this claim) and she spins a tale of a gentle, loving reunion between mother and child, in which she sung to her daughter, talked about Pooh, and poured all her love into Mila’s eyes. January 31, 2012: Trial of Malenko v Handrahan re: the removal of all postings pertaining to minor child Mila Malenko on the world wide web. While Handrahan has never attended any hearings pertaining to the welfare of her daughter – inclusive of the hearing pertaining to Lori’s false and malicious claims that Igor is raping his daughter – she comes to court to defend her website. After over 200 pages of documentation are provided to the court, Handrahan ADMITS HER ACTIONS THE INTERNET ARE ENDANGERING HER CHILD AND AGREES TO ABIDE BY THE TO BE PUBLISHED ORDER TO REMOVE ALL INFORMATION ABOUT MILA THAT SHE HAS AUTHORED OR AUTHORIZED.
  17. 17.  January 28, 2012 – January 31, 2012: Lily’s pregnant stepmother is monitored by her doctor as the assault and stress from the assault by Lori put her unborn child’s life at risk. February 2012: All witnesses to the January 27, 2012 assault on Lily and Mila at Maiden Cove Daycare provide statements to the police about what they witnessed on that day. Without exception, each witness relays a horrifying and traumatic scene, perpetuated by Handrahan upon Lily and Mila. February 2012: Fearing for the safety of all children under her care, the owner of Maiden Cove Daycare terminates Mila’s daycare. This is the latest of many, many daycares that Mila has been dismissed from because “we fear for the safety of all children in our care when Handrahan is here.” February 2012: Mila is interviewed at length by DHHS officials, who have already interviewed all witnesses to the Maiden Cove Daycare. Mila relates that she does not want to see her Mommy, her Mommy was very scary and she doesn’t want to have to “go to doctor appointments all the time”, which is what she and Mommy do together. Mila further relates that she never wants to go to school on Fridays, because her Mommy might come there. March 2012: DHHS substantiates Handrahan for “high severity emotional abuse”. March 2012: Handrahan, who has never taken down a single one of her sites, but has taken two private despite AGREEING they are harming her child, goes back live, stating she is doing so with intent to commit contempt of court. March 8, 2012: Hearing for Sole Custody of minor child Mila Malenko in Malenko v Handrahan. Lori has known about this court date for 2 months. LORI DOES NOT SHOW UP AT THE HEARING PERTAINING TO CUSTODY OF HER CHILD, BUT INSTEAD FILMS A 2 MINUTE NEWS SEGMENT. Hearing is continued to March 29, 2012. March 2012: Lori posts on soundcloud a voice recording that takes place directly after the 1/27 assault upon Mila and Lily. She claims that she did not record the “reunion” (lie, she simply cannot post it as it will prove the terror she put Mila and Lily through). In this recording, she states she is working with a “child rescue” group to grab Mila. March 2012: Handrahan’s twelfth attorney asks and is permitted to withdraw as her counsel. March 29, 2012: Handrahan once again fails to appear in court for her child’s hearing re: sole custody. Instead of attending this hearing, she hangs out with her multiple ID’s on Twitter.