Male R&B Artist Research


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Male R&B Artist Research By Farai Musamadya

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Male R&B Artist Research

  1. 1. Male R&B Artist<br />Pre- Research Music Videos<br />
  2. 2. Male R&B Artist Usher<br />Usher is a very talented man, he has an amazing voice and is blessed with the great ability to dance. He’s had hit songs like Yeah, Confessions, Love in the club and many more. Recently he came back with a banger Oh My God featuring <br />He’s music consists of topics about he’s life experiences and some about just having a good time. With these different topics, there are different videos shot to go with the song lyrics e.g. “Yeah” and “Love in the club” are club bangers and consisted of a video shot in a club focusing more on performance and dancing and dancing where as “You got it bad” was more focused on the visuals relating to the lyrics.<br /><br />Ushers music is based on some aspects of his life. Confessions album was influence on his personal life influence with the break up of ex girlfriend Chilli of TLC, Here I stand album is more about his marriage to his wife including songs like “Before I met you” and now with a release of Raymond Vs Raymond which is and album after his divorce “Papers” which is song discussing his divorce. <br />
  3. 3. Male R&B Artist Neyo<br />Neyo is one of the best male artists out at the moment. He has made 3 albums and has written songs for himself and other artist. <br />Neyo has a real talent in writing songs as he captures real life dilemmas in his songs which goes well with narrative music videos as the lyrics and visuals link together. He has had hit songs like “So Sick” which was his 1st debut single then “Mad” which was a great narrative video and “Miss Independent” which represented women in a good light. His fans seem to be more ladies because of the way he captures reality and emotions in his songs.<br />He is also a great dancer but he is the king when it comes to lyrics intepretation and presentation.<br />Neyo has his own unique look where he wears suits in his videos since the “Year of the gentlemen” album which follows through in the “Libra Scale” album and differentiates himself from other artist. He is more of the gentleman out of all the artists. <br /><br /><br /><br />
  4. 4. Male R&B Artist Chris Brown<br />Chris Brown is the Michael Jackson of this generation with great dance moves and a talented voice. His music has young ladies all over the world falling for him. He is an amazing performer and outshines all the dancing artist with his intense energy and passion shown on stage and in his music videos.<br />He’s music videos focus a lot on his dance moves from his 1st debut single “Run It” and “Wall to Wall” up to “Forever”. This separates him to other male R&B artist even though Usher was the best before Chris Brown. <br />Chris Brown has that youth edge to him shown in his music video with his style, the mise-en-scene of his video also the plot of his videos e.g. “Kiss Kiss” was shot in a high school and is quite humorous. He is not like Neyo dressing up in suits who caters for a more mature female audience and men whereas Brown is for the young adults.<br /><br /><br /><br />
  5. 5. Male R&B Artist Trey Songz<br />Trey Songz is the ladies man of R&B. His audience are the mature adults due to the song topics he focuses on such as sex and relationship. <br />Trey has females world wide going wild for him. He’s talent is based on his singing, he is not a dancer compared to the other male artists. <br />In his music videos Trey is usually accompanied by a female model or actress. He’s the most important person in his videos than him dancing with back up dancers. The focus is usually on him singing. <br />Trey has some strong sexual reference music videos “Invented Sex” and “Last time” which talks about him cheating and “ Neighbours know my name” . <br />However he is very successful in his carer and shares a mature fan base of adults up to 50 years old because of the maturity in his music.<br />Because he does not dance you can focus more on his facial expressions, emotion and singing. <br /><br /><br /><br />
  6. 6. Research in to Male Artists.<br />
  7. 7. By Farai Musamadya <br />St Pauls Catholic College<br />Candidate No: 5296<br />