Music Video Codes and Conventions


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Music Video Codes and Conventions

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Music Video Codes and Conventions

  1. 1. Music Video<br />Codes & Conventions<br />What makes a good music video?<br />By FaraiMusamadya<br />
  2. 2. Music Videos<br />Visuals are the most important part of a music video. Everything is based on watching on screen.<br />There are different categories of music videos which are:<br />Narrative Music Videos:<br />These are music videos which have a storyline and theme to them. This involves acting supported by the song lyrics. <br />The Isley Brothers - Busted<br />Busted is the song title and is revealed as the<br /> female got busted cheating and lying.<br />This is a great example of a narrative <br />song which features the lyrics as the script.<br />The lyrics are the story and the mise-en-scene support it.<br /> e.g. The female artist comes in late at night whilst her husband is waiting for her.<br />
  3. 3. Types of Music Videos Cont...<br />Performance Music Videos:<br />This involves a video with a band or artist playing also<br />choreography is an important aspect of a performance<br /> based music video.<br />Ciara – Gimme Dat<br />In this Ciara “Gimme that” music video there is so much<br /> focus on her dance performance as the lyrics are about her being back with another hit “Gimme that base” so she can dance to.<br />Choreography <br />based performance<br />The music video included so many different scenes of dancing, including a wet scene, one with a crew of man and one with a group of Ciara’s created using CGI<br />
  4. 4. Music Videos Continued...<br />Mixture Narrative/ Performance :<br />This is a mixture of both performance and narrative<br />aspects in the music videos. <br />Keyshia Cole – I should have cheated<br />Keyshia Cole is performing her song<br /> in the booth with the camera focus on<br /> her and the lyrics as well as emotion of the song<br />Keyshia is also featured in the narrative as <br />she is arguing with her boyfriend over cheating.<br />
  5. 5. Mise- en- scene<br /><ul><li>Props
  6. 6. Location (setting)
  7. 7. Costumes
  8. 8. Lighting
  9. 9. Hair & Make-up
  10. 10. Facial Expressions</li></ul>Mise-en-scene is important to the <br />presentation of music video and <br />different from genre to genre<br />Hair & Make Up is important in the presentation of the artist. Also the accessories and nails polish can compliment the costume.<br />Location is important as they have used a mansion in Italy showing they are rich rather than a flat in New York .<br />Facial expressions show the emotion and feelings of the artist supporting the lyrics as well as the body language. <br />
  11. 11. Camera Angles<br />Birds Eyeview:<br />This shot shows the location from above<br /> e.g. In a helicopter<br />Long Shot:<br />Shows person whole body & surroundings<br />Extreme Close Up:<br />This shot shows the face up close <br />e.g. Detail in make up, facial features and emotion.<br />Mid Shot:<br />Shows the upper body of the artist <br />and they body language.<br />
  12. 12. Editing<br />Editing is very important in the aspect of continuity and putting<br />music videos together. There has to be a flow of scenes created<br />using fading, cutting and other features such as CGI and split<br />screen to create great visual effects<br />Fading:<br />Is merging two clips together with<br />out use of cutting. It involves one scene fading in and another fading out.<br />Split Screen:<br />Is the use of different clips put on screen<br /> at the same time with different scenes <br />from different places.<br />CGI:<br />Make the impossible possible with the use of green screen.<br />
  13. 13. By Farai Musamadya St Pauls Catholic CollegeCandidate No: 5500<br />