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How to drive a stick shift vehicle
How to drive a stick shift vehicle
How to drive a stick shift vehicle
How to drive a stick shift vehicle
How to drive a stick shift vehicle
How to drive a stick shift vehicle
How to drive a stick shift vehicle
How to drive a stick shift vehicle
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How to drive a stick shift vehicle


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Published in: Automotive
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  • Ask anyoneOr they know someone who might need helpBasic techniques to help son ,daughter anyoneOr maybe not given the proper techniqueI am here to help
  • Manual has a third pedal n the drivers controls the gears
  • Hand brake for parking at all timesAsk a friend to borrow his or her vehicle adjust the just so you can be able to reach the cultch pedalGet the feel of the gears 1,2,3,4,5 n reverse
  • Every time you change gears the clutch needs to be depress 1st 0-10-15 miles per hour 2nd 10-20 25 3rd 25- 30-354th 35- 45-50’5th 50 overOthers have ways when to change gears, but I like to used RPMs when it reaches 3000 I change gears
  • Depress on the clutch all the way down with the left foot and depress on the brake with the right @ same time Turn on the ignitionRelease the hand brake with the left foot still on the clutch, Let off the brake and give it some gas and slowly let off the clutch till you feel the vehicle movingOnce you hit 10-15 miles change to 2nd For good practice do that several times Then start moving faster 3rd 4th 5th gears
  • Transcript

    1. How to Drive a Stick Shift Vehicle<br />by Erika Juarez<br />
    2. <ul><li>Manual vs. Auto transmissions
    3. Sitting in the Driver’s seat
    4. Gears
    5. Getting Moving</li></ul>Introduction<br />
    6. Sitting in the Driver’s seat<br />Gas Pedal<br />Brake <br />Clutch Pedal<br /><ul><li>Clutch Pedal
    7. Hand brake
    8. Gear Shift
    9. Gears</li></ul>Gear Shift<br />Hand Brake<br />
    10. Gears<br />“H” Pattern<br />Gear Shift<br />
    11. <ul><li>Find an area to practice
    12. Turning on the ignition
    13. Changing gears
    14. Down shifting
    15. Reversing </li></ul>Getting it Moving<br />
    16. <ul><li>Be Safe
    17. Be Confident
    18. Don’t use the down shift to stop
    19. Use the hand brake when you park
    20. Don’t drink and drive
    21. Buckle up
    22. hand free devices for cell phones
    23. NO TEXTING while driving</li></ul>Conclusion<br />
    24. Questions?<br />