Present Perfect Tense
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  • 1. МАОУ СОШ № 153 г. Челябинск Выполнила: учитель английского языка Мутовкина Татьяна Валерьевна 2013
  • 2. WE KNOW DIFFERENT ENGLISH TENSES: Present Indefinite Past Indefinite Future Indefinite Present Progressive We shall learn the new tense today. It is Present Per fect .
  • 3. Present Per fect употребляется для выражения действия, происходившего до настоящего момента или прекратившегося к настоящему момент у; время, когда именно происходило действие, не упоминается; важно только, что это действие связано с настоящей сит уацией, которое является как бы продолжением этого действия, его результатом. результат Past Presen t
  • 4. My parents have bought me a puppy! I like it very much.
  • 5. Who has broken a vase?
  • 6. The lesson has begun.
  • 7. AFFIRMATIVE FORMПолная форма Краткая формаI have I`veYou have You`veWe have seen the Queen. We`ve seen the Queen.They have They`ve `ve=haveHe has He`sShe has worked before. She`s worked before.It has It`s `s = has
  • 8. NEGATIVE FORMПолная форма Краткая формаI have not I haven`tYou have not seen him. You haven`tWe have not We haven`t seen him.They have not They haven`t Haven`t =have notHe has not He hasn`tShe has not worked. She hasn`t Worked.It has not It hasn`t Hasn`t= has not
  • 9. INTERROGATIVE FORMВопросительное Вспомогательный Подлежащее Сказуемое Другие члены слово глагол предложения --------- Have you finished your work? --------- Has he eaten lunch?How long have you lived here?Who has ---- lived here?
  • 10. CHOOSE THE CORRECT PRESENT PERFECT SENTENCE. 1. a) I has bought shoes. b) I have bought shoes. 2. a) She has gone to France. b) She have gone to France. 3. a) I have no eaten lunch. b) I have not eaten lunch. 4. a) Has she made dinner? b) Have she made dinner?
  • 11.  Have breakfast - I have had breakfast. Watch TV - I have watched T V. Talk to a friend - I have talked to a friend.
  • 12. SAY WHICH OF THESE THINGS YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE TODAY. Read an interesting story - I have read an interesting stor y. Write some exercises - I have written some exercises. Play some games - I have played some games.
  • 13. ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS1. What do you know about Present Per fect?2. How can we form the af firmative / negative / interrogative sentences?
  • 14.