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    • Paolo Manzelli Paolo Manzelli EGOCREANET would. support the initial transition to a circular economy in Tuscany and looking to develop European Horizon project proposal in this field.and would favor a particular role of Italy to play, and developed policy options for a rapid change of Circular Economy across a range of areas in agrifood and nutraceutical co-production for improving health future sustainable international strategy . see the REPORT 2014:…/Circular_economy_scoping_study_-_Final…; The promotional activity of EGOCREANET would be addressed to re-designingAgricultural industrial systems in order to encouraging re use of waste materials. The above goal needs to be maintainedin a long term strategy of a circular economy that goes beyond the pursuit of a simple waste prevention and waste reduction forward to inspire a change of cultural paradigm of production including technological, organisational and social and economics innovation across and within value production chains. addressed in order to accelerate the move towards a ecological circular economy in the EU. As a mater of facts the AGRIFOOD chains currently generate significant amounts of waste (despite major global challenges of ensuring adequate nutrition) and are associated with high environmental impacts. So that Egocreanet focus on CIRCULAR ECONOMY on AGRIFOOD supply chains because there are large opportunity to utilize waste in large volumes and in significant in economic and environmental benefits, that are central to the innovation management of many biological materials both to utilize sub-products as alternative energy and also for the possibility to extract nutraceuticals as co-production . Paolo Manzelli . 25/FEB/2015  6 days ago
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    Paolo Manzelli
    • Paolo Manzelli Paolo Manzelli INVITATION:The Circular Economy for a development responsible for the production of food TITLE OF THE CONFERENCE:  > GOAL >>> Developing strategies and projects to reduce and reuse waste for sustainable agriculture to zero waste.  “Feeding the planet” means growing food needs in a high population growth rate. This growth of food production is leading also to rapid increase waste generation in agro-food sector that may get to a public health risks, adverse environmental impacts as well as socio-economic problems. Therefore the reciclyng and reutilization of Agricultural waste becomes an emergent priority for feeding the human life. This become a responsible culture if we will not only decrease natural resource use and implement the environmental degradation, but viceversa we will ensure a sustainable future for coming generations. The conference in Florence would deal about the paradigm shift for linear to cycle -economy, focus on resource recycling and reuse of agricultural waste that must become the primary method of dealing with Agro-food-waste. The conference is organized by EGOCREANET, in collaboration with Euro Info Centre (member of Enterprise Europe Network) and other subjects that will be progressively involved, will be held on 29 and April 30, 2015 First day : On April 29 a Pre-meeting (- by invitation to organize a consotium for next Calls H-2016-20 on Circular Economy) c /o  The Tuscany Region  in P. Unita 'N. 1 in Florence  ON April 30, 2015 Conference (open to public) c / o AUDITORIUM dell 'ECRF in via F.Portinari 5r. Firenze. NB. → The Participation is free . Scientific Commitee : Prof. Luigi Nicolais. President of Italian CNR - Roma Prof. Giampiero Maracchi. President of Accademia dei Georgofili -Firenze Prof Marco Bellandi – Vice-rector – for Research Transfer - Universityof Florence Prof. Paolo Nannipieri : Director of Agro-Food & Environment -University of Florence Dr. Marco Masi :Coordinator ofArea University and Research -Tuscany Region, → More information and requests and collaboration proposals can be sent to: - Paolo Manzelli EGOCREANET - Marcello Traversi EUROSPORTELLO Motivation --> “Circular Economy” , means a system efficiency of the use of resources, in which the end products of a phase of production become the origin of a subsequent phase of co- and by-products, resulting in a diagram, precisely , cyclic. The model can be advantageously applied in the complex processes of agricultural and food products, using waste of agro-food processes for increased productivity by creating nutraceutical products and to obtain and less environmental impact, minimizing any form of waste that pollute the main natural resources (water, air and fertility of the land). -->  EGOCREANET, as organizer and promoter of this event, aims to encourage companies in the food and agriculture sector to innovate by applying the criteria and perspectives of creativity in circular economy, through the creation of working groups, aimed at sharing the issues of greatest interest to develop European and International projects, looking at the financial opportunities of the calls on- Horizon Framework -2016-2020. The main objective of the Conference in Florence will be to create a "think tank" to aggregate skills and creative abilities of companies and research for sustainable development of the Regional  territories in  Europe, towards a culture of saving, reusing and recycling within the agro- food area. The event aims to contribute to rethink the sustainability of production chains through developing an integrity between agro-food and nutraceutical production, so as to achieve an innovative thinking design based on self-sustainable energy and zero-waste recycling. The two day's program will include: technical-scientific interventions of University and CNR and ENEA and innovative agri-food companies, a panel discussion and testimonies about European best practices, to analyze and discuss models, technologies and solutions to "change direction" in the traditional linear logic of developmental sustenability 'in economics and society: The goals of  that meetings  in summary are: - Reduce agricultural waste - Enhancing waste and transformation in resources - Water Energy Nexus : Optimize water management and neduce energy consumption - Producing energy from renewable sources - Favoring integrity between food and nutraceutical co-production   1 week ago
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