Cloud Computing Cynthia Carpio-beck's Work sample of product-service presentation


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Cloud Computing Cynthia Carpio-beck's Work sample of product-service presentation

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Cloud Computing Cynthia Carpio-beck's Work sample of product-service presentation

  1. 1. Cloud Computing IST Consulting Club 9/4/12 DRAFT PRESENTATION
  2. 2. Agenda 1 Introductions 2 What is Cloud Computing? 3 Implementing the Cloud 4 Questions 5 Future Events The PwC team here today Cynthia Carpio-Beck VP of Sales & Marketing Wally Okpych Director PwC 2
  3. 3. Introductions
  4. 4. Cynthia Carpio-Beck Vice President of Sales & Marketing 2010: Became Global Sales Engagement Partner for a Fortune 500 international technology company and US Sales Advisory Market VP 1998: Asked to serve as the Firm’s regional sales leader for the consulting practice 2006: Joined PwC and began building the Firm’s national sales and marketing division 1993: Joined an insurance brokerage company advancing to AVP for technical sales and marketing 1988: Graduated UCLA and began career in sales advisory for Fortune 500 companies Grow your own way PwC Fall 2012 4
  5. 5. Wally Okpych Advisory Director 2012: became father to my first child (Emma), promoted to Director and co-leader of PSU Tech- Consulting Recruiting Team 2008 - 12: Led several data breach investigations leading to specialty in sensitive data discovery engagements 2008: promoted to Manager and transferred to the Advisory Forensic Technology Solutions (FTS) team 2005: joined PwC Data Management Group in Philadelphia as an Experienced Hire – Promoted to Senior Associate 2003: graduated PSU and joined Healthcare Consulting Firm as a programming analyst Grow your own way PwC Fall 2012 5
  6. 6. Getting to know Advisory Our vision and ambition. To help our clients create, implement and realize value from their business strategies, and to make a positive impact on our clients’ businesses. US Advisory revenue was $2.43 We are growing. Advisory has driven 30+% top line and bottom line growth for two consecutive years. Overall we’ve added a billion dollars in revenue in the last two years -- a feat that has never been accomplished in our industry. billion and$7.74 billion across PwC’s global network of firms in the last fiscal year. US Advisory has 8,000+ consultants and there are 40,000+ consultants across PwC’s global network of firms. US Advisory onboarded 2,100+ new joiners in the last year. PwC 6
  7. 7. PwC Advisory is different • Strategy through execution approach • Broad portfolio of skills • Deep industry insights • Global footprint and scale • Differentiated culture • One firm strategy Getting to know Advisory PwC 7
  8. 8. Helping our clients It is through the right mix of industry and functional expertise that we are able to help our clients address their most complex business issues. • We go-to-market by industry and provide our clients with solutions to address their unique and emerging issues. FinancialServices HealthIndustries Products&Services PublicSector Industry Expertise • We don’t sell services. We build relationships, listen to our clients, and deliver customized solutions from strategy through execution. • We team and collaborate, working across Advisory and the firm to deliver all of the skills needed to address their complex issues. Client Issues Tax Assurance Advisory PwC 8
  9. 9. Helping our clients Across industries, we help clients improve business performance, effectively manage crisis situations and extract value from transactions through Consulting, Deals and Forensics. Consulting We help our clients improve business processes, transform Deals We help our clients get the best deals done at the appropriate price, Forensics We help our clients prevent, confront and remediate regulatory, organizations and implement technologies needed to run the business, leveraging our skills within Management, Technology, and Risk Consulting. PwC 9 helping them negotiate terms with leverage and control, reduce risk and enable smooth post-deal integration, leveraging our skills. legal and commercial challenges as a result of unplanned events, leveraging our skills.
  10. 10. What is Cloud Computing?
  11. 11. What is Cloud Computing? Common Misconceptions • Cloud computing is an actual cloud or has something to do with the weather • Bad weather interferes with the way the cloud operates • Over half the American population believes they have never used the cloud PwC Information gathered from “Citrix Cloud Surve Guide” -
  12. 12. What is Cloud Computing? Definition of “The Cloud” Offsite hardware and software that can be used as a service over a network. Different services include: • Platform as a service (PaaS) • Software as a service (SaaS) • Storage as a service (Staas) • Security as a service (SECaaS) • Data as a service (Daas) • Business process as a service (BPaaS) • Test environment as a service (TEaaS) • Desktop as a service (DaaS) • API as a service (APIaas) PwC
  13. 13. What is Cloud Computing? PwC What does it mean for today’s businesses? • A user of IT can now procure an IT capability as a web service • The IT service can reside off premise, hosted by a third-party provider • This service is elastic – can be dynamically scaled up/down, turned on/off • Service is shared with other users, providing efficiency for provider • Ultimately, the architecture, the delivery, and the consumption have all changed from the traditional model • And payment for usage moves to subscription or on-demand
  14. 14. What is Cloud Computing? What do business leaders think are the barriers in realizing positive business impact from IT in the next 12 months? PwC
  15. 15. What is Cloud Computing? PwC Video: How are companies addressing concerns over the cloud?
  16. 16. Implementing the Cloud
  17. 17. Implementing the Cloud Important considerations for a successful Cloud Implementation Taking full advantage of the cloud will require a purposeful transition, as impact will reach across the organization. To prepare, here are some of the steps the C-Suite should think about. PwC
  18. 18. Implementing the Cloud 1) Strategy • Define the processes, action-items, milestones, and deliverables • Begin with the business imperatives and identify technical components of the cloud that are already in place IST Stakeholders • Primary: ISDEV, ISINT, ISPP, Intelligence Analysis/Modeling, Information and Cyber Security, Social Factors and Risk • Secondary: N/A PwC
  19. 19. Implementing the Cloud 2) People • Cloud computing will encourage organizations adopt a service focus rather than a functional focus • It is necessary to realign resources in operations to support business growth needs • Anticipate a reassessment of talent needs IST Stakeholders • Primary: ISINT, ISPP, Information and Cyber Security, Social Factors and Risk • Secondary: ISDEV, Intelligence Analysis/Modeling PwC
  20. 20. Implementing the Cloud 3) Processes • Anticipate change across the organization • R&D will need to realign more tightly with IT as project planning and deployments are able to accelerate • In Finance, anticipate impacts on profitability, budgeting, and depreciation when the organization shifts from product purchases to service delivery of IT IST Stakeholders • Primary: ISDEV, ISINT, Information and Cyber Security, Social Factors and Risk • Secondary: ISPP, Intelligence Analysis/Modeling PwC
  21. 21. Implementing the Cloud 4) Technology • Businesses need to address IT concerns such as: Data security, Certification and third-party audits; Availability, reliability, and resilience; Backup and Recovery; Decommissioning • Other considerations: Contractual agreements between users and providers; Service level and performance requirements; Compliance requirements IST Stakeholders • Primary: ISDEV, ISINT, ISPP, Information and Cyber Security, Social Factors and Risk, Intelligence Analysis/Modeling • Secondary: N/A PwC
  22. 22. Implementing the Cloud 5) Structure • Thoughtful consideration of the organizational impact will smooth the transition • As an example, consider the following: What is the impact of rapid and inexpensive deployment of technology on product development? IST Stakeholders • Primary: ISINT, ISPP, Information and Cyber Security, Intelligence Analysis/Modeling • Secondary: ISDEV, Social Factors and Risk PwC
  23. 23. Parking Lot Review & Questions
  24. 24. PwC Opportunities
  25. 25. Immersive onboarding training Continuous learning and development (graduated curriculum) Thought leadership and business development Opportunity of a lifetime Client delivery opportunities Coaching, mentoring and on-the-job training Advisory Academy Generalist and specialist opportunities International assignment opportunities Community service opportunities Rewards package and career milestones Distinctive people and unique clients Advisory Scholars program Domestic and global mobility …and so much more PwC 25
  26. 26. Your career is just that, yours. You choose it. You live it. You make it happen. To get the best from it, you need the best opportunities. That’s why opportunities are Opportunity of a lifetime at the heart of PwC careers Opportunities to grow as an individual, to work flexibly, to build lasting relationships and make an impact in a place where people, quality and value mean everything. PwC 26
  27. 27. The skills, insights and connections you develop at PwC are career defining wherever your career may take you. Talent, hard work and opportunity… You provide the first two; we’ll take care of the rest! It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Take it. Opportunity of a lifetime PwC 27
  28. 28. PwC / Penn State University Internship & Full Time Opportunities Deadline to Apply – Tuesday, September 18th Interested applicants should apply online at the following PSU websites: College Internships Full Time Business Smeal Symplicity Nittany Lion Career Network IST Compass Compass Engineering eCareer eCareer Science PSU Science (SciOpps) Nittany Lion Career Network Liberal Arts Career Enrichment Network Nittany Lion Career Network Health and Human Development Nittany Lion Career Network Nittany Lion Career Network Law Penn State Law Symplicity Penn State Law Symplicity
  29. 29. PwC & Penn State University Fall 2012 Calendar of Events Date Event Date Event 8/29/12 IST Information Table 9/12/12 Industrial Engineering Networking Reception 8/30/12 MAcc Kickoff Event 9/12/12 Sciences Employer Reception 9/4/12 IST Consulting Club/WIST Event 9/17/12 IST Dining Etiquette Dinner 9/5/12 PwC Welcome Back BBQ 9/17/12 Professional Management Association Event 9/5/12 Beta Alpha Psi & Accounting Society Presentation 9/17/12 Students Consulting For Non-Profits Event 9/5/12 Smeal Mock Career Fair 9/17/12 NABA Event 9/5/12 IST Resumania 9/18/12 Schreyer Students Event 9/6/12 ASCEND / CUSA Event 9/21/12 Finance Society Golf Outing 9/10/12 Business School Career Fair 9/24/12-9/25/12 xTREME Case Competition Rounds 9/10/12 IST Career Fair 9/26/12 BA297a Fishbowl Presentations 9/10/12 Excel Bootcamp 10/2/12 Pre-Interview Reception 9/11/12 xTREME Mission Meeting (PwC Case Competition) 10/3/12 On Campus Interviews 9/11/12 BJC Career Fair (non-technical) 10/5/12 Women in Business Inferno 9/11/12 Engineering Reverse Career Fair 11/13/12 Women in Business Etiquette Dinner
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