Use of information and communications technology in business registration rory voller


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Use of information and communications technology in business registration rory voller

  1. 1. Company Registration using fully automated Self Service Terminals
  2. 2. •Essence of self-service terminals (SSTs) is to provide an opportunity for owner- managed businesses to register their company in a simple, accessible and seamless process as well as to provide for additional services relating to company maintenance. •A condition to transacting with the SSTs is that all parties involved have to undergo identity verification through the Department of Home Affairs National Identification System (Hanis), which is done through biometrics(fingerprint scanning). •The SSTs are built on a paperless concept and all documents are dispatched via e-mail. All customers must have a valid e-mail address and cell phone •There are no paper forms to be completed and no signing of documents •Incorporators and directors identity stored in database after verification •The SST’s use touchscreen technology with simple data fields for submission •Back office Human processing only required if a name is required. If not elected then fully automated without Human intervention Why Self service terminals
  3. 3. 1. Customer Registration 2. Company Registration Two Options for company registration are provided: • Registering a company with the registration number as the name • Registering a company, giving the customer the option to apply for a name towards the end of the application process. Should all the selected names be rejected, the company can be registered with the registration number as the name or the customer can choose to terminate the application and re-apply for name reservation separately. Services offered at the Self Service Terminal
  4. 4. 3. Annual Returns Three options for annual returns are provided: Annual Return Calculations Annual Return Filing Annual Return Certificates issued 4. Disclosure Disclosure of the enterprise and director details Services offered at the Self Service Terminal
  5. 5. Identity Verification: Before you can begin to use the self-service terminal, we need to verify your identity with the Department of Home Affairs. • Incorporators need to enter their National Identity Number(issued to all South Africans) and then scan their thumbprints at the terminal • Once both your thumbprints have been scanned, they are automatically verified by the Department of Home Affairs in real-time. A green result indicates that your identity was verified, a red result indicates a problem. • Once your identity has been verified, it acts as a signature for the application alleviating the need for a paper form completion and submission. Identity verification using biometrics/Fingerprint scanning
  6. 6. Company registration process flow •Customer Verifies Identity biometrically using National Identification System • Register as a customer by completing data fields and then receiving a customer code. • Complete Company and directors details and choose whether company requires a name approval process or if company will be registered without a name. • All directors must be present at the Self Service Terminal in order to verify their identity and for them to be registered on the database. • The company is registered ONLY with a standard Memorandum of Incorporation document as contained in the Companies Act. • Data is then submitted to the CIPC through the Self Service Terminal. • Incorporator then makes payment for the registration at a bank which is then matched to the customer code for automated processing and completion.
  7. 7. Company Registration process flow • Registration data is held by the CIPC for 14 days which is the maximum period for payment of the company registration transaction. • Once payment is made the transaction starts getting processed. • If no name is elected and payment reflects, the transaction is completed within 10 minutes and the certificate of incorporation is immediately emailed. • If a name/s is elected, data goes into a name approval process which takes maximum of 3 days to complete as comprehensive a name checking process is undertaken. • If a name is approved, company is immediately registered and certificate of incorporation emailed to the customer. • If name/s is not approved, registration is either rejected or alternatively if elected by the incorporator, the company is registered with the registration number as the name and certificate of incorporation is emailed.
  8. 8. Additional functionality • Tax/PAYE: Pay as you earn registration to be included as an option for the data captured via the SST to be submitted to the South African Revenue Service • Company registration for Workmans Compensation • Appointment and changes to Company Auditors • Changes to directors namely resignations and appointments • Changes to Company registered address • Changes to Financial Year ends • Registration of External/Foreign Companies and Local representatives
  9. 9. SST Information Technology Architecture
  10. 10. ICT Architecture Explained • The SST System is a Web Based Application. • All Business Logic and Business Rules are housed within a series of Web Services. • The Biometric Verification is done by scanning customer and director fingerprints and securely accessing the South African Home Affairs National Identification System Database where the scanned images are verified. • The results are stored within the CIPC primary database and accessed via the Web Services • All communications are done using a secure Internet Connection
  11. 11. CIPC Self-help Home Page
  12. 12. Customer Login
  13. 13. Menu Options
  14. 14. Customer Verification
  15. 15. Edit Customer Details
  16. 16. Edit Customer Details continued …
  17. 17. Customer Details Updated
  18. 18. Edit Company Details
  19. 19. Edit Company Details continued …
  20. 20. Name Reservation
  21. 21. Confirmation Page
  22. 22. Registration Reference Details