BRAC 2005 - 2011 (Base Realignment and Closure)
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BRAC 2005 - 2011 (Base Realignment and Closure)



BRAC 2005 is the largest base realignment and closure in DoD history. Over 100,00 military personnel will be relocated. Installations like Fort Meade, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Fort Belvoir, Fort ...

BRAC 2005 is the largest base realignment and closure in DoD history. Over 100,00 military personnel will be relocated. Installations like Fort Meade, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Fort Belvoir, Fort Bliss, Fort Carson, and other installations in Maryland and Virginia.



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    BRAC 2005 - 2011 (Base Realignment and Closure) BRAC 2005 - 2011 (Base Realignment and Closure) Presentation Transcript

    • BRAC Update 2005-2011A Shift in the Security-Cleared Hiring Landscape
    •  Provide updated, current status on BRAC, by major location Provide details that could affect hiring Provide details that could signal opportunities to defense industry employersNote: This BRAC 2005 update information has been gathered from multiple sources including the U.S.military. Due to the ongoing BRAC process actual numbers and status may vary.
    •  Base Realignment and Closure Combine and close BRAC panel, DoD and What? “excess” military Who? SecDef recommendations, installations Congress approval To increase efficiency, Process should be Why? reduce operational When? completed by September expenses 15th, 2011
    •  Personnel relocation in  Personnel relocation in previous BRAC rounds current BRAC round 100% more personnel are relocating in the current BRAC round
    •  The largest base closure and realignment in DoD history 5th 123,000 350 Approximate personnel Installations closed BRAC since 1988 affected by BRAC 2005 from BRAC since 1988 $35,000,000,000 2015 Next scheduled DoD cost of BRAC 2005 round of BRAC
    •  Big Winner  Losers - Maryland - New Jersey Other Winners - Alaska - Virginia - California - Alabama - District of Columbia - Texas - Kentucky - Colorado
    • Aberdeen Proving Ground  Army Ordinance Center and SchoolStatus: Expanding; on schedule - Move to Ft. Lee, VA is completeGain: 18,000 jobs  Inflow of 8,200 comm workers - Most from Ft. Monmouth, NJ did Becoming the Army center for choose to relocate - Others from Redstone Arsenal, AL, Ft. - Communications, research, and Huachuca, AZ, Ft. Belvoir, VA software dev - Move is 60% complete - C4ISR, Test and Evaluation, Chem and Bio Defense  Inflow of 600 T&E workers Expect continued influx of - From Alexandria, VA advanced degree professionals - Higher salaries Highlight: Estimated 7,500 – 10,000 new $1 billion in new construction contractor positions, most still to come - Still ongoing
    • Ft. Meade - 80% of DISCO, DOHA adjudicators from Columbus, OH not movingStatus: Expanding; on schedule - Expect delays getting new clearancesGain: 27,650 jobs  Construction status - Three new buildings completed 6/11 Defense Information Systems Agency relocation  Incoming workers - 4,500 from DISA - 4,500 employees from Arlington, VA - 750 from CAFs - Status: Most employees have moved - 2,400 from Defense Media Activity - Expect reduction of available IT talent in northern Virginia - 10-20k from defense contractors Central Adjudication Facilities relocation Highlight: Anne Arundel asking for $5b in - 10 CAFs moving from various U.S. Federal funds for transportation upgrades locations - 250 personnel per month moving
    • Ft. Monroe Marine Corps Base QuanticoStatus: Operating; on schedule for Status: Expanding; on schedule closure Sept 2011 Gain: 2,700 jobsLoss: 3,564 jobs  Military Investigative Agencies Army Training and Doctrine - Multiple agencies co-locating including DSS, CIFA, JCTA, NCIS, ACIDC, AFOSI Command - 2,700 jobs net gain: 351 military, 1,752 - Status: HQ moved to Ft. Eustis May civilian, 555 contractor 2011 - Status: Construction of new building - Moving to other locations in VA, GA, SC complete - Limited opportunity to hire BRAC - Status: Move started April 2011 with affected workers from Ft. Monroe with 200 workers per week short Ft. Eustis commute
    • Ft. Lee Mark Center / AlexandriaStatus: Expanding; on schedule Status: Expanding; delayedGain: 7,800 jobs Gain: 6,400 jobs Sustainment Center of Excellence  Personnel movement - Home to Army transportation, supply, - Most coming from Arlington county and logistics services - Arlington: top county most negatively - Status: Construction of new buildings affected by BRAC completed in 2009 - 13,000 workers moving from Crystal Expansion independent of BRAC City by Fall 2011 to various locations - Ft. Lee adding another 1,000 troops - Rep Moran, Gov McDonnell pushing for year delay in move; just may get it - Employers have opportunity to tempt Highlight: Need logistics and supply workers due to looming commuting candidates? Target Ft. Lee. issues
    • Ft. Belvoir  Belvoir Community HospitalStatus: Expanding; on schedule - $1b state-of-the-art installation - Status: On schedule for August openingGain: 20,000 jobs (including contractors) - Expect large increase in medical workersLoss: 14,500 jobs  National Geospatial-Intel Agency - Moving 8,500 cleared employees and Personnel movement contractors from Reston, D.C., Bethesda - Most coming from Arlington county - Status: Moved 4,000 employees by May; - Road improvements fall short 4,500 will be moved by September Missile Defense Agency  Army Material Command loss - 300 employees moving from Arlington - Wide range of cleared workers moving - 2,250 employees moving to Huntsville to Huntsville: logistics, tech, - Status: Building on schedule for Summer administrative, policy, finance - Expect loss of engineering talent - Status: Move to be complete Aug 2011 (software, test, integration) to Huntsville
    • Redstone Arsenal  Redstone hiring statusStatus: Expanding; on schedule - 4,651 government jobs transferred - 3,112 jobs filled as of mid-JuneGain: 10,000 jobs (including contractors) - 57% were filled by workers who moved to Huntsville Missile Defense Agency - 2,250 D.C. metro employees moving - Expect influx of engineering talent (software, test, integration) Highlight: Contractor jobs could add as many as 12,000 new jobs in the near future Army Materiel Command - Personnel from Ft. Belvoir moving - Status: Move to be complete Aug 2011 - Wide range of cleared workers: logistics, tech, administrative, policy, finance
    • Ft. Bliss Joint Base San AntonioStatus: Expanding; on schedule Status: Expanding; on scheduleGain: 16,000 jobs (excluding contractors) Gain: 12,500 jobs (excluding contractors) Marked base growth  Consolidation of Ft. Sam Houston, - Received 1st Armored Division from Lackland AFB, and Randolph AFB current location in Germany - Medical Education facility completed - Move completed May 2011 spring 2011 - Fastest growing Army base in the U.S. - Becoming the world’s largest medical - Will grow by 16k troops and 400 civilian training campus jobs by 2012, and 21k troops by 2013 - Significant upgrades to Brooke Army - $4.6b in construction through early 2012 Medical Center on schedule - $3.7b new economic impact by 2013 - 181k sq ft medical research facility - Huge construction = continued completed April 2011 contractor need for IT, facilities, and security personnel
    • Ft. Carson - Incoming helicopter brigade = increase of 2,700 soldiers by 2013Status: Expanding; on schedule - Considering base expansion into nearbyGain: 4,300 jobs (including contractors) Pueblo to accommodate Personnel gains - Gaining 3,800 infantry from brigades in Korea and Texas - Gaining 2,700 in 2013 from soldier combat aviation brigade (not BRAC related) Local economic impact - $2.1b in FY2010 - $700m in new construction starting FY2012 - Ft. Carson now 2nd largest employer in the state of Colorado