LWB12: Meigh Smyth, Race Online 2012


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Presentation by Leigh Smyth, Managing Director of Race Online 2012, during the first plenary 'Promoting Well-being in London's communities - The here and now' at the third London Well-being Conference.

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  • However, there was a dearth of adequate business case data to properly support fuller technology adoption specifically within the social housing sector. So..........................
  • NB These are broad brush / initial analysisRace Online 2012 + 15 housing associations (1 million residents) to understand how the internet can enable huge benefits throughout the social housing sector. Housing Providers cost-effective communications = £340m per year. But our research says they think the benefits would be just £50m. 4.1m adults offline pay bills and shop online = £530m per year = based on lowest 10% income households (from PWC report (i.e. £200 per year not £560))245,000 children in offline social housing boost future earnings = £1.5bn = PwC said £10bn to all UK. 15% of population live in social housingJust 3.5% of people offline and unemployed find work online = £217m = £12k lifetime benefit (PwC), 8.8% (CLG) / 500k (DWP) unemployed in social housing. 100% = £6bnJust 3.5% of people offline and in work developed their ICT skills = £750m = 2.6m in work but offline x £8.3k lifetime benefit (PWC). 100% = £21bnLocal government moves online just one monthly transaction with offline adults = £360m per year (PWC)Increased wellbeing and reduced isolation for tenants = 1m UK over-65-year-olds say they always or often feel lonely. 3.1m over-65-year-olds in the UK don’t see a family, friend or neighbour once a week. 81% said computer literacy made them feel part of modern society-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUMP PRIMING internet access for low income homes WORKS - Home Access programme = 91% retained broadband after support period. FALSE CHOICE - Keeping offline channels wide open, in a time when you’re 25% more likely to get work online, and you’ll earn 10% more with digital skills, is offering people a false choice – extending their social isolation.
  • LWB12: Meigh Smyth, Race Online 2012

    1. 1. Leigh SmythManaging DirectorRace Online 2012
    2. 2. “Digital literacy is a great enabler of social mobility… it can break downfeelings of social isolation.”Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP “I call on every social landlord to look long and hard at how they can helptheir tenants get online. Government is committed to helping demolish this unacceptable digital divide.” Rt Hon Grant Shapps, Housing Minister“It is vital, and achievable, that housing professionals rise to the challengeand opportunity of bringing residents online. Its essential to give residentsall the tools and skills to manage their lives.”Martha Lane Fox, UK Digital Champion
    3. 3. “Vulnerable groups are concentrated in the socialhousing sector” – Shelter – More than 3 challenges!! • 9.5m people in 4.1m homes • 44% of households’ income <£10,000 (England) • 60% of tenants economically inactive (31% retired and 29% sick/disabled/full-time students/looking after family or home) (England) • 21% of +65yr olds live in social housing (England) • 44% of single parents live in social housing (England)
    4. 4. Well-being = digital capability = opportunitiesONS domains to measure subjective well-being: RELATIONSHIPS3.1 million 65yr olds don’t see a Internet access enables closer and more regularfamily, friend or neighbour even contact with friends and family, decreasingonce a week (Participle) isolationMore than half of +75yr olds live 96% of Internet users say the Internet hasalone (Age UK) improved their life (UKonline)1 million +65yr olds “always or The Internet has a direct positive impact on lifeoften feel lonely” (Age UK) satisfaction (BCS) WHAT WE DOInternet users report higher levels Internet access enables lifelong learningof happiness, self-confidence and opportunities, more choice and control ofoverall quality of life than non-users healthcare options(UK Online)
    5. 5. Well-being = digital capability = opportunitiesONS domains to measure subjective well-being: HEALTH39% +65yr olds have a disability Mobility barriers are eased by online shopping,(ONS) communication, banking and bill-paymentAround half of those offline in the Internet users feel less worried about healthUK have a disability (ONS) issues (Freshminds/UKO) PERSONAL FINANCEShopping and paying bills online People in 3.6 million low income and digitallysaves the average household £560 excluded households (9% of UK adults) could beper year (PwC) saving over £1 billion per year (PwC) WHERE WE LIVEHomeSwap Direct is an online-only government scheme designed to increase themobility of social housing tenants (DCLG)
    6. 6. Well-being = digital capability = opportunitiesONS domains to measure subjective well-being: EDUCATION & SKILLSChildren in homes with Internet If the 1.6 million children in families not usingaccess can achieve 2 grades higher the Internet got online at home, it could boost(e-Learning Foundation) their total lifetime earnings by over £10 billion (PwC)Internet users are 25% more Estimated lifetime benefit of £12,000 forconfident of their skills to get a new unemployed people getting online andjob (Freshminds) increasing employment chances (PwC)Digitally excluded employed people People with good ICT skills earn between 3%can increase their career choices and 10% more than people without (PwC) Over 90% of all new jobs require ICT skills
    7. 7. Digital technology meets the twin imperatives of socialhousing1. deliver more for less2. fulfil core social commitmentsLow Digital Capability in UK Social Housing• 40+% of adults in UK social housing not online• 200 social housing providers = 75% of stock / 3m homes / 7m people• Home Access programme = 90% retained/paid for internet post grant support
    8. 8. Digital By Default Social Housing - Business Casemeasured benefits for tenants, housing providers andgovernmentBroad brush analysis = £3bn total UK benefits•Housing Providers cost-effective communications = £340m pa•4.1m adults offline pay bills and shop online = £530m pa (lowest decile)•245,000 children in offline social housing boost future earnings = £1.5bn•Just 3.5% of people offline and unemployed find work online = £217m•Just 3.5% of people offline and in work developed their ICT skills = £750m•Local government moves online just one monthly transaction with offline adults = £360m pa•Wellbeing and reduced isolation for tenantsPeabody – estimated savings•£330,792 = 125,300 annual tenant contacts moved online from telephone•£219,667 = moving repairs and maintenance enquiries online•8% saving on transaction costs = rent payments made online (currently 5%)•Also anticipate fewer rent arrears + faster and cheaper income collection process
    9. 9. Digital Housing – ministerial summit and beyond• December communiqué to all HA CEOs – Housing Minister, National Housing Federation, Local Govt Assoc, Chartered Institute of Housing, RO12• CLG scoping ‘Digital Deal’ + internet as “4th Utility”• Sector focusing on solutions, programmes• HAs consolidating – UKO SHPDISG, www.digitalhousinghub.ning.com, BDUK endorses Go ON Places model (LAs + HAs working together)• Housing providers looking for solutions (big investment from Peabody, Home Group, Whitefriars, many others) “Housing minister pledges to end „digital apartheid‟ in social housing tenants”
    10. 10. What social housing providers can do – 5 opportunities Join the www.DigitalHousingHub.ning.com Prepare an organisation wide Digital Strategy Promote low cost (sub £100) computers and connectivity deals - bit.ly/LowCostKit • Microsoft backed, Get Online @ Home: Refurbished PCs with Win7 • Remploy: Refurbished PCs with open source software • PCXUK: Refurbished PCs with Win7 Promote the free local internet taster session Freephone helpline - 0800 77 1234 Support Go ON Get Local & Recruit Digital Champions at www.go-on.co.uk/champions
    11. 11. A Digital ChampionSomeone who helps someone else to take their first stepsonline Main barriers for non-users = poor understanding of benefits (64%) and cost (23%) 30m UK adults use the internet on a daily basis 1/3 of internet user are willing to pass on skills INSPIRE Promoting the benefits not just the price/spec NETWORKED UK 8.4 MILLION people have never used the internet ENCOURAGE SUPPORT Access to low- Low-cost/Free cost hardware IT skills training connectivity
    12. 12. Go ON get localWhat is it?•scaling the national RO2012 challenge down to targeted local activity•a blueprint for Local Authority-lead sustainable action•leverage Race Online 2012 national partners – such as UK online centre network, JobCentre Plus, Mecca Bingo – joined up with vital local partners i.e. voluntary sector,housing•RO2012 tools: digital champions, and teaching/marketing aides, low-cost kit•media buzz and awareness raisingGo On get local – is active in Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley, NorthYorkshireGo On London•6 host boroughs = ‘biggest area of non-employment in Europe’•Political buy-in from leaders and mayors of 6 host boroughs – Hackney, Tower Hamlets,Waltham Forest, Newham, Barking and Dagenham, Greenwich•Pending data to confirm ONS/Experian stats re levels of offline population (30% inHackney vs UK average of 16%) target to be placed on Host boroughs Unit StrategicRegeneration Framework (ie ‘Convergence’ target)•Cross-sector delivery team to meet Feb/March, announcement of ambition April topiggyback spotlight of Olympics
    13. 13. Digital Champion ITQ – Sustainable solutionsfrom Digital Unite • New IT qualification • Formal Level 2 accreditation • Supports professional and personal development • More formal and structured • Practical issues such as online safety • Emphasis on empathetic and creative engagement • One-to-one online support throughout • Large resource of content to support Digital Champions Google; Skype; connectivity options; Accessibility; Browser customisation; Facebook, Twitter and the social internet; Upgrades and players; Creative activities online; Podcasting and blogging
    14. 14. Thank you for your time Leigh Smyth, MD, Race Online 2012