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  • On password changes 18 April 2014, 12:21 AM Last week I published a brief blog about the OpenSSL heartbeat extension vulnerability , also known as the Heartbleed bug. One commenter asked, “What about the [...]
  • Not If, but When: The case for Advanced Malware Protection Everywhere 17 April 2014, 08:43 AM A recent Bloor Research Market Update on Advanced Threat Protection reminds us of something that many security vendors have long [...]
  • Making Your Metrics Program Effective Beyond Just Charts and Numbers 16 April 2014, 02:00 PM Information security is all about risk reduction, and risks are notoriously difficult to measure - ask any insurance salesman or actuary. So how do we handle this conundrum for a security metrics program that hasn’t even reached its second anniversary yet?
  • Cisco Live 2014 San Francisco: Security Technology Track 16 April 2014, 08:00 AM Cisco Live, May 18-24, 2014, is quickly approaching and registration is open. This is the 25th anniversary of Cisco Live and we return to the Bay Area at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Educational sessions are organized into technology tracks to make it easy to find the topics that most interest you. With network and data security being top of mind, I’d like to highlight the Security technology track’s exciting content lineup.
  • Year-Long Exploit Pack Traffic Campaign Surges After Leveraging CDN 15 April 2014, 09:49 AM Anyone can purchase an exploit pack (EP) license or rent time on an existing EP server. The challenge for threat actors is to redirect unsuspecting web browsing victims by force to the exploit landing page with sustained frequency. Naturally, like most criminal services in the underground, the dark art of traffic generation is a niche specialty that must be purchased to ensure drive-by campaign success. For the past year we have been tracking a threat actor (group) that compromises legitimate websites and redirects victims to EP landing pages. Over the past three months we observed the same...
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