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  • Threat Spotlight: Dyre/Dyreza: An Analysis to Discover the DGA 30 March 2015, 03:02 PM This post was authored by Alex Chiu & Angel Villegas . Overview Banking and sensitive financial information is a highly coveted target for attackers because of the high value and obvious financial implications.  In the past year, a large amount of attention has been centered on Point of Sale (PoS) malware due to its major role in the compromise of several retailers.  While PoS malware is a major concern, attackers have also realized that targeting individual end users is an effective method of harvesting other types [...]
  • Announcing the First Cisco IOS Software and IOS XE Software Security Advisory Bundled Publication 25 March 2015, 11:00 AM Today, we released the first ever Cisco IOS Software and IOS XE Software Security Advisory Bundled Publication . As a reminder, Cisco discloses IOS vulnerabilities on a predictable schedule (on the fourth Wednesday of March and September each calendar year). In direct response to your feedback, we have also included a Cisco Security Advisory addressing vulnerabilities in Cisco IOS XE Software in this publication. We hope this timeline and additional “bundling” continues to allow your organization to plan and ensure resources are available to analyze, test, and remediate vulnerabilities in y...
  • Threat Spotlight: The Imperiosus Curse –A Tool of the Dark Arts 24 March 2015, 07:45 PM Authors: William Largent , Jaeson Schultz , Craig Williams . Special thanks to Richard Harman for his contributions to this post. As consumers, we are constantly bombarded by advertising, especially on the World Wide Web. There is a lot of money to be made either pushing Internet traffic, or displaying ads to consumers. Total annual Internet advertising revenue from 2013 was over US $117bn, and will approach US $200bn by the year 2018 . The online advertising industry field is already awash with many players, each clamoring for a piece of the Internet advertising pie. [...]
  • Threat Spotlight: PoSeidon, A Deep Dive Into Point of Sale Malware 20 March 2015, 01:57 PM This post was authored by Andrea Allievi , Ben Baker , Nick Biasini , JJ Cummings , Douglas Goddard , William Largent , Angel Villegas , and Alain Zidouemba   Cisco’s Security Solutions (CSS) consists of information security experts with a unique blend of law enforcement, enterprise security and technology security backgrounds. The team works directly with Cisco’s Talos Security Intelligence & Research Group to identify known and unknown threats, quantify and prioritize risk, and minimize future risk. When consumers make purchases from a retailer, the transaction is processed through Po...
  • Research Spotlight: Exploiting Use-After-Free Vulnerabilities 17 March 2015, 03:35 PM This blog post was authored by Earl Carter & Yves Younan . Talos is constantly researching the ways in which threat actors take advantage of security weaknesses to exploit systems. Yves Younan of Talos will be presenting at CanSecWest on Friday March 20th. The topic of his talk will be FreeSentry, a software-based mitigation technique developed by Talos to protect against exploitation of use-after-free vulnerabilities. Use-after-free vulnerabilities have become an important class of security problems due to the existence of mitigations that protect against other [...]
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