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3 Tips for a Better Executive Job Search
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3 Tips for a Better Executive Job Search



http://www.GetHiredFast.com - 3 Tips for a Better Executive Job Search

http://www.GetHiredFast.com - 3 Tips for a Better Executive Job Search
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3 Tips for a Better Executive Job Search Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 3 Tips for a Better Executive Job Search
  • 2. Conducting an executive job search is no easy task today. In fact, the financial website FINS Finance says that the average executive level job search takes 12 months today.
  • 3. That’s a long time spent sending out resumes, networking with industry professionals, and fielding job- interview questions. Looking for an executive level job for an entire yearcan stress out even the most laidback of job seekers.
  • 4. Fortunately, there are steps that youcan take to lessen the stress associated with an executive job search.
  • 5. Don’t Lose Touch with Your Industry
  • 6. Stay active in your field. Many peopleconduct executive level job searches while still working in a current position. But many others do not. If you fall into this second category, you’ll need to stay up-to-date with your industry and its newest trends.
  • 7. You can do this by taking on consultingwork with companies in your field. You can volunteer for your industryassociation; you can take a night class;you might even take part-time, lower- paying work while searching for an executive job.
  • 8. By staying connected with your industry, you’ll be better prepared to answer even the toughest interview questions. You’ll also be able to listyour consulting, part-time or volunteerwork on your resume, helping to erase a potential employment gap on it.
  • 9. The Power of Networking
  • 10. Never stop networking. It’s important to sharpen your networking skillswhile searching for an executive level job for a pair of reasons. The first isobvious: You’ll find the best executive level jobs through networking. The second reason, though, is equallyimportant: Networking with industryprofessionals keeps you connected to your field.
  • 11. You might learn about important new software while chatting with an executive at a chamber of commerce luncheon. You might learn how new state legislation is impacting professionals in your industry whileattending the monthly meeting of your industry association.
  • 12. Again, your networking skills can makeyou a more knowledgeable candidate for any open position in your field. Hiring managers will be able to tellduring interviews whether you’ve lost touch with your field.
  • 13. Executive Job Searches Shouldn’t Take Over Your Life
  • 14. Stay focused and healthy. Executive job searches are full-time jobs. Ifyou’re not careful, they can consumemost of your time. If you’re looking for a new executive level position while still holding your current job, anexecutive job search can eat up all of your free hours.
  • 15. Make sure to stay healthy during whatcan be a grueling process. Eat right and don’t skip your workouts. Take timeout to read, watch a movie, or go on a date with your spouse or significant other. Your executive job search is important, yes, but you don’t want it to become your entire life.
  • 16. Interested in Finding Out More about Job Search Strategies and Job Search Advice? Please come and visit us at http://www.GetHiredFast.com