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  • 1. Culinary Arts
  • 2. Why I love to Cook
    The reason I love to cook is its fun and its what I want to do for a life time career.
    I love to cook because I love seeing smiles on my parents faces when I’ve made something great.
  • 3. Amazing Recipes
    I’ve created some amazing recipes including main dishes and dessert.
    I have a healthy chicken pasta recipe which consists of chicken, tomatoes, spices, green bell peppers, and water which is served over pasta.
  • 4. Desserts
    I’ve made a dessert called triple berry cobbler. This dessert consists of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, sugar, milk and biscuit.
  • 5. I Love Cooking Contests
    I have entered quite a few cooking contests in which I have won.
    I won first place in a barbeque sauce contest at my church for the best mustard based sauce.
  • 6. More Contests
    I won first place in a chowder cook off for the best vegetable chowder. My corn chowder is fabulous!!!
    I won second place at the State fair grounds for my biscotti's.
  • 7. Food Network Shows
    I watched my first cooking show at age six, but I really got interested more during the age seven. I love getting ideas from the different shows.
    My favorites shows are Emeril,Paula Deen, Chef Robert Irvine, and the Neeley’s.
  • 8. What’s On Your Plate?
    Healthy eating consists of fruits and vegetables and smaller amounts of starches and protein.
    Eat three regular meals per day and healthy snacks when you have the munchies.
  • 9. Different Types of Salads
    Caesar salad
    House salad
    Chef salad
    Specialty salads
    Apple Walnut salad
    Salads are healthy for you.
  • 10. ByStefanie Metro