Green Card Renewal Tips And Processes


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Green Card Renewal application (form i-90) information. Learn the green card renewal process for all United States Permanent Residents with expired or expiring green cards!

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Green Card Renewal Tips And Processes

  1. 1. Green Card Renewal Tips And ProcessesThe Green card is the document that is issued to foreigners who have been allowed permanentresidency or may be conditional permanent residents in the United States. When you need to renewthis legal document, you are required to plan and start the Green Card Maintenance process sixmonths prior to the cards expiration. All the information and procedures concerning this process areprocessed by the citizenship and immigration services of the United States (USCIS). Below are somehelpful points on how to go about Green Card renewal.The United States government introduced issuing of these legal documents with expiry dates onthem. In most cases, when the cards are issued these days, they are valid for only ten years. The dateunto which the document expires is highlighted in the front face. To start off, you are required to filla USCIS form 1-90. This form is for replacing a permanent resident document.Once you have applied for the restorationof this vital legal document, you will haveto go to the USCIS head office so that youget a temporary document. This documentis valid for only one year and you will get itimmediately. That duration is enough toensure that you get the main documentrenewed, which takes about ten to twelvemonths before being issued.Identify whether the document you have isfor permanent residency or conditionalpermanent residency. The conditionalpermanent one is issued if someone was recently married in the US or if the applicant had applied onthe basis of an entrepreneur status. Also note that this conditional resident document is issued foronly two years.Before issuing you with a temporary document, the USCIS will conduct a thorough check of yourcriminal history. Your prints will be crosschecked and also they will require your passport sizephotograph. If you have been convicted earlier on, with a crime that can cause you to be deported,then you can be asked to appear at the deportation hearing. You cannot be issued with a newdocument if you have been involved in criminal activities.You are required to submit your current address and if you are planning to change it, you shouldnotify the USCIS especially when the renewal process is on going. You can easily notify the board by aphone call or via internet. This is because they will want to know where to send the new legaldocument.The process is not free, so there are some fees that you are required to pay while going on with thisprocedure. The charges are for filing purposes and for conducting biometric tests. This amount ispayable to the office of the USCIS accompanied by the forms and other requirements so that theprocess can commence.The process of Green Card Renewal is not as tough as many tend to think. You only need to availyourself early together with the required documents. Remember that this document is veryimportant and that you should know how to practice good Green Card maintenance skills.