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Animal facts

Animal facts







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    Animal facts Animal facts Presentation Transcript

    • Animal Facts By: Cassidy Zunti
    • Venomous Snakes• There are many kinds of venomous snakes around the world. Here is 10 of them.• Hydrophis Belcheri Sea snake.• Common Indian Krait• Cobra• Ralel snake• Russell’s Viper• Black Manba• Tiger Snake• Muttibanded Krait• King Cobra• Tipan
    • Weird Water Creatures• The Leafy Sea Dragon- The leafy sea dragon is a fish that looks like floating sea weed. The leafy sea dragon is gold, orange and green. It is a very good camouflage and uses that a ability to trick its pray.• Hag Fish- Hagfish are marine creatures, there is some debate about whether they are strictly fish.• Blob Fish- The blob fish is a fish lives in the deep waters off the coasts of Australia and Tasmania. Due to the inaccessibility of its habitat, it is rarely seen by humans.• Yeti Crab- The yeti crab was found in the South Pacific Ocean. The yeti crab is 15 cm or 6 inches long. It has long silky blond hairs covering its legs and claws. It also known as the yeti lobster.• Blue Ringed Octopus- The blue ringed octopus body is a sandy yellow color good for camouflaging but if it get mad or scared it get bright blue rings all over its body. Also the blue ringed octopus has enough poison to kill 26 humans in minutes.• Puffer Fish- A puffer fish is poisonous to eat except for one part. This one non- poisonous is good to eat and is served in some restaurants.• Mudskipper- A mudskipper crawls out of the water and sits on rocks and the shore.• Angler Fish- The angler fish has a growth that grows off the top of its head like a fishing pole, the end of it lights up like a flash light. It wiggles it around so little fish think it’s a bug and bite it. When they do, the angler fish reaches out its mouth and eats the fish.
    • Some Cool Animals!
    • Video of the Horned Lizard!!! » Fact- The Horned Lizard can shoot blood form its eye!
    • Ugly Animals• Aye Aye- they are nocturnal. It’s long skinny fingers are to help it eat bugs.• Naked Mole Rat-It is an under ground rat like animal, that only has a few hairs.• Star Nosed Mole- The star nosed mole uses its star shaped nose to find bugs at the bottom on streams and rivers.
    • Wild Cats• Tiger- The tiger’s eyesight is 6 times better than a human’s. They can grow up to be 200 to 700 pounds! Tigers are able to leap more than 30 feet. Tigers only have 3 to 4 cubs at a time. They live for 20 to 25 years.• Cheetah- The cheetah is the fastest animal on land it can run 70mph. The cheetah stalks its pray until it is about 100 feet away, then chases it down.• Lynx- The lynx has big fluffy feet so it doesnt sink into the snow.
    • 5 Of The World’s Most Poisonous Animals!• The Box jelly Fish-It has killed 5567 people since 1954. The toxins in their venom attacks the heart, nervous system, and the skin cells. It is extremely painful.• The Marbled Cone Snail- One drop of its venom is so powerful it can kill more than 20 humans.• Stone Fish- Its venom can cause the worst pain known to man. If not treated with in a couple of hours it can be fatal.• Poison Dart Frog- It is a bright, beautiful blue but it is one of the most poisonous animals on earth. They have enough venom in there skin to kill 10 humans or 20,000 mice.• The California Newt- The flesh and eggs of this little newts are full of deadly poison. Just one drop can kill 7,000 mice.
    • Bibliography• http://divaboo.info/• http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/anima ls/reptiles/horned-toad/• GoogleImages• Villageofjoy.com• Books: The world’s Deadliest Creatures, Ugly Animals, Amazing Poisonous Animals, Sea Creatures