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Extinct animals programme


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This tells about animals in 1800's and 1690's

Published in: Science
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Extinct animals programme

  1. 1. By Kirthivardhan
  2. 2. What does “Extinct” mean?  Extinct means something that was in the earth but does not exist anymore.
  3. 3. Extinct Animals  Now I am going to talk about extinct animals.
  4. 4. Dodo Bird  Now I’m going to talk about Dodo Bird  Dodo bird went extinct in 1662  They went extinct in Mauritius island  They were the smartest pigeons in the world
  5. 5. Tasmanian Tiger/Tylacine  Tasmanian tigers lives in Australia  Actually they are not Tasmanian tigers they are called Tylacine some people call it Tasmanian tiger  They went extinct in 1880 because when Eurasians arrived they started to build sheep farm and kill Tylacines  Tylacines can open their mouths wider than mammal
  6. 6. Megal Lemur  Megal lemurs went extinct because when people arrived at Madagascar it was hunted  I do not know when the Megal lemur went extinct
  7. 7. Certosaurus  No one knows why the Certosaurus went extinct because they were no humans that time  The Certosaurus was a dinosaur  Some people that dinosaurs went extinct because of meteoroids
  8. 8. Tyrannosaurus Rex  Tyrannosaurus Rex was a dinosaur  It was the 2nd biggest dinosaur in history  Many people think T – Rexes are awesome but they have very small hands  The bigger the dinosaur is, the slower they run
  9. 9. Anklysaurus  The Anklysaurus was a dinosaur  The Anklysaurus had a very spiky tail  This din0saur was not so big but it runs very slow  Thousands of people think Anklysauruses are awesome and it is awesome
  10. 10. Spinosaurus  The Spinosaurus was a dinosaur  The Spinosaurus was the 1st biggest dinosaur in history  As I said the bigger they are the slower they run  Many people think Spinosauruses are awesome in walking but they are not  Spinosauruses are only good at fighting
  11. 11. Triceratops  Triceratops was a dinosaur  It had horns on the top of its head  It does not fear of a T - Rex
  12. 12. Animals which are about become Extinct  Many animals are becoming extinct because their numbers are falling so low  If it keeps falling and it hits zero it would become extinct
  13. 13. Florida Manatee  Florida Manatees are becoming extinct because people drive speed boats and hit Florida manatees  When boats hit Florida Manatees, the manatee gets injured and will have scraps  Only about 400 left in the world
  14. 14. Philippine Eagle  Philippine Eagles are becoming extinct because of people destroying their habitat  Only 400 left in the world  Philippine eagles look scary when their mad!
  15. 15. Cheetah  Cheetahs are also about to get extinct because their habitat is destroyed  Only 15,000 left in the world
  16. 16. Grey Bat  Grey Bats are also endangered because they are getting hunted  Only 900,000 left in the world  I do not want Bats to become extinct because they eat MOSQUITOS!
  17. 17. Koala  Koalas are becoming extinct because its habitat is getting destroyed  Only 65,000 left in the world
  18. 18. Whooping crane  Whooping cranes are getting extinct because its habitat is getting fire by humans  Only 400 left in the world  I do not want the whooping crane to get extinct because it is a wonderful animal
  19. 19. Leatherback Turtle  Leatherback Turtles are becoming extinct because of humans  Only 39,000 females left in the world  I don’t want the leatherback turtle to go extinct because I haven’t seen it
  20. 20. Polar Bears  Polar bears are getting extinct because of humans  They are hunted for their warm fur  Polar bears can even swim under the water  Polar bears do not just hunt fish it also eats walrusses
  21. 21. How to save these animals?  I advice not to hunt animals and kill them because some of them help us like how bats eat mosquitos  Please try to save animals otherwise the earth will be so plain  Animals have life like us so please do not kill a lot of animals
  22. 22. Thank You!!!