Secure Branch Design


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Typically, the goals of bank or credit union design and security are at cross purposes.

Design seeks to create a welcoming environment, while security attempts to keep certain people out.

However, it is possible to design beautiful and effective branch environments that are also highly secure.

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Secure Branch Design

  1. 1. SECURE BRANCH DESIGN BrandPartners
  2. 2. ABout BRANDPARtNERS Design and implement high performing retail environments and communication strategies that directly influence consumer buying behavior Founded in 1983 Headquartered in Rochester, N.H. with offices in Jackson, Seattle, Milwaukee, and Hartford Partnered with more than 2,000 financial services companies and touched more than 36,000 branches worldwide 2
  3. 3. TyPically, goals of Bank design and securiTy are aT cross PurPoses DeSigN seeks to create warm welcoming environments that are very retail-like SeCuRity wants to create the safest environment possible in which to conduct transactions 3
  4. 4. tHE EXPERtS SAY. . . Ray Kelly NyC Police Commissioner One well known tier 1 bank’s architecture is actually conducive to robberies because it’s more like a living room than a business (couches, tV sets showing news, coffee stations) . . . RObeRt MCCRie bank Security Specialist banks are making themselves robber-friendly. . . 4
  5. 5. SECuRItY DEFINED even the dictionary points to the many facets of security. Main Entry: se·cu·ri·ty Pronunciation: si-kyu̇r-ə-tē Function: noun 1: the quality or state of being secure: as a: freedom from danger: safety b: freedom from fear or anxiety 2 a: something given, deposited, or pledged to make certain the fulfillment of an obligation b: surety 3: an instrument of investment in the form of a document (as a stock certificate or bond) providing evidence of its ownership 4 a: something that secures : protection b(1): measures taken to guard against espionage or sabotage, crime, attack, or escape (2): an organization or department whose task is security 5
  6. 6. achieving The oBjecTives of designers and securiTy sPecialisTs is a conundrum ThaT does have a soluTion if viewed holistically across every detail of a branch, bank branches can be both attractive and secure 6
  7. 7. SECuRItY iT’s more Than jusT PrevenTing roBBeries. iT’s aBouT: Customers’ sense of PRiVaCy Customers’ and employees’ feelings of SaFety 7
  8. 8. 3 lAYERS oF SECuRItY PSYCHoloGY oloGY some send a message, some are more TangiBle. ViSual indicators that purport security but don’t necessarily offer actual safety, e.g. half doors at teller counter, signs about hat removal SPatial how the display of the space and the movement of people affects security, e.g. clear site lines PHySiCal actual tangible features of the branch that impact security, e.g. cameras 8
  9. 9. EVERY DEtAIl MAttERS SeCuRity WE LCO can be improved at every ME ZON touchpoint of the environment ES (E N TRA NC E S) iMPROVeMeNtS at each phase feed into INTERIOR SECURITY the success of the next E NT EM N GAG G &E I NIN F TRA STAF 9
  10. 10. ENtRANCE PoINtS & WElCoME zoNES access conTrol vesTiBule bulletPROOF “bOx” essentially allows entrance to one person at a time Metal DeteCtOR scans for weapons allOwS aCCeSS only if you’re cleared Tip: Training is key to the success of this feature. Employees and customers must understand the benefits for it to be seen as a positive addition to the security plan, rather than as an annoyance. 10
  11. 11. ENtRANCE PoINtS & WElCoME zoNES signs requesTing The removal of hoods, haTs and sunglasses Meant to encourage customers to remove items that keep them from being unrecognizable Must be done respectfully training is key Tip: If employees understand the purpose of policies and procedures in the branch, security related or otherwise, easier to gain compliance, and results will be more effective 11
  12. 12. ENtRANCE PoINtS & WElCoME zoNES cameras and disPlay screens Common security tactic in retail Makes customers aware that they’re being recorded Tip: They don’t have to be ugly prison‐like cameras. A sleek, modern screen with a simple case surrounding it allows form and function have an equal part. 12
  13. 13. ENtRANCE PoINtS & WElCoME zoNES meeTer greeTer sTaTions By fronT door also a common retail tactic lets customers know they’ve been noticed Deters potential robbers and increases customer service Tip: Meeter greeter station must be staffed. An unstaffed greeter station is an open invitation to potential robbers, and gives them a sense of invisibility. 13
  14. 14. ENtRANCE PoINtS & WElCoME zoNES Take a simple meeter/greeter approach to the next level with the “Safe Catch” method. A new method that’s gaining some attention: Approach suspicious customers in a friendly manner, give them an opportunity to leave by providing them with an exceptional level of customer service (ask for ID, etc). Works well in tandem with traditionally accepted method of not causing friction. “Customer” is still always right. Use of this tactic reportedly thwarted the “Garden Glove Bandit” in Seattle. 14
  15. 15. INtERIoR “baNDit baRRieRS” bullet-proof glass separating tellers from customers arguably the best deterrent against robbery, but definitely not very welcoming . . . 15
  16. 16. INtERIoR CleaR SigHt liNeS tHROugHOut tHe bRaNCH The most commonly made mistake, but also very important when considering the branch merchandising plan. 16
  17. 17. INtERIoR FuRNituRe maintaining privacy is key. Privacy is often mostly about perception and it doesn’t have to compromise security 17
  18. 18. INtERIoR Vault vaults rarely in use anymore. (we haven’t installed one in years) Replaced by smaller safes, cash drawers and drop boxes. electronic security keeps them safe with motion detectors, cameras, heat detectors, etc. 18
  19. 19. INtERIoR wiNDOwS clear, open windows are critical Do not have complete obstructions or blinds. Police want a clear view inside in the event of a robbery. 19
  20. 20. INtERIoR CONCealeD SPaCeS are opportunities for robbers and liabilities for customers and employees (break room, public bathrooms, etc.) avoid out of site doorways, hidden nooks etc if you can’t avoid it, make sure hidden areas are monitored with security cameras 20
  21. 21. INtERIoR gates or doors to block access to behind teller line are mostly a visual cue. they won’t actually stop a determined robber but do provide a certain level of safety for tellers Tip: Gates with a keypad more effective than without. Doors even better where possible. 21
  22. 22. INtERIoR Teller heighTs and widTh a visual cue more than anything and are only a small component to a thorough security plan. Make it difficult for a robber to leap the counter big sticking point between design and security… security often wants them higher and wider, but design must also comply with aDa standards. Tip: When building new teller stations, keeping the transaction space as small as possible is also helpful in keeping robbers from leaping over the counter. 22
  23. 23. INtERIoR cameras Different purpose from entrance cameras No need for customers to see the cameras take advantage of new smaller technology - blends in with design - half-dome cameras can be built right into millwork - consider using at the driveup to get a clear view of people in cars Tip: Hidden camera can be concealed in nameplates and in egress doors frames - the same functionality, but don’t detract from design. 23
  24. 24. StAFF tRAINING & CuStoMER ENGAGEMENt PossiBly The mosT criTical Piece of The overall securiTy Plan Make staff aware of all security features. Reinforce the benefits to gain buy-in on entire plan Reiterate other elements of standard security procedures: compliance with robbers etc employees who feel safe in the environment will inspire customers to also feel safe 24
  25. 25. ulTimaTely, iT’s a Balancing acT between various needs of the branch: SeCuRity FuNCtiONality aDa etc . . . 25
  26. 26. iT also dePends on locaTion. whaT works for one Branch mighT noT work for anoTher. Some areas might require almost virtual lock down, others the bare minimum Tip: When moving into new locations, consider the surrounding area before deciding your security approach. What is the condition of the local economy? Rate of robberies in area banks? 26
  27. 27. SECuRItY IS ABout PERCEPtIoN. if The Branch is Perceived as Being well secured . . . RObbeRS will MOVe ON tO tHe Next. 27
  28. 28. tHaNK yOu information, material, and designs in this document are pro- prietary to and owned by brandPartners Retail inc. and may not be disclosed to any third party, reproduced, posted on a global computer information network, or distributed in any way without the written consent from brandPartners Retail inc. ©2009 brandPartners Retail inc. all rights reserved.