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TAU March 2011

  1. 1. Third Order. Society of St Francis, Aotearoa, New Zealand, & Polynesia with Melanesia 2011 TAU Ted Witham, "a wounded troubadour" Witham Visit AUCKLAND came together for lunch at our I expected the Provincial Minister place (thanks to Pat) where   we of Australia, New Guinea and sang his songs (and one of mine) East Asia to be a high powered while he accompanied us on theWithams 1/2 administrator with an aura of piano.   January 7th was a day of authority and energetic efficiency.  joy.Taonga extracts 3/4 Instead, coming off the gangway of the “Dawn Princess” I saw a Ted has presented the AucklandFormation 5 man in a wheelchair with a big area with a copy of "Franciscan smile.   Later on, I discovered Gold", the story of the AustralianArea News 6 from his wife Third Order. Rae, also a f o u n d i n g Chris, TSSFConvocation Plus 7/8 member of the West Australian If you would like to getBook reviews 9 branch of the to know Ted a bit T h i r d O r d e r, better, here are hisMisional Church 10 that he had to contacts: retire earlyBishop John Grey 11 from his position as 12 administrator of West Australian Email school chaplains,   is in constant twitham@graduate.uwa.edu.au : pain from displaced bones in his twitham@cygnus.uwa.edu.au back and needs to take thirty-two Teds blogs:Deadline for TAU pills a day to counter it.  But you Thoughts Provocateurs: would never guess what he www.blognow.com.au/twithamarticles- 13th June suffers.   He   shows a warm  Mind Journeys: http:// personal interest in everyone he tedwitham.wordpress.com/ meets and from him comes a Ted on Twitter:        http:// constant flow of   original   ideas twitter.com/tedwitham and thoughts, songs and poems BROWSE & BORROW TEDS and music, all to enliven and BOOKSHELF: http:// inspire his fellow tertiaries.  www.librarything.com/catalog/ Margaret Schoneveld, Femke twitham and I , later joined by Rose, loved our visit to  the Cathedral and the summit of Mt Eden.   Then we
  2. 2. TAU PAGE2 order" comparisons. Ted was delighted to find a NORTH IS. CENTRAL single console pipe organ in St. Aidans church,Dear Franciscans, and played a couple of hymns before being whisked away to lunch and further visits toOn Sunday 9th January 2011 several of the NIC several interesting Wellington locations. ThereTertiaries met at Dorothy Brookers to meet  were probably about 15 people in attendance.Rev. Ted Witham & his wife Rae. Ted is the Richard Roberts.Minister Provincial for Australia, Papua NewGuinea, & East Asia Province. He and his wife Dear Chris and Pat – and Auckland Tertiarieswere traveling on the Dawn Princess around  the coast of N.Z. and the ship docked at Napier Weʼve been home a week or more, and Iʼm onlyat 11:30 am and was leaving for Wellington at just getting around to writing and thanking you5.30 pm. for a wonderful day when we were in Auckland. It was good to meet you all, to enjoy yourThe time was precious.  Dorothy collected them hospitality and to see a little of Auckland. Theand she and her sister Shirley gave them rest of our cruise was very pleasant. Welunch  and had time to talk to them; then at enjoyed NZʼs dramatic scenery, especially the2.00pm Val, Raechel, Nettie, Clare and George Fjordland National Park. Milford Sound wasarrived and  Ted led us in a tea and chatter; stunning – and apparently unusually sunny. Wethen Eucharist.  This was followed by a shared met Tertiaries in Napier and Wellington, andafternoon George drove the Withams up Te caught up with old friends in Christchurch, so allMata Peak to give them an idea of the area.  At in all it was a great time.the Peak there were three bus loads from the  Dawn Princess! It was good to discover how much we have in common, Chris, with our writing. I hope we canAt 19 Ted had problems (with walking?) and at keep in touch. Thank you again.21 had a very big operation.   Although he is  only in his early 60s he has been retired for 15 Peace and joy Rae & Tedyears and he and Rae live in a retirement home  on the flat where he can walk about.  They live Ted and Rae Witham TSSFin Western Australia about 200 miles south of ADDRESS:  139/502 Bussell HighwayPerth.                    BROADWATER WA 6280George took them back to Dorothys and shewas collecting the wheelchair from the FLOODS IN QUEENSLANDCathedral  before returning them to thecollecting point for the ship. Sisters and brothers, no doubt you are aware ofThey were such a nice couple and we were the flood situation in Queensland. Please keepvery pleased to have the opportunity to meet in your prayers those in the flood region,them. particularly in Gatton and Toowoomba - Margarita Fomaneg; Ruth Gillis; ValdaYours in Christ Paradies; Jan Leerentueld; and Bronwyn &Clare and George Godfrey Fryar in Rockhampton. WELLINGTON Im not familiar with the other place names to identify other members affected, but will keepWellington Region entertained the Withams. you informed as I find out.They were met when their cruise ship tied up inWellington Harbour and whisked out to St. Pax et Bonum,Ted WithamAidans Miramar where a Franciscan eucharistwas celebrated, followed by a morning tea andchat....an exchange of views and "state of the
  3. 3. TAU PAGE 3 Extracts from Anglican Taonga Web Site ASH WEDNESDAY BY ANGELA PYKE | 10 MAR 2011 Christchurchʼs traditional Anglican-Catholic Ash Wednesday service to mark the beginning of Lent took place at St. Christopherʼs Anglican Church in Burnside.  This year it was the turn of the Anglican Bishop of Christchurch, Bishop Victoria Matthews, to host the service at the Anglican Cathedral. With both Cathedrals unavailable due to earthquake damage, Bishop Matthews invited the Catholic Bishop of Christchurch, Bishop Barry Jones, to the Burnside church where he delivered the homily. “This year, here in Christchurch, Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent will be observed in theruins of a beautiful and gracious city, named as we know with a holy Christian name,” saidBishop Jones.  “Our Lenten works of prayer, fasting and almsgiving are to be outward bound.  Somany people have told us that they are praying for the people of Christchurch and we must dothe same. "We must pray that the cityʼs leaders will be wise, compassionate and fair; that the goodwill,large-heartedness and good patience of people will be long lasting and strong; that the people ofthe Church will always bear witness to the generous love and mercy of God,” he said.Quake brings out the hero in us by LYNDA PATTERSON  | 12 SEP 2010In the language of insurance policies, the Canterbury quake was "an act of God". And I supposethatʼs true for some people, who see God micro-managing every single thing that happens, like aparanoid stage director. Maybe, we think, the quake meant that God was punishing us, so werack our brains to think what weʼve done.  Or maybe we say, Godʼs looking out specially for usbecause we got through the quake without any loss of life. I suppose there might be somethingcomforting about thinking that our fate is beyond our control.But I donʼt believe in the sort of God who doles out misery like gold stars in reverse, and I donʼtbelieve in that careful arithmetic of blame.We have a God who believes in new life, life in all its fullness. We donʼt avert our eyes whenthings go wrong in the world, or whistle cheerfully and pretend that nothingʼs happened.We front up to the suffering all around us provided we face up squarely to the suffering all roundus and do what we can to support those hurting most, without pretence or illusion.The first place to look for God is always in the facts, the way things are. All the neat explanationsfor why things happen as they do are just so many words,Weʼre all called to be heroes, even when we think thereʼs nothing particularly special oroutstanding about us.
  4. 4. TAU PAGE 4We all have our faults and our failings and our usʼ this joy is a divine gift, present even in timesparticular delusions of competence. of darkness and difficulty, giving cheerful courage in the face of disappointmentʼ andOur heroism doesnʼt have to be flashy and disaster bringing ʻan inward serenity andimpressive. It just means giving up our habits of confidence through sickness and sufferingʼ aself-defence, and the illusion that we can live gift of grace.on our own resources. Many thanks for all your prayers, we feltTo be a hero is nothing more than to live an supported and enfolded.undefended life. It is to be open to whateverGod has in store for us, wherever that might be, So many amazing people including thehowever it might cost us to get there. Anglican Church are working tirelessly to help the City recover itʼs sense of vitality andAnd it starts when we pause for just for a purpose. May Godʼs presence be in each smilemoment and then  join with God in remaking and each hand reached out in compassion andthe world. support.___________________________________ Editors Notes Having just come back from two weeks in Christchurch as part of a C.I. defuse team we noticed this same heroism in the day to day stories we were told, many coping with loss of PS.I spoke to Maggie and Coral while down there by phone, I believe Pam has moved topeople, possessions and personal stability. family out of Ch Ch at this stage, MarionʼsSeptember threw people into transition “ no House was hit and she has had help to make itlonger were they who they had beenʼ before the livable. Coral has a bad eye that needs prayerSeptember quake, some may have felt they and her water was still on and off. All are veryhad come through it when the March one hit busy helping! We need to pray for them for alland so the journey to wholeness and relocation of Christchurch and now also for Japan andgoes on. ʻAs yet they are not yet who they will China! (Hélène)be!ʼ Despite the losses so many are cheerful,helping and doing their very best to recoverfrom personal and community loss. “To give without any reward,Physiologically we need to shake, dance, run or any notice,off the adrenal overload that happens with the has a special quality of its own.ongoing quakes, we also need to learn tobreathe out when feeling stressed. Emotionally -Anne Morrow Lindberghand mentally we need to learn how to noticewhen we are making good choices, when we orour friends are overloaded and act! Brainimages need to be reframed to enable innerresilience and joy to return. As Francis teaches
  5. 5. TAU PAGE 5 Formation Director Lent 2011At this Lenten time, we usually consider how level and learned more about myself. Retreatwe may make some sacrifice, often deciding on times give us the opportunity to explore somesome rather superficial aim as we find hard to of these important questions, as we continue topersevere with anything more. progress.In our eyes, perhaps, Saint Francis seemed to Above Assisi looms Mount Subasio where isrelish sacrifice, by giving up his life of privilege. situated the ancient hermitage (Eremo delleFrancis, of course, didnʼt consider this to be a Carceri) to which Francis used to retreat for hissacrifice at all. quiet times. Present day pilgrims may walk or take the easy way up by car. On the day weInstead we learn it was his deep desire to went it was beautifully sunny and a haloedfollow the new path, as directed by God. His statue of Saint Francis greeted us at the start ofconversion from the life of a knight fighting the the path to the ancient building. As in all of thecause of Christianity was so unexpected by places we visited, picnics are not permitted, butthose he knew, that they possibly thought him some people seemed to find it hard to maintainmad. (1. See front page photo in Advent TAU) the requested “SILENZIO”. The test for me was not to allow this to distract me, thoughAlthough many of us reach a crisis point when sometimes my thoughts were not toowe know we need to change the way we run charitable.our lives, few of us would want to follow theextreme example of Francis. In our Formation After taking time to appreciate the rooms insidestudies there are stories of him we may find and reflect on the life of Francis in thathard to relate to. Members of the First and atmosphere, it was time to move outside. ThisSecond Orders choose to live in a manner was a day of four season; in the sun and out ofmore closely aligned to that of the Brothers and the wind it was balmy weather, but on the forestSisters following Francis and Clare. trail, the deep shadow and bitter wind meant I didnʼt feel like staying very long in the outdoorAs Third Order members we have made a chapel with seating and the TAU cross on thedifferent choice, to live with family in our own altar. Once more I asked myself about Francisʼhomes, though still part of the Franciscan sacrifices, He was happy to live there inCommunity. The challenge for us is to midwinter with cold far worse, snowed in nounderstand our Principles and how closely we doubt. Can we come close to Francisʼ faith,can apply them in our day- to- day lives. hear what we are invited to sacrifice and do itFrancis intention was to give Third Order with a joyful heart?members the freedom to “live in the world”,while keeping the principles he believed in.One of the difficulties we may face is that ofviewing sacrifice like Francis, as a great joy. Inhis making a decision to miss out on a feast towhich he was invited by the nobleman, Matteode Rossi, so that he could keep company withbeggars in the courtyard he demonstratedsimply, the importance of our being equals inGodʼs eyes. A question we are asked to consider is, in whatway are we like Saint Francis? When I did mystudies, at first it was tempting to dismiss this St Francis is represented awaiting visitors to theas an impossibility, but being required to take Hermitage (Eremo delle Carceri)this seriously, I dug down to a more profound half way up Mount Subasio.
  6. 6. TAU PAGE 6 Around the AreasAuckland: Dear fellow tertiaries, NIC. Saturday 26 February 2011 the H.B.A very joyful and happy New Year to all! tertiaries met at Nettie Gardiner’s. Dorothy Brooker led us in a Eucharist and prayers forThe yearʼs programme for the whole Auckland Judy who was unwell and not able to attend asarea as arranged at our last meeting is below: well as prayers for our fellow Franciscans in the Christchurch area, which was followed by aSaturday February 12th BBQ lunch. Thanks to Ashley for the cooking.Saturday 9th April Claudia came with Darrel for the lunch andSaturday 9th July session. After lunch we had a short discussion with Secular Franciscans on:Saturday August 13th 1. Day meetings in HB - 2 monthly.Retreat 30th September to 2nd October Saturdays 10 am - 3 pm with a shared lunchSaturday December 10th and a gold coin to host to cover tea, coffee etc.All meetings will be at St Aidans unless 2. Study: “Franciscan Prayer” by Ilia Delio OSFotherwise advised and will start at 10 am and suggestion to get together in groups:finish at 2 pm. HB: Wanganui: New Plymouth: Taupo - email thoughts to Convenors on the questionsIn the months between there will be meetings at the end of chapter so we can send outof the four sub groups, North Shore, Western, a combined list of thoughts (not named).Southern and Eastern which each group will Perhaps a different person to lead each time.organise.Peace and joy! 3. Quiet Day is to be held in Waipawa at StAlison 267-1455 Peter’s Glebe - possibly Saturday 1st or 8thChris  575-6142 October. Dorothy has offered to lead us with “The Canticle of the Creatures”. Will renew our4/3/11 Greetings, Grace and peace to you vows for those able to be with us.from God I spoke with Maggie (Area Chaplain)last night. All Tertiaries are ok. Some have left 4. Reminder that Convocation will be held atChristchurch for family, or are living with family El Rancho in 2012 from Thursday 4 Octoberin Christchurch, their houses having suffered to Sunday 7 October. Suggestion to put asidefrom the earthquake. However, all are well and at least $2.00 per week = $104.00 asafe, for which we give thanks to God. Please year. Cost likely to be at least $200.00keep Maggie in your prayers. She is working inan inner city parish, visiting people, hearing Christchurch:The tragedy continues to unfoldtheir stories, being a pastor. The parish have - but along with the bad news, stories of quietdecided to visit every house in their parish, so heroism and generous support. Your prayersthis will be demanding work. I hope to be in are much appreciated Maggie SmithChristchurch in early April, and will hopefully beable to attend the Christchurch area meeting,as well as support friends and colleagues ofmine down there Te pai me te rangimārie John “Real friendship is shown inADDRESS CHANGE times of trouble; prosperity isAva StockwellUnit 1, 110 Chadwick Road, Greerton, full of friends”- EuripedesTauranga 3112Cellphone: 022 028 8041
  7. 7. TAU PAGE 7 TSSF Convocation 2012 the Community of St Clare while those sisters were in Australia.Living simply in a complex world It is set in timbered hill country, near the historic village of Stroud, founded in 1831, some 80k El Rancho, Waikanae north of Newcastle. She will reside in a section Thursday 4th – Sunday 7th October of the mud-brick monastery, maintain a pattern of daily prayer and Eucharist, and be available 2012 to minister to individuals and groups who come on Retreat.  She will be self-supporting. Keynote speaker: Susan Pitchford TSSF Who better to help us think about living simply in a Among the packed congregation were tertiariescomplex world than Susan Pitchford, author of from the Newcastle and Sydney fellowships;Following Francis: The Franciscan Way for Everyone? other people from both dioceses, especially the parishes of Dungog and Stroud; and the FirstSusan is a senior lecturer in the Department of Sociology Order brothers of the neighbouring Hermitageat the University of Washington. Her teaching focusesmainly on issues of inequality, both within the U.S. and of St Bernadine of Siena.globally. She has also led study abroad programs throughthe University of Washington,taking students to Zimbabwe, FRAFOR NCIS Since the time of St. Francis of Assisi, the Franciscans have worked among the poor and most vulnerable.South Africa and Northern Ireland. Since 1989, Franciscans International has broughtIn the northern spring 2011, she their concerns to the United Nations.will be leading a new program inRome, Italy. This will focus on thehistorical and ongoing tension withinthe Church between the seduction ofworldly wealth and power, and the Churchs originalmission of self-sacrificing love and service.Susan also takes classes and workshops on contemplativeprayer, having a rule of life, and Franciscan spirituality. Watch the next Tau for more details of Convocation 2012: Living simply in a “Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” —St. Francis of Assisi complex world. – Plan now to be there Give $5 each month to help Franciscans International: A Journey in Vocation by Philip Thirlwell (NSW-A) Ask 5 others to give too!Our sister, Pirrial Clift tssf, was "placed" withEpiscopal blessing, with prayers and joyful Franciscans Internationalpraise in the context of an exciting A voice at the United Nations www.franciscansinternational.org/5forfrancisEucharist, in her new life as a contemplative  priest at the Monastery of the Blessed VirginMary at Stroud, on Sunday 6th March. This year FI is putting special emphasis on addressing justice issues related to children.  Sadly it is a long list, which includes: child soldiers; ʻwitchThe chapel was filled, with a shoulder to childrenʼ; and children who are trafficked for sexualshoulder congregation, and filled with vibrant abuse. In March, FI is organising a conference atsinging. the United Nations focusing on ʻChild abuse and traditional practices which are harmful to childrenʼ to highlight these issues. We are working to effectPirrial has recently retired from being the rector change in every country, through promoting theof the nearby parish of Dungog.  She has implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). A childʼs happiness or even life,responded to a perceived call from God to could depend on our prompt action wherever webecome a contemplative and pastoral presence are…at the monastery, which had been the home of Sr. Denise Boyle fmdm Executive Director FI
  8. 8. TAU PAGE 8 beautiful homily that wove her colouful spiritual Hélèneʼs Ordination 4th December journey and life story with the readings from Isaiah? 2010Nettie, Sarah and husband Rick drove through We were sothe parched countryside to New Plymouth. The pleased tocoast was beautiful and the mountain clear and have been invited to sharethe summer berries at Pio Pio delicious! the weekendThe purpose for our journey was to support with HélèneHélène (and her husband Don ) at her and her familyordination to the diaconate. This was held on and Titia andthe 4th December at the Taranaki Cathedral, her family. Itthe lovely stone church of St Mary. The day was a verywas hot as Taranaki was as dry as we have precious time. As one of the Holy Trinityever seen it. We forgot our “farming in drought Church family said “Hélène looks very much towoes” and just enjoyed the beautiful service. have come home” We arrived early to make sure of a seat and Congratulations Hélène and may God blessdiscovered Hélène had reserved us the front you in your ministry. (by Sarah)row. Titia and her husband Winfred also joined __________________________________________us. We felt very honoured and just loved being Christchurch Earthquake Prayer:22 Feb/11able to see the ordination and ritual up close. God – the world is in an uproar.With our usual planning we all forgot a camerabut Nettie was able to use her phone and While ordinary people in the Middle EastHélèneʼs friend Pip had a professional camera call for justice and a fair way of life,with her. Three deacons were to be ordained, the ground rolls beneath Christchurch again.Hélène and Shirley Anne to be transitional  deacons and Charmaine to become a Its incongruous that I sit here looking out atvocational deacon. Charmaineʼs whakapapa is green treeslocal so the service began with a Karanga and and a still horizonmihihi, with waiata sung by the congregation. beckoning me to hopeThe ordination was very moving and with while troops are opening fireplenty of tears and laughter with Bishop Philip on demonstrators in Libyacommenting on Hélèneʼs full name which as and the Cathedral tower shatters.Hélène pointed out spells hap(p)y. A very fitting  name we all agreed! The tears came when we Life is not fair - life is not just.as family joined Hélène in the lady chapel to Nor is it able to be taken in measured doses.receive the host from Hélène for the first time, Chaos can mean there is nowhere else to goso precious. and nothing left to doWe all commented that it was a lovely service but to cry out to youand it was great to see Hélène as the as though you are the silent ear,Reverend Helene who in true Franciscan spirit hearing our crieshad cast off her shoes and was a picture of joy. absorbing them into yourself and crying with us.The next morning Holy Trinity held a special  service to welcome Hélène as the new deacon Even as bullets fly and buildings disintegrate,to join Titia and Archdeacon Tricia as part of may compassion rise in all of usthe ministry team. A beautiful San Damiano to be the God that walks and talks in the worldcross was presented to Hélène from the parish today.which was an acknowledgement of her - http://www.spiritedcrone.com/?sid=82Franciscan vocation. Hélène preached the ________________________________sermon and received much applause for her
  9. 9. TAU PAGE9 Book Reviews from Clare Stewart to Whet Your Appetite Franciscan way of the Cross Book inby Teresa V. Baker SFO. Pub. St. Anthony Messenger Press 2005: A look at the Forum 2011familiar Franciscan “Peace” prayer through her meditation and a prayer for each now!station of the cross. A very small book- only 20 pages. I found it witnessed to hervery loving relationship with Jesus... tender, almost. Good for the soul!!. Ngatiawa, Waikanae: Prayers from the Heart 18-22nd July  (A centre of Urban by Richard Foster, published Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, 1994 Vision)I added some of these to my daily office book. This is an anthology of prayers - Old promo video:some by Foster, some traditional gems, notes on the prayers, and some footnotes http://or comments. I particularly liked the thought of having a cup of coffee with God www.youtube.comto start my day. /watch? v=8sYuzjF_WDk Jesus through Middle Eastern Eyes _______________ by Kenneth Bailey Publisher Inter varsity Press 2008More micro-print but worth the persistence. I’m a Bailey fan anyway- from ‘Poetand Peasant’ and ‘Finding the Lost’. Aspects of Jesus’ daily life that we give little Life loves to beattention to are related to the true culture and customs of the day (and often taken by theMiddle eastern life still). The sections on the Lord’s prayer and on the Beatitudes lapel andare well worth an annual visit, I reckon. And I am a sucker for anything Mr. Baily told,”I’m withhas to say on the parables. This is my book of the year! A good Scripture Index for you kid.sermon reference. This is a useful book, not just a pleasant read. Let’s go.” -Maya Angelou
  10. 10. TAU PAGE 10 Thought for the Month “The Missional Church is Not about the ChurchFrom Rev Peter Osborne, Ministry Educator, church a part of their lives?" Alan Roxburgh andpeter@hn-ang.org.nz Scott Boren. Introducing the Missional Church.  We need an alternative imagination to the Te pai me te rangimārie Johnattractional, in order to understand themissional church. DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMENThis imagination starts with a paradoxical Geneva, Switzerland : Two Franciscansstatement that often leaves people confused: attended the United Nations to highlightA missional imagination is not about the church, gender injustices affecting Kenyan women andits not about how to make the church better, girls such as literacy, education, and health. how to get more people to come to church, Sr. Patricia Ndunge Kasina LSOSF, and Janeor how to turn a dying church around. Its not Mary Wangari SFO, previously worked with FIabout getting the church back to cultural and women at the grassroots to collate andrespectability in a time when it has beenmarginalised. All of these are good things, but submit an official report. They also delivered anthey arent the focus of a missional imagination. oral statement to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against WomenGod is up to something in the world that is (CEDAW) as part of the countrys generalbigger than the church even though the church human rights review.is called to be sign, witness, and foretaste ofGods purposes in the world. The Spirit iscalling the church on a journey outside of itself On 19 January Ms. Wangari delivered an oraland its internal focus. Rowan Williams statement that drew the Committees attentionsummarises this imagination in this way: It is to the fact that healthcare remained a seriousnot the church of God that has a mission. Its concern in Kenya, where maternal mortalitythe God of mission that has a church. He is rates were still very high. Lack of propersaying God is at work in the world to redeem nutrition was also a serious issue with regardscreation, and God invites us to participate in to HIV/AIDS treatment. She asked the Kenyanthis mission. Government to increase the number andGod is not interested in getting more and more training of healthcare professionals and sexualpeople into the institution of the church. Instead and reproductive health services, as well asthe church is to be Gods hands and feet in other concrete measures to combat genderaccomplishing Gods mission. based discrimination.This imagination turns most of our church She told FI: "We were pleased that many of thepractices on their head. It invites us to turn reports recommendations were addressedtoward our neighbourhoods and communities, and, we hope, will be worked on. We willlistening first to what is happening among continue to work with FI and at the grassrootspeople and learning to ask different questionabout what God is up to in the neighbourhood. and to network more with others working on the same issues worldwide to ensure thatRather than the primary question being, How government policies are respected."do we attract people to what we are doing? itbecomes, what is God up to in theneighbourhood? and What are the ways we FIVE FOR FRANCISneed to change in order to engage the peoplein our community who no longer consider - GIVE 5 ASK 5
  11. 11. TAU PAGE 11 A Message from Bishop John GrayE te iwi whanui tena koutou, Greetings to our through the earthquake in some cases theyfriends and Whanau in Aotearoa NZ me nga donʼt have any mode of transport and we haveHui Amorangi, USA Presiding Bishop Katharine to use 4 wheel drive vehicles to reach theseSchori, Bishop of Hawaii Robert Fitzpatrick, people.General Secretary Tom Heffer Seafarers in  London and many others who have contacted Our centre is also providing temporary housingus. to families who have no place to stay due to the  quake approx. 20 in residence and growing. If I havenʼt responded to anyone my apologies Unfortunately we are unable to house moreas we have been totally involved with this work because of limited shelter, water and Porta-in the field (12 hr days) you can contact me on loos. I am praying and hoping we can obtain a0274323971 or 033891683.  If you wish to special tank for water soon this will helpdonate this will be greatly appreciated and can alleviate some of our problems.   We arebe sent to - 060807 0078247 02 - National working with Hera Clark and her seven socialBank, Fitzgerald Ave Branch, Imprest Account workers who have come from Wellington they(Anglican Maori Mission). are based at our centre and we appreciate the  services they are offering.Thank you for your prayers and support  physically and financially which has been I visited the student army co-ordinators with thegreatly appreciated for our work in this horrific Dean Peter Beck who have a work force ofdevastation which has plagued the city for the 18000 students  to give them encouragementpast ten days. and moral support and we provide pack  lunches to 50 coordinator staff  when requestedThe Hui Amorangi is active in allocating Priest (on a roster basis). This group is engaged inand counseling services in most of the welfare liquefaction clearing and many other tasks incentres.  In the next few days six students from the community.  St Johnʼs college and two priests from Manawa  o Te Wheke and a priest from Blenheim will join The Hui Amorangi (Te Hepara Pai) is a veryus this will give relief to some of our staff who small ministry unit in Christchurch with a bigbeen involved since the Earthquake.   As the heart we are here for the long haul and webodies are recovered from varies sites I have know that Gods grace will guide us safelybeen asked to provide priestly services to bless through this carnage of human life andthese areas starting with the Cathedral we will suffering.     I would like to thank our donorsbe attending each time there is a recovery on a particularly to Bishop Kito who responded when24 hr cycle.   We have Maori Chaplains based the crisis began which enabled us to set upat Christchurch and Burwood Hospitals to resources for this major catastrophe thank youassist families and patients.  and your Hui Amorangi. To all other donors  thank you for your kindness and aroha.  In theWe are thankful for the assistance of Jo Unwin evenings we meet at 7.30 pm to give spiritualfor her services in co-ordinating donations of nourishment to those who are working in thefood at 290 ferry road where we have our field please keep us in your prayers as wedistribution bank which also receives water continue Godʼs work amongst our people.blankets and many other goods including  portable toilets for delivery.  We are thankful for May God bless us as I retire to take my rest tothe contributions from the business community begin a new day of showering Godʼs love.of Ashburton and other donors too numerous to Will be in touch as we progress once again amention.  We are providing hot food and non- big THANK YOU to everyone.perishables   groceries to houses who areunable to access food banks because these Na reira tena koutou katoa Bishop John  areas have experienced flooding of their homes  
  12. 12. TAU PAGE 12 Sift together flour, cocoa, baking Sticky Brownies Preheat oven 180c lightly grease 20cm square baking tin and line powder and fold into the egg and3 oz Butter base chocolate mixture.5 oz Castor Sugar    Spoon mixture into a cake tin and3 ½  oz soft brown sugar Place butter, sugars, chocolate bake for 25 minutes – until top is4 ½  oz plain chocolate and golden syrup in a heavy crisp and edge of cake beginning1 tbspn Golden syrup saucepan and gently heat stirring to shrink away.2 eggs until mixture is blended andI tsp chocolate or vanilla essence The cake will still be quite gooey smooth can be done in2 Tbsp Cocoa powder and soft to touch microwave!) Remove and allow to3 ½ oz plain flour cool Beat½ tsp baking powder And very yummy after LENT together eggs and essence, whisk into cooled chocolate mixture Archbishop launches online Lent reflections: Dr Sentamu will be encouraging people to give to good causes during Lent The Archbishop of York will publish his thoughts online about Lent.Dr John Sentamu will encourage people to donate the money they save during Lent to good causes or to purchase fair trade products. The weekly posts will be published online from 9 March with a fresh reflection added each week on the Archbishops website .Dr Sentamu said he was surprised by the success of his Christmas thoughts which were published as part of an online Advent calendar. Good causes: Hesaid: "I always love the opportunity to share with others the love of God and the transforming power of theHoly Spirit in our daily lives. "But what really surprised me was how many people enjoyed reading thosereflections in the build up to Christmas." Lent is, for Christians, traditionally a period of penitence andabstinence. The Archbishop said: "Many people give up something for the 40 days that precede EasterSunday. "Maybe you will give up [a] treat. Perhaps you will put aside the money you save and use it for agood cause or maybe you will simply use it to buy The Real Easter Egg, Traidcraft products or Fairtradegoods. "It is important that we fight poverty through trade." BBC YORK Our Archbishop David and Bishop Philip have been helping in support, fundraising and prayer for Christchurch, with them we continue to pray for families affected world wideby natural disasters, poverty and war. Especially praying for the USAR teams that search for theinjured and dead. We hold our own Franciscan family here and overseas helping in so many waysto bring peace and justice to the world and we wonder at the gift of grace and comradeship thatarises as we reach out to each other being the hands and face of Christ in the beautiful andbroken world. As the prayer in time of need says :“ Pierce our hearts with compassion,we who watch from afar, find only misery upon misery, Move us to act swiftly this day, to givegenerously every day, to work for justice always, to pray unceasingly for those without hope.” Hélène Please pray for Japan ; Christchurch ; China.