Social Media for Serious Business


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Snapshot of the Big 4 social media presence in Luxembourg & possible optimization

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Social Media for Serious Business

  1. 1. Social  media  For Serious BusinessSnapshop of the Big 4 media presence in Luxembourg and possible optimization
  2. 2. Statement:Most consulting companies are reluctant to useSocial Media“It might affect our credibility asexperts”“Potential customers know howto find us”“We already know who ourcustomers are…”“Our customers are not onSocial Media”“Facebook is a fad for kids”(“let’suse it only for recruitment purpose”)
  3. 3. Premise:Consulting business is not different!Knowledge is a product like other :•  It needs a Marketing Strategy•  It needs good communication Paths•  It needs Sales effortsSocial Media can help!
  4. 4. B2B Social media insightsSource: Forrester research &Marketing Q1 2010
  5. 5. Social Media opportunities:•  Drive more traffic to your company website•  Demonstrate your expertize•  Zoom on specific parts of the business you want to promote•  Enrol new motivated staff members•  Acquire new clients•  Build customer loyalty•  Gain valuable market research for innovation•  Develop a community of “brand advocates”•  Increase search engine exposure from multiple social sites
  6. 6. Big 4 social presence in Luxembourg                         Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes    Target  group   Young  graduates   ?   Young  graduates   Young  graduates    Fans   1176   99   222   1258    Engagement   Low   None   Low   Low    Men>on  on  na>onal  website   Yes   No   Yes   No   /*   /*   Yes   Yes    Followers       44   391    Engagement       None   None    Men>on  on  na>onal  website       Yes   No   Yes   Yes   /*   Yes    Company  profile   yes   yes       /    Followers   1724   742        Groups   Employees  (closed)   /     Alumni  +  employees  (closed)    Men>on  on  na>onal  website   Yes   No     No   Yes   Yes   /*   Yes    Followers   17   16     6    Men>on  on  na>onal  website   Yes   Yes     No   /   /   /   /  
  7. 7. Actual Social Media approach:Maximum control – Maximum security•  Push mode: broadcasting, no dialogue•  No activation, no engagement•  Lot of valuable content… … That potential customer has to search for … In a non web-friendly format … Difficult to share (Too much information kills information, right?)•  Customer centricity ?
  8. 8. Other game, other rules!
  9. 9. MesureListen React Engage conversationManage your Social presence
  10. 10. Monitoring Track what is being said about: •  Your brand •  Key people in your organization •  Your competitors •  Your key activities topics•  On social media,•  Websites,•  blogs,•  Forums,•  Newsgroup,•  Online press,•  …
  11. 11. Business Intelligence Feed your CRM Identify: •  key influencers •  Potential leads •  Unsatisfied customer/staff members •  New customer needs Spot groups/places where your hot topics are discussed Gather competitive information
  12. 12. Engage!
  13. 13. The gift economy : The more you give… the more you receive •  helping someone solve a problem •  attending community events •  showing real interest in what someone else is working on •  using your network to do something good for the community •  demonstrating you implement people’s suggestions
  14. 14. Conversation On LinkedIn/Viadeo/Xing •  Train & coach company individuals to correct networking attitude / personal branding •  Encourage staff to share company content •  Use group to make them connect with potential customers •  Get them endorsed to attract more clients Get individuals recognized as Experts
  15. 15. Conversation On Facebook – Twitter •  Put the people in the Picture: –  Fans – followers - staff – clients •  Ask questions - solicit feedback •  Entertain – make people laugh •  Educate - Share helpful information •  Organise contest •  Give more visibility to your content (FB ads) Dare to be disruptive!
  16. 16. What if you are criticized?When communicating•  Don’t show irritation or be aggressive•  Don’t hide, communicate•  Listen – identify influencers•  Admit the facts, understand emotions, contextualize, be proactive•  Be open and honest about the problem, his causes & solutions•  No legal talk, be human•  Explain what you are doing to prevent the problem from happening again
  17. 17. So now…
  18. 18. So now…What are you going to do?
  19. 19. Questions?   tre Benoit Haesebrouck @benoit_samanco +32 479 98 95 02
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