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New sensor technologies  mems wireless texas
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New sensor technologies mems wireless texas


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  • 1. Automation & Robotics Research Institute The University of Texas at Arlington F.L. Lewis, Assoc. Director for Research Moncrief-O’Donnell Endowed Chair Head, Controls, Sensors, MEMS Group
  • 2. Wireless MEMS Sensor Networks New Initiative at ARRI $180K in ARO/ UTA/ Texas funding to set up ARRI MEMS lab $448K in MEMS & Network related Grants from NSF and ARO Contact Frank Lewis [email_address] [email_address] C&C User Interface for wireless networks- Machinery monitoring & Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM / PHM / RUL) Remote site biochemical warfare (BCW) toxin monitoring Personnel monitoring and secure area denial Optical MEMS human biosensors
  • 3. Management Center ( Database large storage, analysis ) PDA BSC (Base Station Controller, Preprocessing) BTS Wireless Sensor Machine Monitoring Medical Monitoring Wireless Sensor Wireless Data Collection Networks Wireless (Wi-Fi 802.11 2.4GHz BlueTooth Cellular Network, -CDMA, GSM) Data Acquisition Network Data Distribution Network Printer Wireland (Ethernet WLAN, Optical) Animal Monitoring Vehicle Monitoring Online monitoring Wireless Sensor Networks Server transmitter Any where to monitor and any where to access Notebook Cellular Phone PC Submarine Monitoring
  • 4. Wireless Sensor Net Research Areas Sensor Technology MEMS Node Technology DSP Power RF link Wireless Networks Cellular network WLAN Other short range RF networks Multiple linked networks Remote Access Terminals Wireless PDA, Wireless Laptop, Cellphone, Internet Data management Sensor data storage DSP Data Access Alarming IEEE 1451 Standard for Smart Sensor Networks
  • 5. Vehicle Test, Performance Tuning, and Monitoring
  • 6. Tiered Disaster/Emergency Response Full response requires local, state, and federal assets State response includes National Guard Military support requires Total Force involvement Local Response Incident Commander Federal Response State Response Dr. Ron Blanck, President, UNT Health Science Center
  • 7. BCW Monitoring Structured chemically-active nanosphere thin film- Rajeshwar 3x3 IGEFET sensor micro- array- Kolesar DSP and C&C User Interface for wireless networks- Lewis Molecular Recognition- Rudkevich Microcantilever MEMS sensor array- Kolesar MEMS sensors for biochemical species including anthrax, nerve gases, NOx, organophosphorus Wireless Sensor Networks for remote site biochemical monitoring
  • 8. Personnel Secure Area Monitoring Contact Behrooz Shirazi [email_address] Multiple-Clearance-Level Secure Access Areas Smart sensors and wireless MEMS sensor networks Video surveillance and tracking Biometrics and sensor fusion for personnel monitoring Databases and Data Mining Pervasive and mobile computing (PICO) Agent-oriented software engineering Psychology and Human Performance Prediction Fail-safe construction and smart materials LOW SECURITY MEDIUM SECURITY HIGH SECURITY VENTILATION Gas Sensors . . Human Performance Video Tracking/Surveillance Image Processing Data Fusion Data Mining WALLS Blast Layer Sensor Layers . . . . Biometrics Smart Materials Smart Sensors Smart Structures Wireless Networks PICO Screening
  • 9. PHM Architecture and Enabling Technologies Air Vehicle On-Board Health Assessment Health Management, Reporting & Recording Autonomic Logistics & Off-Board PHM PVI MAINTAINER VEHICLE INTERFACE Mission Critical PHM Data Displays & Controls Crash Recorder Maintenance Interface Functions IETMs Consumables On-Board Diagnostics PMD PMA In-Flight & Maintenance Data Link Flight Critical PHM / Service Info Database PHM Area Managers MS Subsystems Sensor Fusion Model-Based Reasoning Tailored Algorithms Systems Specific Logic / Rules Feature Extraction Methods Used: FCS/Utility Subsystems NVM AVPHM Hosted in ICP Structures Mission Systems Decision Support Troubleshooting and Repair Condition-Based Maintenance Efficient Logistics Vehicle Systems Propulsion Results In: ALIS Automated Pilot / Maint. Debrief Off-Board Prognostics Intelligent Help Environment Store / Distribute PHM Information Hosted in ICP Mike Gandy, Lockheed . AMD/PMD Provides: AV-Level Info Management Intelligent FI Prognostics/Trends Auto. Logistics Enabling/Interface ICAWS Manager
  • 10. Condition Based Monitoring System Wireless Sensors DSP Base Station Transceiver Base Station Controller Wireless LAN network Wireless Routers Wireless Terminals Access Device (PDA, laptop, Internet) & DSP Alarm Functions
  • 11. Condition Based Maintenance System Architecture Database Wireless Sensor Wireless Transceiver Neural Net Training Sequence Feature extraction Fault Pattern Preprocessing Monitoring Post Processing (Labview) Target Artificial Intelligent Fuzzy Logic Self Learning Sensor Fusion Time Domain Frequency Domain Wavelet Fault Recognition Pattern Matching Health Assessment DAQ and Monitoring Offline Legacy Data Techniques Functional Building Block Analysis Prognosis & Diagnosis Distributed DSP
  • 12. Cellular Technologies 2G Systems  2.5G Systems  3G Systems Other Short-range Technologies Home RF  Bluetooth IrDA  IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Technology 2.4 GHz Wireless LAN  5 GHz Wireless LAN Ad-hoc Mode Infrastructure Mode Which Technology? Cordless Telephony (cellphone) Internet
  • 13. Berkeley Crossbow Sensor Crossbow transceiver Which Hardware? Crossbow Berkeley Motes
  • 14. Microstrain V-Link Transceiver Microstrain Transceiver Connect to PC Microstrain G-Sensor Microstrain Wireless Sensors RFID node
  • 15. DSP- Data to Information Discrete Event - triggers Advise, Decision Assistance, Alarm
  • 16. New Sensor Technologies- MEMS Power Generation E-Mag Vibration E-Static RFID New Sensing Methods Optical Pulmonary Pressure Sensor Membrane deflection FEA