Max Björkbom. Doing Business in Sweden 07.06.2013


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Max Björkbom. Doing Business in Sweden 07.06.2013

  1. 1. Sweden Max Björkbom Attorney at law, partner
  2. 2. Brief facts on Sweden • Population: 9.5 million (85% live in urban areas) • Area: 450,000 = 174 000 sq.mi. • Most important export industries: Mechanical engineering, automotive, information and communication technology, pulp & paper, power generation, pharmaceuticals, iron and steel, transport services and tourism. • Most important import goods and services: Foodstuffs, raw materials and fuels, chemical products, machinery, electrical equipment, information & communication products and services, road motor vehicles, textile products & apparel, tourism.
  3. 3. • Sweden has a central position in northern Europe and is the largest market in the Nordic region. • Sweden is innovative, has a highly skilled labour force, sophisticated consumers, smooth business procedures, openness to international ownership and a stable economy. Key sectors in the economy include the following fields: • Health Care and Life Science • Metals and Mining • ICT - Information and communications technology • Energy and Environmental Technology • BioBased Materials • Engineering and Packaging • Service Industry More information can be obtained from Business opportunities in Sweden
  4. 4. Setting up your business in Sweden Legal framework • Most common type of corporation is the privately held company limited by shares. • Minimum share capital is SEK 50.000 (approx. EUR 5.825) • Easiest and quickest obtained by purchase of an off-the-shelf company, at a cost of approx. SEK 10.000 (approx. EUR 1.165) • Board of Directors is mandatory, must consist of minimum one member and one alternate member. At least half of the Board members must be EES residents. • If no Director is domiciled in Sweden, a Swedish resident must be appointed who is authorised to receive service of notice on behalf of the company.
  5. 5. Taxation • Swedish Limited companies pay income tax by 22 per cent • Coupon tax by, in general, 15 per cent on dividend pursuant to Swedish- Russian taxation treaty, to be withheld and disbursed by the company. • Individuals who work in Sweden for a limited period of time (up to six months in a rolling 12-month-period) may apply for special income tax with the Swedish tax authorities. The tax rate is 25 per cent (flat rate). Social contributions must be paid in your domicile country and evidenced to the Swedish tax authorities. • If the period in Sweden exceeds six months your will generally be liable to pay Swedish income tax and social contributions. Setting up your business in Sweden, continued
  6. 6. Migration • Sweden has Schengen rules common with most other EU states. • A residence permit is required if you will stay in Sweden for more than three months in order to start a company or enter into a company partnership. Work permit is not required for individuals who are self- employed. • If you will work as an employee, you will require a residence permit and a work permit. For more information, see GB/Embassies/Moscow/ Setting up your business in Sweden, continued The content of the presentation cannot be applied as legal counselling as this will always be subject to actual and specific knowledge of the client’s situation.