Certificate iv in frontline management – workplace safety legislation
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Certificate iv in frontline management – workplace safety legislation






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Certificate iv in frontline management – workplace safety legislation Certificate iv in frontline management – workplace safety legislation Presentation Transcript

  • Workplace Safety LegislationCertificate IV in FrontlineManagement
  • The Certificate IV in FrontlineManagement qualificationsoffered by Intellitrain provideinformation on the WorkplaceSafety Legislation.
  • LegislationThere are around 250 or moredeaths in Australia every yeardue to workplace accidents. Anumber of industry bodies havebeen set up in each State toassist with reducing the numberof workplace accidents andincidents.
  •  It has been noted that workplaceincidents could be reduced andavoided if people within theworkplace take due care anddiligence in ensuring their ownsafety and that of others.
  • Workcover is an industry bodythat has implemented a numberof rules and regulations to keepworkers safe. There is anindustry body in every State andcan offer a number of differentforms and types of assistance toworkplaces.
  • Some of the websites you canaccess information on include; www.workcover.nsw.gov.au www.workcoverqld.com.au www.workcover.com www.worksafe.vic.gov.au www.workcover.wa.gov.au www.worksafety.act.gov.au www.workcover.tas.gov.au
  • Standards Australia Standards Australia is the peak bodythat sets standards with relevantworking parties. The standards they setare requirements that indicate theminimum level of acceptableperformance or quality relating to aspecific hazard, process, product orindustry standard. Their website is www.standards.org.au/
  • According to their website; Standards Australia is the nation’s peaknon-government Standardsorganisation. It is charged by theCommonwealth Government to meetAustralia’s need forcontemporary, internationally alignedStandards and related services. The work of Standards Australiaenhances the nation’s economicefficiency, international competitivenessand contributes to community demand
  •  It leads and promotes a respectedand unbiased Standardsdevelopment process ensuring allcompeting interests are heard, theirpoints of view considered andconsensus reached. Standards Australia alsorecognises, rewards and promotesexcellence in design and innovationthrough the Australian InternationalDesign Awards program and other
  • Our four key areas: 1. National and InternationalStandards Information andCoordinationStandards Australia is the centralpoint for government, industry andthe community to find informationabout non-government consensusStandards in Australia and aroundthe world, and how to participate in
  •  2. Accreditation of StandardsDevelopment OrganisationsStandards Australia supports theaccreditation of other StandardsDevelopment Organisationsthrough the Accreditation Board forStandards DevelopmentOrganisations (ABSDO). This highlyautonomous body independentlyassesses and approves otherorganisations such as industry
  • 3. Standards DevelopmentA range of developmentpathways is offered tostakeholders looking todevelop new or updateexisting Standards.
  •  4. Design Assessment andPromotionStandards Australia operates one ofthe world’s leading designassessment programs through itsAustralian International DesignAwards (AIDA). With more than 50years of benchmarking excellencein design and innovation, the AIDA
  • Safe Work Australia Safe Work Australia is a goodstarting point to get information onsafe work practices that relatespecifically to your industry andarea of expertise. Their website is;http://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx
  • Some of the specific information thatis discussed on the website includes; Safety in your workplaceNational Standards andguidance materialSafe Work Australia publishesNational Standards andguidance material for a rangeof health and safety issues.
  • Hazardous substances anddangerous goods Safe Work Australia publishesdocuments for the classification ofhazardous substances. Thesedocuments form the basis of anationally consistent regulatoryapproach for the control ofworkplace dangerous goods andhazardous substances.
  • Public sector work health and safety Safe Work Australia is encouragingthe public sector to play aleadership role in work health andsafety practices throughresearch, the development ofresources and guidance material toensure safety in the workplace is apriority.
  • Safe designSafe design is a process ofhazard identification and riskassessment to eliminate orminimise risk of injurythroughout the life of theproduct.
  • Training, skills and licensingSafe Work Australia publisheseducation and trainingresources to assistorganisations inthe development of effectivework health and safetyguidelines and trainingpackages.
  • Learn More from the CertificateIV Frontline Managementcourses offered by Intellitrain forCoordinators, Leading Hand,Supervisors and Team Leaders.