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Urban Activism Worldwide: Caring for People
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Urban Activism Worldwide: Caring for People


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  • 1. Caring for People
  • 2. Oranssi Housing Company Helsinki, Finland 1 of 12
  • 3. Oranssi renovates houses for young people looking for a more communal way of living.
  • 4. Members must be under 24 years old and need to take responsibility for the work and to be prepared for a communal lifestyle.
  • 5. Residents participate in the renovations from the beginning and maintain the houses.
  • 6. Mundo Infantil Community Daycare Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2 of 12
  • 7. An initiative of the Santa Marta neighborhood focusing on childcare and education of children in the community.
  • 8. This daycare facility is an alternative for families that allows mothers to have a job knowing that their children are safe.
  • 9. The initiative began with a group of five mothers, who arranged to leave their children under the care of one of them in her own house.
  • 10. The group of mothers produced and sold snacks and crafts in order to raise capital. With their profits and a bank loan, they purchased a property and established a day-care.
  • 11. Arzoo: Together We Will Shine Behrampur, Ahmedabad, India 3 of 12
  • 12. Arzoo is a center for education and arts and crafts activities whose mission is to bridge the gap between Hindus and Muslims created by communal riots in the past.
  • 13. For a nominal fee, Arzoo provides basic education to children 5-15 years in age, irrespective of their background. Participating children are mostly rag pickers, laborers, and street hawkers.
  • 14. In 2002 the founder of Arzoo, Sulekha Ali, started playing with the orphans in the camp.
  • 15. This led to the formation of a play group and later a small school, resulting in a bigger family beyond the boundaries of blood relations, color, caste, religion, or ethnicity.
  • 16. 1kg More Sichuan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shanxi, and Henan, China 4 of 12
  • 17. 1kg More is based on the concept of travelers bringing 1 kilogram of old books, stationery, or garments to donate to schools and children along their journeys.
  • 18. 1KG MORE
  • 19. The goal of the initiative is to enable direct communication. Through personal meetings, tourists are able to provide resources to residents and to broaden worldviews.
  • 20. 1KG MORE
  • 21. Água Santa Community Healthcare Unit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 5 of 12
  • 22. A group of women in Água Santa neighborhood formed a health care unit to assist their own community.
  • 23. Focusing on women’s health education and awareness, they hold lectures and meetings and make house visits to residents.
  • 24. They teach women to do breast self-examinations as a means of disease prevention. This helps locals to be more independent from the often overburdened public healthcare system.
  • 25. Wenxinshe Seniors Association Hexi District, Tianjin, China 6 of 12
  • 26. Members of the Wenxinshe, a seniors association, use their various skills to help the community’s residents.
  • 27. The Wenxinshe includes a calligraphy and painting team, a Yangko team, a riding team, and many other groups.
  • 28. As the city grows, people are leaving their houses and moving into apartments, leading to the deterioration of relationships among neighbors.
  • 29. As a result, some residents of this community (most of them are elderly) set up the seniors association that has become a bond connecting the residents.
  • 30. It serves as an advocate for them and helps people living in the neighborhood.
  • 31. Tata Doing Family Based Childcare Torino, Italy 7 of 12
  • 32. This project connects families who need childcare who also have additional space in their homes.
  • 33. Each family may accommodate up to three other children in their house for five hours a day, five days a week.
  • 34. This initiative has several aims: one, to provide childcare for families that don’t have access to it, and two, to create social networks between families.
  • 35. Vicini di Casa Social Housing Agency Udine, Italy 8 of 12
  • 36. Vicini di Casa is a social housing agency that helps mediate between demand and supply in housing.
  • 37. The agency works primarily with immigrants and provides loans to pay for rental deposits, organizes sublets, and provides support in negotiations with landlords.
  • 38. Luoshan Community Service Centre Shanghai, China 9 of 12
  • 39. The Luoshan Community Service Centre is the only public space for elderly people that operates in an open and self-managed style. It combines a service center for youth with the service center for elders.
  • 40. Walking Bus Milan, Italy 10 of 12
  • 41. The walking bus encourages children to walk to and from school in the safety of a group, under the supervision of one or more adults.
  • 42. Huiskamer Restaurant Living Room Restaurant Milan, Italy 11 of 12
  • 43. Many older people miss being able to cook for and entertain their family after their children leave home. Often they have fewer social opportunities as well.
  • 44. The Living Room Restaurant is based on organized dinner parties for strangers, taking placing in people’s houses for a low price.
  • 45. After reserving a place via email or phone, people can spend the evening at a host’s dining table with a group of new people.
  • 46. Omaabi Self-Help for the Elderly Tallinn, Estonia 12 of 12
  • 47. This self-help community of elderly retired people runs a shop and a small diner, giving opportunities to socialize, sell homemade handicrafts, and eat out for a low price.