So You Want a Mobile App? What Now?


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So You Want a Mobile App? What Now?

  1. 1. So You Want a Mobile App, What now?<br />Lisa Calkins, <br />CEO of Amadeus Consulting<br />
  2. 2. About Me<br /><ul><li> CEO & Co-Founder of Amadeus Consulting
  3. 3. Mobile App Development, Strategy and User!
  4. 4. Previously worked with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture)
  5. 5. Scuba Enthusiast & Certified Instructor </li></li></ul><li>About Amadeus Consulting<br />Started in 1994 with business partner John Basso<br />Passion for Technology<br />Named Top Mobile App Developer 2009 & 2010<br />Custom Technology Solutions focused on business results<br />Large-Scale Software <br />Mobile Apps<br />24x7 Support<br />Search Visibility<br />
  6. 6. Some Amadeus Consulting’s Apps…<br />
  7. 7. Brief History of Mobile Apps…<br /><ul><li>Have actually been around for about 13 years
  8. 8. Apple iPhone launch started in 2007
  9. 9. We have received over 1,000 mobile inquiries over the last two years, built a dedicated team
  10. 10. Currently there are:
  11. 11. 400,000+ apps on the Apple App Store
  12. 12. ~30% free, ~70% paid
  13. 13. 250,000 on the Android App Market
  14. 14. 20,000 on the BlackBerry World
  15. 15. 9,000 on the Windows Phone 7 Market</li></li></ul><li>Goal for the Evening<br />Share the 5 major factors that drive successful mobile app development<br />Purpose of the App<br />Target Audience<br />Competition<br />Platform<br />Promotion<br />Walk through YOUR great ideas <br />Take-away tips to create successful mobile apps<br />
  16. 16. Why talk about the Top 5 Decision Points?<br /><ul><li>Helps create good strategy for your application, flesh out your idea
  17. 17. This will drive the requirements for the application
  18. 18. Deciding these things prior to development will save you time and money</li></li></ul><li>The #1 Question: Budgeting for an App <br /><ul><li>It truly depends on the core functionality of the application
  19. 19. Data, web services, integration points
  20. 20. Custom Graphics
  21. 21. Apps can run anywhere from $10k-$50k (Enterprise Level)</li></li></ul><li>Decision Point 1: What is the Main Purpose of the Application?<br /><ul><li>In other words: ‘What is the one thing that your app will do very well?’
  22. 22. Here are a few examples of applications that have been successful because they have one main purpose:</li></ul>Angry Birds<br />Map My Run<br />Stop Watch App <br />
  23. 23. Why Singularity is Good in Mobile Apps<br />Finding a good solution to a common problem<br />Limited in feature set, but serve the immediate need<br />Too many apps try to solve too many needs making all of these things difficult:<br />Classification in App Store<br />Name of the App<br />User Interface (too many buttons!)<br />Promotion<br />Where is the closest restaurant near me?<br />
  24. 24. Decision Point 2: Who is your target customer/user? <br />Identifying your user can inform many decisions:<br />What kind of app you want? (critical functionality, look and feel)<br />What entices your audience?<br />What platform fits your user<br />
  25. 25. So Who is YOUR User?<br />Age, Gender, Purpose (Business or Leisure?)<br />Why do they need this application? What problem does it solve for them?<br />General Apps ≠ Bad, it just means you have a larger set of users<br />
  26. 26. Decision Point 3:How do I make my App different than my competition?<br /><ul><li>With as many applications in the market, this is a critical consideration
  27. 27. Do your Research:</li></ul>Search for your idea on the app store find the top few performing apps that are similar<br />Count the number of downloads and sale price of those apps <br />Also look at how long those the app has been live on the store<br />Read user reviews <br />Try a Google or Bing search competitor apps to see what press they have received<br />Check on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to see their social activity<br />
  28. 28. Decision Point 4: Which Platform(s) to develop on?<br /><ul><li>Or as we like to call them at Amadeus: </li></ul>The Fab Four<br /><ul><li>iPhone
  29. 29. Android
  30. 30. BlackBerry
  31. 31. Windows Phone 7</li></ul>Let’s Break them Down…<br />
  32. 32. iPhone: The Casual User<br /><ul><li>Demographics: The iPhone started out as being characterized as a product for the young and rich, which has shaped its image ever since. However, as far as smartphones go, it is widely distributed among different audiences and is very popular internationally.
  33. 33. Share: Approximately 10 million iPads, 74 Million iPhones (all types), 50 million iPod Touches
  34. 34. App Recommendations: The iPhone is an excellent place to launch an application, especially a paid application. Users are more accustomed to paying for apps, and are much more willing to buy apps than they are on other platforms. Apple also has the largest potential market for app distribution</li></li></ul><li>Android: The Tech Savvy<br /><ul><li>Demographics: Approximately 70,000,000 Android phones have been sold to date, and Google is currently selling over 200,000 phones per day, which makes it the fastest selling mobile OS on the market today.
  35. 35. Share: Approximately 23% of the smartphone market, or 6.7% of the entire US cell phone market. It is projected that Android will overtake the iPhone in 2011.
  36. 36. App Recommendations: As Android quickly becomes the largest smartphone platform, Android app developers are finding that they have a huge market for launching new apps. Its open nature and large demographic range make it appealing to a broad range of apps.</li></li></ul><li>BlackBerry: Business as Usual<br /><ul><li>Demographics: BlackBerry originally appealed to business users who needed to stay connected to email while on the go. Over time it expanded its range to include many students and more casual users, but it has always remained a primarily business-oriented device
  37. 37. Share: Approximately 27% of the Smartphone market, 8% of the total US cell phone market’
  38. 38. App Recommendations: BlackBerry is still a very strong platform and the new OS version does provide some interesting features.</li></li></ul><li>Windows Phone 7: The Everyman<br /><ul><li>Demographics: Unknown at this point, but it is designed to appeal to a range of people from business professionals to gamers.
  39. 39. Share: Currently less than 1% of the smartphone market, but is rapidly growing.
  40. 40. App Recommendations: Launching into a new platform is always a little bit risky since your app’s success depends heavily on the success of the platform</li></li></ul><li>Decision Point 5:Price Point: To Free or Not to Free?<br />How much do competitors charge for a similar app? Take a look at the AppStore and review how many apps are similar to yours. Have you produced another Battleship game that is similar to other apps or is it far better? Be honest!<br />What are the differences between my app and someone else’s? Do you have more features? If it is a new financial calculator, does it offer something more than the other competing apps on the store?<br />
  41. 41. Decision Point 5:Price Point: To Free or Not to Free?<br />
  42. 42. Decision Point 5:Price Point: To Free or Not to Free?<br /><ul><li>Free apps can be powerful for promotional purposes, or bundled with in-app advertising
  43. 43. It’s all relative in the app market, .99¢ is a whole dollar more than free
  44. 44. Our Tip: Always Keep the Price Point as low as possible</li></li></ul><li>Promotion, the Final Step for Success<br />Putting your app on the App Store or Android Market these days is just not enough!<br /><ul><li>Social Media
  45. 45. Facebook Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn
  46. 46. App Review Sites
  47. 47. Screen Shots, Images of what the app does
  48. 48. Consider hiring short-term PR who can write blogs, press releases
  49. 49. App Store Marketing
  50. 50. How you name your app & the description</li></li></ul><li>Now You!<br />Let’s talk about your App Ideas<br />