Fiksu presentation at Mobile Marketing Conference: Mobile App Marketing. October 2013


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Fiksu presentation at Mobile Marketing Conference: Mobile App Marketing. October 2013

  1. 1. Mobile  App  Marke6ng       Rico  Wyder  –  Director,  APAC   @ricowyder  |  @fiksu   October  24,  2013    
  2. 2. About  Fiksu     500 1800  CLIENTS   300%   YEAR  OVER   YEAR  GROWTH       200 3  PEOPLE    APPS    CONTINENTS         Global  Footprint:  8  worldwide  offices  in  Boston,  San  Francisco,  Europe  and  Asia.     Clients  include:   •  Leading  eCommerce  brands   •  World  class  brand  marketers   •  33  of  the  Top  50  grossing  game  publishers    
  3. 3. Consumers  Prefer  Apps   87%  of  consumer  6me   spent  in  mobile…  is  in  apps   •  Men:   25  h  53  m   APP   Games,  news,  produc6vity,  u6lity,   communica6ons,  social   networking…     Women:   28  h  7  m     13%  of  consumer  6me  is   spent  in  mobile  web   •    Smartphones   Mobile   Web   Men:   4  h  1  m   Women:   4  h  23  m   In  browser,  surfing  the  web,   emula6ng  the  desktop  experience.   Source:  Nielsen  
  4. 4. Brands  Embracing  Mobile  Apps   Significant  part  of  business   Large  Marke6ng  Investment   Significant  Acquisi6ons   and  Investments   Mobile  Ventures  
  5. 5. Mobile  App  Marketer’s  Dilemma   •  •  •  •  •  How  can  we  stand  out?   Where  can  we  get  loyal  users?   How  can  we  get  these  in  volume?   Can  we  do  this  cost  effec6vely?   Do  we  get  insight  and  full  accountability?  
  6. 6. 10  User  Acquisi6on  Best  Prac6ces  
  7. 7. Strategic  Goal  Seang   Not  Strategic   •  Launching  an  app   •  Achieving  specific  category  or  overall  App  Store  rank   •  Genera6ng  100K  or  1  Million  downloads   Strategic   •  Aligning  mobile  app  objec6ves  with  your  primary  business  purpose   •  Integra6ng  mobile  app  marke6ng  into  your  overall  mix   •  Understanding  mobile  app  new  revenue,  revenue  protec6on  &  margin   contribu6ons     •  Adjus6ng  marke6ng  budgets  &  spend  in  accordance  with  contribu6ons  
  8. 8. Maximize  Organic  Lif  Through     Op6mal  App  Store  Rank   Rank   •  Organic  lif:      organic  downloads  driven  by  ad  spend   #1   .   .   •  Goals  based  on  rank:   .   •  Best  cost/organic  download   •  Maximize  volume   •  Quality  of  organic  users   •  Key  variables  to  track:   •  Overall  app  rank   •  Category,  sub-­‐category  rank   •  App  ra6ngs   .   .   –   .   .   .   .   .   .   –   .   .   .   .   .   XX   Cost  >  Benefit   Op6mal  ROI   Insufficient   volume  
  9. 9. Incorporate  Vast  Global  Media  Inventory   Incen6vized   Non-­‐Incent  Networks  &  Aggregators   RTB  Exchanges   Social   Publisher  Direct   Example:  Fiksu  reaches  250  billion  iOS  and  Android  impressions  per  month…  sAll  hungry  
  10. 10. Rapid  Change  is  Normal,  Not  the  Excep6on   2012   10%   Share   2011   60%   Share   2011   30%   Share   Fiksu  Share  Volume  %  by  Ad  Network   2012   0%   Share   2013   5%   Share  
  11. 11. Support  All  Forms  of  Aoribu6on  –     and  Measure  Everything   Device  IdenDfier   Apple  Adver6sing   Iden6fier,     Facebook  ID,  MAC   Address,  IMEEI  and   others   Digital  FingerprinDng   Tracking   AOribuDon   Takes  “digital  fingerprint”   of  configura6on.  Matches   configura6on  at  6me  of   conversion     HTML  5tored  in  local   Small  file  s  Cookie   storage  (“cookie-­‐like”)   Requires  a  redirect  to   Safari  Browser,   Android  Referrer   Standard  Google  Play   aoribu6on  methodd  
  12. 12. Let  Big  Data  Drive  Op6miza6on   •  For  op6mal  ad  spend,  take  a  “Big  Data”  approach  to  op6miza6on.     •  Consider  an  ad  program  with:   –  –  –  –  –  –  5  crea6ves   4  sizes  each   3  networks  with  thousands  of  publishers   10  countries   3  devices   2  opera6ng  systems   •  Mul6ply  by  thousands  of  poten6al  combina6ons  to  iden6fy  what’s   driving  best  results.   •  Requires  an  op6miza6on  engine  that  considers  all  data  in  every   possible  combina6on.  
  13. 13. Op6mize  Based  On  Quality   Aoribute  post-­‐download  ac6ons  driving  your  business   App  Launches   Purchases   Registra6ons   Online  &  Physical  Sales   Device  Type   Geography   Tie  ac6ons  back  to  points  of  origin     Media  Sources   Crea6ve   Tightly  couple  to  op6miza6on  for  best  performance   Op6mize     on  Downloads   Op6mize  on  loyal  users-­‐   Up  to  3x  performance  
  14. 14. Learn  from  the  Past   Billions  of  historical  markeAng  data  points   AutomaAcally  acAonable  for  current  and  future  markeAng  /  ad  buying  decisions  in  real  Ame     Receiving  over  5%  of  iOS   app  launches  worldwide   Fiksu  ‘Knowledge  Base’:  Mobile  User  Profile  Store   •   300  Million  Unique  iOS  User  Profiles   •   100  Million  Unique  Android  User  Profiles      Mobile  Event  Data  infrastructure   •   130  Billion  Marke6ng  Events  per  Month   •   Tracked  110  Billion  Launches    
  15. 15. U6lize  Real-­‐Time  Bidding   RTB  exchanges:  the  most  transparent  way  to  buy  media     •  Purchasing  more  directly  from  publisher   •  Delivers  best  price/performance   •  Many  adver6sers  do  not  access  this  inventory   •  Integrate  op6miza6on  and  aoribu6on  directly     with  RTB  Exchanges  to  ensure  efficiency  
  16. 16. Take  Advantage  of  Social  Media     •  To  date:  Facebook  and  Twioer  only  concrete   success  stories  for  mobile  app  marke6ng   •  Facebook     –  Ad  types  specific  to  apps   –  Powerful  targe6ng  op6ons   •  Twioer   –  Sponsored  tweets   –  Celebrity  tweets  
  17. 17. Facebook:  The  Opportunity   •  •  •  •    Audience  size  (1.15B,  820M  on  mobile)   Mobile  usage  now  70%+  of  MAU   App-­‐specific  ad  unit   Segmenta6on  op6ons   To  maximize  this  opportunity,  marketers  must  measure   downloads  and  loyal  usage  ac6ons.   Your  choice  is  to  build  it  yourself  –  or  work  with  a  Facebook-­‐ integrated  aoribu6on  and  op6miza6on  partner  like  Fiksu.  
  18. 18. Create  Strategies  for  Peak  Periods   Volume  and     cost  indexes  2012   4.57M   $1.38   November   5.32M   $1.67   6.01M   December   January   2014   Thanksgiving,  Black   Friday,  Cyber  Monday   11/30  App  Deadline   Christmas   iTunes   Connect   App  Store   Freeze?   $1.56   New  Years   5.02M   $1.29   February  
  19. 19. User  Acquisi6on  Best  Prac6ces   1.  Strategic  goal  seang   2.  Maximize  organic  lif  through  op6mal  App  Store  rank   3.  Incorporate  vast  global  media  inventory   4.  Support  all  forms  of  aoribu6on  &  measure  everything   5.  Learn  from  the  past   6.  Let  big  data  drive  op6miza6on   7.  Op6mize  on  all  event  types  and  generate  downloads  from  loyal  users   8.  U6lize  real  6me  bidding  (RTB)   9.  Take  advantage  of  social  media   10.  Create  strategies  for  peak  periods  
  20. 20. Quick  Service  Restaurant  Chain   •  Sustained  program  to  establish  a  mobile  presence  for  its  brand   suppor6ng  10,000  loca6ons  worldwide   •  Overall  Rank:  from  120  to  18   •  Downloads:  from  3k/day  to  30k/day     •  6.7M  app  engagements   •  Cost  per  download:  $.33   •  Cost  per  loyal  user:  $.82   •  Cost  per  app  engagement:  $0.07   Plus:  750M  pre-­‐download  impressions   Plus:  benefit  of  pervasive  on-­‐device  presence  
  21. 21. Fiksu  Dashboard:  Real-­‐Time  Analy6cs  &  Repor6ng   Performance  by     Ad  Network   Track    impact  on   organic  users   Drill  into  KPIs:       CPI,  Cost/user,  cost   purchaser…   Iden6fy  top   segments   Create  custom   URLs  –  track  all   your  programs!  
  22. 22. Fiksu  Mobile  App  Marke6ng  Playorm   App  Publisher       Traffic   Aoribu6on   Repor6ng   Op6miza6on   The  award-­‐winning  Fiksu  Mobile  App  marke6ng  playorm     enables  app  marketers  to  achieve  their  business  goals  by     maximizing  app  downloads  from  quality,  loyal  app  users.   Loyal  Users  
  23. 23. Thank  You!     Download  free  eBooks   and  white  papers                  @ricowyder  |  @fiksu