ATLAS GROUP OF COMPANIES                                                                                                A ...
OVERVIEW   MICROPAYMENT                 MARKETING                     END-USER                                SERVICES    ...
MICROPAYMENT SOLUTION                                                                                                     ...
MICROPAYMENT SOLUTION                                                                                                     ...
MICROPAYMENT TRANSACTIONS                                                                        with kanzaloo™๏ Coverage ...
MARKETING SERVICES                                                                      Bulk SMSKEY FACTS:๏ State-of-art M...
VREACH                                                                                                              Overvi...
VREACH                                                                                                      In-Game Alerts...
SERVICE NUMBERS & IVR                                                                                                     ...
MARKTING PLATFORMS                                                                                                        ...
OUR USPS                                                 ATLAS Interactive Deutschland GmbH๏ Orientation on your individua...
SOME OF OUR REFERENCES                                   ATLAS Interactive Deutschland GmbHGAMINGINDUSTRYTELECOMMUNICATION...
CONTACT INFORMATION                                                     ATLAS Interactive Deutschland GmbHATLAS Interactiv...
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ATLAS Interactive Commercial Presentation


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ATLAS Interactive Commercial Presentation

  2. 2. ATLAS GROUP OF COMPANIES A Global Footprint ATLAS GROUP 11%๏ The ATLAS Group, through its main divisions, provides a range of added value solutions and innovative services to its customers in over 70 countries.๏ The Group is privately held and self funded since its foundation in 1994. ATLAS INTERACTIVE BUSINESS UNITS ๏ Brazil The German branch of ATLAS Interactive provides a unique portfolio of access ๏ Germany and billing solutions via premium SMS (wireless value added services), via ๏ USA Domestic Premium Rate Numbers and other international solutions for markets ๏ Lebanon around the globe. ๏ UK Additionally, we can offer a comprehensive portfolio of salient complementary services and applications such as IVR inbound & outbound services, marketing opportunities in various regions.
  3. 3. OVERVIEW MICROPAYMENT MARKETING END-USER SERVICES SUPPORT๏ Premium SMS ๏ Vreach ๏ IVR๏ Premium Rate ๏ Bulk SMS ๏ Call Center Support๏ Webbilling ๏ Service Numbers ๏ Multi-lingual MARKETING OTHER PLATFORMS SERVICES๏ MENA ๏ 0900 Guaranteed Payout๏ ๏ Shopping Basket๏ ATLAS Premium Brands ๏ Custom Billing Solutions
  5. 5. MICROPAYMENT SOLUTION kanzaloo™kanzaloo™ is the latest product from ATLAS Interactive. ATLAS Interactive is now bringing their most popularpremium billing solutions into one product with kanzaloo™.kanzaloo™ combines Premium SMS, Web Billing, and Premium Rate Solutions to make a product that makesit easier to understand and even easier to use. With a reputation of working with some of the largest companies inthe world and having the must have relationships with the top mobile carriers around, kanzaloo™ is able to notonly provide an all-in-one product, but the service and expertise clients of ATLAS Interactive expect and deserve.Whether you are in the gaming industry, social networking business, publications, or any other industry sellingdigital goods, you can take advantage of the premium billing solutions from kanzaloo™.With more and more people owning mobile phones and even more ditching their credit cards, it only makes senseto offer the easy to use payment method for your goods. kanzaloo™ is tailored with you in mind, and with theknowledge and expertise from ATLAS Interactive, you can see your sales increase.ATLAS Interactive has over 15 years experience in handling micro transactions.
  6. 6. MICROPAYMENT SOLUTION kanzaloo™ SMS WEB BILLING Premium Rate Pay Per Pay Per MO MO/MT MT Minute Call Billing Billing Billing*MO Billing - Mobile Originated Billing*MT Billing - Mobile Terminated Billing **kanzaloo offers Premium SMS, Web Billing and Premium Rate Solutions on a global scale, however certain countries may have restrictions on any of the above mentioned services.
  7. 7. MICROPAYMENT TRANSACTIONS with kanzaloo™๏ Coverage of approximately 75+ countries for domestic billing solutions๏ Technical resources with several SMS & IVR gateways, unique redundancy and scalability features๏ Advanced fraud protection and blacklisting/high spender policies๏ kanzaloo™ provides an easy to integrate HTTP interface for all countries๏ Delivery/billing receipts (DLR) are provided if supported by the operators๏ Worldwide coverage through international long numbers๏ Blacklisting API to be integrated in your customer care tools๏ Guaranteed payouts in most of the countries
  9. 9. MARKETING SERVICES Bulk SMSKEY FACTS:๏ State-of-art Messaging Delivery Platform๏ High Performance: Direct delivery of SMS over direct gateway link๏ Cost effective: Costs per message without setup or monthly fees๏ Alpha-numeric originator support๏ High throughputs per link๏ SMPP/HTTP/UCP connectivity๏ WAP push / Long Text capability๏ Sending Bulk SMS over WEB and file upload
  10. 10. VREACH OverviewWith Vreach you are able to automatically send voice messages to your target group.There are various possibilities to use Vreach. Your Advantages: ๏ standardized and automated calling process ๏ direct customer contact ๏ address of accurate target group ๏ individual implementation and analysis of your campaign ๏ simple monitoring of campaign success ๏ Billing- and IVR solutions from one source!We design individualized IVR application that fit to the needs of our clients. Our in- and outbound IVR solutions will makeyour services more appealing.
  11. 11. VREACH In-Game Alerts๏ You define your campaign requirements.๏ ATLAS Interactive will prepare the system so it fits to your individual needs and leases the individual configured system to you.๏ You upload the voice files that the user shall hear into the system.๏ Through a HTTP-Interface you manage the outbound system. This way you can control exactly at what time, which of your users shall receive a certain voice message.๏ At any time you have full control of your campaigns and you can design your individual voice interaction concept for your games. definition and feed of technical self-contained monitoring of customer data preparation of the realization of success through and campaign project campaign statistics details
  13. 13. SERVICE NUMBERS & IVR OverviewIVR:We provide a wide range of IVR services. Our IVR servers are state of the art, and we are able to attend to yourindividual needs. There is a wide spectrum of solutions helping you to optimize your end user support hotlinesthrough IVR technology. Ask us for further detailsPREMIUM RATE NUMBERS:Generally Premium rate numbers are used for premium content like special applications and services. Thereforecustomers have to pay higher calling rates. From the price the enduser pays for calling a premium rate number thenumber owner will receive a payout. Numbers are flexibly billed to the end user. The calling party will be chargedper minute or per call depending on the business model for the service. Premium rate numbers are mostly used forentertainment, chat service, content billing, competitions, votings and etc.FREEPHONE:Freephone is a service number with no costs for the calling party. All expenses will be paid by the number usingcompany. In most countries these numbers begin with 0800. It is common to use freephone numbers for successfulacquisition of new customers by giving more information about products and services.SHARED COST NUMBERS:For shared cost service connecting fees will be splitted between the caller and the company which owns theservice number. The callers pay a small amount per minute. Costs vary form country to country. These numbersare mostly used for services such as customer support and 24h hotlines.MASS CALLING:In some countries, special premium rate number ranges are used for applications with high volume of traffic duringlimited time periods. This number range can mostly be found on TV for voting and competition applications.
  15. 15. MARKTING PLATFORMS OverviewATLAS PREMIUM BRANDS:ATLAS Premium Brands has exclusive rights with some of the ATLAS Interactive Deutschland and its sisterworlds top Football Leagues, Real Madrid and others. With these company ATLAS Interactive Middle East are joiningrights, ATLAS Premium Brands is able to give exclusive content forces to launch the premier gamingto its clients for use in games, online communities and muchmore. portal. The gaming portal gives you the opportunity to publish your games to a hugeWith video clips, artwork, interviews, and more you will be ableto give the consumer content for some of the worlds leading audience in the Middle East with the help of ATLASFootball Leagues. Interactive. The gaming portal will include browser based games, chat features, downloadable games, and mobile applications.
  16. 16. OUR USPS ATLAS Interactive Deutschland GmbH๏ Orientation on your individual demands, highest possible flexibility๏ Internationality, wide know how and market knowledge๏ Reliability, correct invoices, punctual payments to you๏ Reasonable, market orientated conditions๏ Customer orientation, best possible availability๏ Wide range of products and services๏ Fast decisions๏ Informative, customer orientated web tools๏ Praxis oriented process (e.g. order process, billing and statistic management)
  18. 18. CONTACT INFORMATION ATLAS Interactive Deutschland GmbHATLAS Interactive Deutschland GmbHTel. +49 40 41 33 00 185Fax +49 40 41 33 00 200Email sales@atlasinteractive.deWeb www.atlasinteractive.deCompany Address ATLAS Interactive Deutschland GmbH Christoph-Probst-Weg 3 D-20251 Hamburg / GermanyIT Office Engelbertstr. 38 A D-50674 Köln / Germany