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Padlet questions

  1. 1. VIRPI • SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 MINNA OCTOBER 01 , 201 3 Minn You mostly get to study at whatever time suits you. V IRPI SEPTEMBER 28, 201 3 ALEXANDRA AND VIRPI V IRPI SEPTEMBER 28, 201 3 1) Mention 1-2 positive eLearning experiences that you have had. Why were they positive? MLA ITINEN OCTOBER 01 , 201 3 Mikko I've taken a few online cource. Mainly in uni helsinki, but also vocational courses. In uni hki the education courses have been very well stuctured and they have really put effort into them. MA RJA OCTOBER 01 , 201 3 Marja 1. Positive: Location
  2. 2. free, flexibility, less time consuming, makes easier to go through material eather beforehand or afterwords - and create material together. Able to make longer learning process documentation, for example blogs. 2. Negative: good skills required, both teacher and studenst. So to do succesful e-learning is not easy. A NONY MOUS OCTOBER 01 , 201 3 William Deeper planning and also the students need to be invested in the course, as in, they really need to make the effort to take part by getting up to date with the software, be on time etc A NONY MOUS OCTOBER 01 , 201 3 Yanhong location flexibility cost effective MIKY STA R OCTOBER 01 , Mikyong
  3. 3. 201 3 anytime, any where accessible the Moodle system. Kind of database storing all materials and student's discussion and feedbacks. Cons - technical problems are always as usual. Technical development is make it easier, but still need to fill the gaps Flexible teaching and learning plan need to be prepared V IRPI SEPTEMBER 28, 201 3 TOPIC: PLEASE EVALUATE THE eLEARNING COURSES YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED IN. A NONY MOUS OCTOBER 01 , 201 3 a big questio A NONY MOUS OCTOBER 01 , 201 3 Yanhong difficult to ask and discuss questions feel lonely in some way
  4. 4. A NONY MOUS OCTOBER 01 , 201 3 William e-learning seems like a good idea but it is difficult to do properly, I must say. But in saying that, this is my only real experience and this has been quite tricky V IRPI SEPTEMBER 28, 201 3 2) Have you had any poor eLearning experiences? Why were they poor? MLA ITINEN OCTOBER 01 , 201 3 Mikko tecnical issues when all together at the same time. Courses work when no specific time given. everyone can do their share intheir own time (before deadlina ofcourse) MLA ITINEN OCTOBER 01 , 201 3 Mikko You must know what you was supposed to do in beforehand, online courses with fixed time are difficult. Interaction mainly in written language.
  5. 5. MINNA OCTOBER 01 , 201 3 Minna The technical difficulties can be very disturbing, like today.