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Audio visual presentation in teaching


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Published in: Business, Education
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Audio visual presentation in teaching

  1. 1. “Audio Visual Presentation in Teaching Computer Subjects”
  2. 2. Introduction Audio Visual Materials is an Technique and which involves the sense of vision as well as hearing. It is usually used in presentation prepared by the businessmen to show graphs on the study of the company, college students to their reports, and especially the instructors who use this to clearly explain the lesson to the students. In our modern generation, we have a lot of changes in our surroundings mostly in technology. Technology is now evolving as years go by maybe in the future the students do not need to go to school. This teaching aid is a big help for the students in their learning environment. Thus, the focuses on the correlation between instructors and the use of the students to learn better, the teacher clarifies the subject matter easily, facilitate the proper understanding to the student which discourage the art of cramming, increase the vocabulary of the students more effectively, saves time and money, makes classes more lively and actively, avoids dullness. This list of importance will help us to be aware on how it develops and be creative in using it.
  3. 3. • Based on the made by the proponents, it is more useful than the traditional Visual Aid because Audio Visual Aid is more effective and high-tech. through this, the proponents become interested in the relationship of audio visual Materials to the instructor as it is the tool or equipment used by many.
  4. 4. • • • Statement of the study
  5. 5. The study sought to help the instructors in developing their teaching techniques with the use of Audio Visual Materials. This kind of tool that had been used so many years would become effective together with the presence and guidance of the educators.
  6. 6. • The study sought to answer the following questions: • 1. Which is the relationship of Audio Visual materials and the study habits of the students? • 2. How do instructors motivate their students to participate in class with the use of audio visual material? • 3. How do audio visual materials improve the study habits of the students?
  7. 7. • Importance of the Study
  8. 8. • • The study will help the learners to improve their knowledge through audio visual materials. It is helpful according to the students that are afraid to ask question because through the use of this some can upload their own audio visual material via interpret that will help others. From this, the learners will benefit more for a reason that they can ask question freely and the answer that they are able to have is reliable because the thought that was inside the audio visual materials came from the instructors.
  9. 9. • • • IV. Objectives of the Study
  10. 10. • The researches is introducing how will it be effective if the instructors is using Audio Visual materials in their teaching technique. The fact is fellow students will be aware in technologies that is popular in our generation. It tells us what can technology help us and to acknowledge it. It usually determines how is it easier and faster to use. On the other hand, some students cannot appreciate the technique.
  11. 11. • Time and Place of the Study
  12. 12. • The researcher were conducting a study from June 2013 until the end of the first semester at Cavite State University Imus-Campus.
  13. 13. • Scope and Limitation
  14. 14. • The study determines how the audio visual aid will be helpful as an instructors material in teaching and when it comes to students. How will they appreciate the modern way of teaching. The study discuss all it can help in education.
  15. 15. • The study’s strengths are what can you observe in the class using the technique. The instructor will be able to do its lesson plan easier and faster. • The study’s weaknesses are pretty obvious when in comes to education. Some students were unable to appreciate to the technique.
  16. 16. • Operational Definition of Terms.
  17. 17. • Review of Related literature
  18. 18. • We researchers found out that these technique of teaching were in teachers are in capable in teaching students easier and effortless. Specially if will present presentations that needs color, format, and other advance supports. This underlies the use of materials like projectors, printer, and other that has connection to computer. We would like to present what are the advantage and disadvantage of using Audio Visual Materials.
  19. 19. • Advantage: probably you can do your work easier, faster, and more reliable when it comes in compiling your works. It help you to see the features of using the method. • Disadvantage: it is the appreciation of the students in the instructors teaching technique. Students sometimes are sticking in the traditional way of learning. With the method called the chalkboard technique they understand the lesson sometimes compared to the modern way.