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FPA Theory

FPA Theory






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    FPA Theory FPA Theory Document Transcript

    • What is Avatarizing ?Avatarizing is a digital image processing technique now used ingraphics. The term ‘Avatarizing’ is derived from the movie ‘Avatar’.By using this technique we can transform a Human Image into theNa’vi, the natives of Pandora, a planet like moon of the planetPolyphemus in the α-centauri A system.
    • History of AvatarizingThe concept of Avatarizing is rise after the release of the James Camerons Science Fiction Motion Capture Movie ‘Avatar’ on December 10, 2009. In 2010 The McDonald made a Online Avatarizing application. The software version of Avatarizer is published by ‘iSiriBook’ in 2012. It is available on their website (Click here to log on to Avatarizer website)
    • Units & Abbreviations1) NsSU - Na’vi skin Smoothness Unit2) HsSU - Human skin Smoothness Unit3) NSC - Na’vi Skin Colour4) NEU - Na’vi Ear Unit5) HEU - Human Ear Unit6) EΔ - Ear Triagonal Unit7) F Δ - Face Triagonal Unit8) NFU - Na’vi Face Unit9) HFU - Human Face Unit10)NEC - Na’vi Eye Colour11) MD - Mood Display12)ID - Identification13)lP - lumino Pandoran14)Nf - Na’vi face15)Hf - Human face16)FL2 - Ferrari Logo area (2)
    • The Funny Pandoran Theory of AvatarizingTranslating Human Image to Na’vi SkinConversion Factors1) NsSU = HsSU + 562) NSC = #00FFFF3) NEU = HEU + EΔ 304) NFU = HFU + FΔ 185) NEC = #FFD7006) MD + Id = 369 lP
    • By Using the conversion factors given above, we can simply calculateand convert a human image into Na’vi using this Equation.
    • Avatarizing LanguagesFor using this funny equation in the avatarizer we have to convertthis equation to a special type of language which helps to avatarizeEasily with this equation. The avatarizer decodes the commands andYou get a beautiful result. DHI2NTL is the only avatarizing Language.It is a special type of programming language which helps to create anAvatar of a human image. This type of language is called ‘AvatarizingLanguage
    • DHI2NTL Language (Digital Human Image to(2) Na’vi Translator Language)DHI2NTL language is a special type of Avatarizing Language. It canconvert a Human image to Na’vi character easily. The avatarizer programcontain a decoder for decode the DHI2NTL language. The decoder decodethe commands and finally the program convert the human image to Na’vi.The Avatarizer Pro v.1.1 is powered by DHI2NTL v.1.0.