Social traffic engagement with facebook 2013


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Here is how we work on promoting our Music Cleints in going Viral with Facebook. This is a full handbook on everything facebook and engaging with your facebook users.

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Social traffic engagement with facebook 2013

  1. 1. Social Traffic Engagement with Facebook 2013 Advanced Handbook for Marketersby: FB Expert
  2. 2. New Ways to Get Traffic with Facebook + Re-kindle some older methods.Unless youve been living under a rock, Im sure youve been hearing the endless chatter about thenew Facebook changes.Like most of their changes, many of the users arent too happy about it.However, after examining the changes more closely, Ive realized theyre actually pretty cool. In fact,I think many of the changes are going to have a dramatic impact on how bloggers promote theircontent.With over 800 million users, Facebook is a traffic powerhouse. But only for those who know how touse it properly.AFTER READING CLICK LINK BELOW FOR MORE GREAT TIPS - Customising Facebook Pages have buried myself in the marketing lab over the past couple days so that I can show you exactlyhow the new Facebook changes will impact your business. And how you can leverage these changesto drive more traffic to your website.Heres the lowdown… on 2013 Facebook Engagement Strategies.We cover all the new features with Facebook right now TODAY !!!Most of us currently know about the ability to promote posts on Facebook. Promoted posts givebusiness owners and users the power to feature their content to their fans, and their fans’ friends,for a set cost. This can give a nice extra boost to the value of your content. The real homerun,however, is the new ability to amplify your content. Because content amplification helps you target ahighly relevant audience outside of your current fan base, it offers the biggest bang for yourmarketing buck. GO CUSTOM OR GO HOME !!!You must be the worlds word social person if you leave your Facebook page standard. There issomething called ad blindness. This applies to Facebook pages. YOU HAVE TO BE DIFFERENT.First of all the most important thing about engaging your audience on Facebook is to have a customFacebook page. I have increased my clients Facebook engagement efforts by no less than %15 justby creating a custom header.
  3. 3. You can have great Facebook headers like these.Here is a clean look with a GREAT slogan from Steve jobs !Here is an Idea if you have a Travel Facebook page.
  4. 4. What about a TV series or Movie...Now if you cant see the logic into having a custom page andheader then dont bother to read on. The rest you will certainly notunderstand.We have a unique Software package that creates headers like that and that help you engagebetter socially. Download Facebook Master Header Creator Free.What is a Promoted Post?
  5. 5. Promoted posts are, in many respects, no-brainers for savvy marketers. With a few selecteddemographic filters, business owners can target fans and their friends. This highlights selected poststo a filtered, targeted audience, displaying selected ads near their feeds. It’s a straightforwardprocess with obvious benefits.Here’s an example of how this is broken down. Say you run a business that sells vitamins, and you’vegot a current daily deal promotion involving multivitamins for adult women. A promoted postcampaign might use the following targets:* United States residents* Women* Ages 35-65* Interested in: #vitamins, #health, #energy, #preventative medicinePromoted posts would then place your ad in front of all your fans (and their friends) that fit theabove criteria. On average, a promoted post reaches between 6-15% of your audience (dependingon their level of engagement.)Why Content Amplification RulesThere are many reasons content amplification is the new go-to for marketers looking to grow theiraudience. For starters, unlike promoted posts, amplified content is seen by relevant users who arenot currently fans of your brand or page. Furthermore, this strategy lands posts in the user’s actualnews feed, rather than the ad space sidebar to the right – a huge factor, especially for mobile users.News feeds are far more prominent than ad space, receive volumes more click-throughs, and arestatistically proven to engage more users.Setting up successful content amplification campaigns requires a few key considerations. As with allonline advertising, diversity is imperative – you’ll want to try a few variants to see what targeting setyields you the best results. Top filters for breaking out content amplification include location, age,gender and any other metrics relevant to your product or business. In a perfect world, yourdemographic breakdowns should mirror the components you use in Google Adwords. Using thevitamin business as an example, a content amplification checklist could work as follows:* Topic interest sets: #Your Vitamin Company, #vitamins, #multivitamins, #health* Competitor interest sets: #GNC, #Centrum, #Herbalife* Wider interest sets: #holistic medicine, #alternative health, #preventative healthThe key here is not to limit your content to a single target audience. Each target set should becarefully monitored to determine broadest reach and highest engagement.Why Isn’t Everyone Using Content Amplification?Content amplification is a best kept secret simply because Facebook has been unsuccessful incommunicating its existence and benefits. People just aren’t aware of their options, partly because
  6. 6. the recent changes seemingly devalued their audience, rather than leveraging it all the more. Folksare apt to focus on the negative, and are currently missing the boat on the goldmine Facebook hasoffered. Because there’s been a rash of post-IPO updates, it’s quite challenging to keep up.In addition to the little promotion content amplification has received, Facebook has also hidden thefunctionality within the API. Promoted posts have received far more attention, but because theydon’t land in the user’s actual news feed, they just don’t hold a candle to amplification. Facebookwould do well to bring this feature to a more prominent position in the API, rather than hide it in thePower Editor. In time, this will likely occur – but you have a leg up on your competitors by being in-the-know.Deciding Who You Should Targetuse some of these tools - Knowledge is best.So you’re in love with the concept of content amplification, but now you need to decide who totarget. Although deciding who to target is a bit trickier with content amplification, it really comesdown to your actual campaign objectives. The best approach is a data-led focus, rather than thescatter gun method employed by Facebook’s recommended pages. You’ll want to identify new fanswith interest profiles that match your content. Consider using insight tools and social data to helpyou zero in on the right targets. This will reduce your cost per engagement and increase theeffectiveness of your content too. Some marketers are reporting a 30% engagement increasethrough savvy amplification usage. Not bad for a tool so few are even aware of!How to Get Started and What to BudgetThere’s yet another added bonus to content amplification – the cost. At just $20 per variation, youcan afford to have several variants to find your sweet spot. Keeping in mind the multiple tests you’llno doubt want to employ, be sure to stay on top of results and guarantee you are not wasting timeand money on useless variations.Deciding when to start this process is also easy – now is good. Because of the increasedengagement, inexpensive cost and news feed prominence, there’s no reason to wait any longer.Take a hard look at your current campaign objectives and start to map out who you want to target.Make sure you bid and optimize your content amplification intelligently (a common mistake isbidding too high on a CPC basis), and be prepared to test different copy and image combinations.There’s no need to abandon promoted posts all together, but utilizing content amplification is thenew must-do in online marketing.
  7. 7. Heres the lowdown… on Older Facebook Engagement Strategies.Facebook News Feed Vs. News TickerOne of the most controversial changes is the addition of the News Feed Ticker. Some people hate itwhile others love it. However, it is an integral part of creating a new, more engaging Facebookplatform. New Ways to Get Traffic with FacebookThe new Facebook ticker contains everything that happens on Twitter – no matter how trivial theactivity. So this section is a bit more like Twitter and will contain a little bit more noise. But at thesame time you can keep an eye on anything that might catch you.The News Ticker contains posts and “activity stories”. This includes friends adding friends, friendscommenting on other posts, liking pages, friends posting photos, etc.Also keep in mind, although the News Ticker is filled with a lot of noise – it can also potentially getyour posts some extra exposure. Each time someone likes or comments on your content, thatcomment will appear in the News Ticker (along with your story, link, photo, etc…) So engagingcontent essentially gets double exposure (in the news feed and also in the news ticker)Your Facebook posts now have a longer shelf life due to follow-up comments. Remember, MarkZuckerbergs main goal with the new Facebook changes is to increase engagement. So the moreyoure able to increase engagement on your Fan Page, the more exposure and traffic you will berewarded with.Plus, users can interact directly with items in the ticker. Simply hover over any item from the tickerand the content will expand in a hover window – New Ways to Get Traffic with Facebookallowing you to „like, „comment, or share the content in real time. I have to say this is one of myfavorite features – being able to quickly interact with my friends content without ever leaving thehome page.There are also a number of changes that youll want to take note of. The first thing youll noticedabout the News Feed is that you can no longer toggle between Tops News and Most Recent.Now you have „Top Stories and „Recent Stories. The Top Stories are located at the very top of yourhome page. These are the posts that Facebook thinks you will find most interesting based on yourinteraction in the past. In addition to this personalized ranking factor, the “Top Stories” are alsohighly influenced by EdgeRank.So in order to get into this more valuable real estate, youll need to focus on high quality content,new layers of multimedia, and engagement. New Ways to Get Traffic with Facebook
  8. 8. Its becoming more important now than ever for us to cut through the noise by creating and sharinghigh-quality, engaging content.The New TimelineYour personal profile page is now called the Timeline. With the new Timeline, Facebook has createda social hub with new ways to express yourself and tell your story. Its kind of like your very ownpersonal scrapbook online.Plus, with the new Timeline, you now have a HUGE cover photo at the top of your page. (840×310px)A massive amount of pixel space to express yourself.This is a HUGE piece of real estate for expressing yourself, your favorite interests, or cross-promotingyour blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn account.Here are a few creative Timeline cover photos to get your juices going… New Ways to Get Trafficwith Facebook New Ways to Get Traffic with FacebookPlus, with the new Facebook Timeline design also comes new branding opportunities!Imagine running a contest where you have your fans pose with your newly published book and postit as their cover photo!Or simply create a branded cover photo that not only showcases an interesting picture – but also thename of your business, your website, your Facebook page, and your Twitter profile.As a business owner, youll definitely want to put some thought into how you use this space.The New Subscribe ButtonFacebook has just recently introduced the Facebook „Subscribe button – which allows users to viewother peoples feeds without having to add them as Friends. Very similar to the concept of Twitterand Google+ Circles. New Ways to Get Traffic with FacebookThe subscribe button allows anyone to follow your updates without requiring you to follow themback.This means you can subscribe to celebrities, journalists, marketers, thought leaders, and anyoneelse your interested in but dont know personally. This way, you can check out their updates withouthaving to be accepted as their friend.This is also a great branding opportunity for you as a marketer as well. If youd like to share yourpublic updates with more than just your friends, you can setup a „Subscribe button on your profileas well.Heres how to activate the new subscribe button…Were living in a world where our personal life continually slips into the business world and viceversa. And the „Subscribe button adds an additional layer of access to your followers and fans.
  9. 9. Giving them a peak behind the curtain at your personal life – which builds trust, engagement, andraving fans.This is also a great way to get around the 5,000 friend limit because theres no limit to how manypeople can „Subscribe to your personal profile page.Plus, Facebook is also allowing you a great deal of control on what you share to subscribers. Forexample, you can share links and text updates but keep your photos and apps shared only withfriends. So you can essential censor what information you want to display – thereby separating yourpublic profile from your personal profile.In addition, people who subscribe to your page can decide exactly which updates they want to see aswell.As a marketer, this also allows you to gain an additional audience without having to accept each„friend manually.New Facebook Buttons New Ways to Get Traffic with FacebookMost of us are familiar with the „Like button and the „Share button.But Facebook is taking its social sharing to a new level with 3 new buttons – “Read, Listened, andWatched”.These will also be followed by a button called “Want”.It seems as though theyre bringing the Like button to a granular level – creating a more personaland in-depth content sharing platform.At this point, its unclear how these new buttons will affect the Like button. While Im sure thesenew buttons will also present some new marketing opportunities for content publishers, it alsoseems that some of these additional options are simply making it more confusing for the averageuser.But it will certainly be interesting to see how these new buttons will affect the Like button.Facebook Like Vs. Facebook ShareAs content creators, the Facebook „Like & „Share button have played a HUGE role in getting extratraffic to your blog.However, in terms of traffic, the Facebook buttons seem to be going through a bit of transition atthe moment.According to Mari Smith (one of the foremost experts on Facebook) – “Facebook “Shares” willbecome more important than „Likes.”For the most part, shares generally have a higher Edgerank score – which leads to more exposureand traffic.
  10. 10. The Facebook Share button is a bit similar to the „reblog feature on Tumblr. Whenever you „Sharea Facebook story or a new article it will repost the New Ways to Get Traffic with Facebookstory on your timeline (with a complete description, link, and photo). Whereas the „Like buttonsimply posts a short line of text to your timeline noting that you „liked a particular article, photo,Facebook post, etc… So in terms of virtual real estate, the share button seems to be more powerful.However, with the rollout of Timeline and Graphrank, its still too early in the game to know whichbuttons will have the biggest impact for marketers and content publishers.Frictionless Sharing via Apps – Kind of ScaryAlthough Im a huge fan of MOST of Facebooks recent changes, the frictionless sharing via Apps iskind of scary.Heres how it works…Lets say youve installed Facebooks „Spotify App and your listening to some of your favorite songsvia Spotify.That information is then automatically shared in the Facebook news feed „ticker.Or perhaps youve installed the Washington Post Facebook App. Each new article you click on via theWashington Post is now automatically shared on Facebook. New Ways to Get Traffic with FacebookOnce you approve a media partner app, all of your activity within that app is then automaticallyshared to Facebook. No need to click any buttons.At first glance it seems like a content publishers dream come true. But at the same time, it alsosounds like a privacy nightmare.Fortunately, there are a number of privacy settings you can choose to filter and select exactly whatyou want to share.As a blogger, this could present a HUGE opportunity for you as well.It will be interesting to see if more and more bloggers start creating apps to tap into these newtraffic opportunities.New Facebook Page Insights New Ways to Get Traffic with FacebookFacebook is launching a major facelift to Page Insights. If you have a Facebook Fan Page (which Iseriously hope you do!) youre going to be seeing some major updates in the admin area.Facebook is giving us new tools and statistics, giving us much more information about our fans, thepopularity of virality of our content, and overall engagement.Facebook has launched three new metrics: “People Talking About This”, “Number of Friends ofFans”, and “Weekly Total Reach”.
  11. 11. 1. “People Talking About This” is actually a public metric that you can now New Ways to Get Trafficwith Facebooksee on every Facebook Fan Page. Its located directly underneath the fan count and it shows thenumber of people on Facebook who have engaged with your page in the last 7 days.So if youre boring the crap out of your fans, now everyone will know :)This metric improves anytime someone engages with your page. This includes anytime a user „likesyour page, posts on your wall, comments, shares a post, answers a poll, or tags your page in anupdate or in a photo.Its essentially the number of people who interact with your content.2. “Number of Friends of Fans”: This new metric shows the collective number of friends your fanshave. This gives page admins a better idea of the potential reach of their page.3. “Weekly Total Reach”: This new metric is designed to show how many total people have seencontent associated with your Page. This also includes any Ads or Sponsored Stories pointing to yourPage.Another very interesting change is that Facebook is now giving us actual numbers for each post soyou can see EXACTLY how many people have clicked on your blog post, video, photo, etc… NewWays to Get Traffic with FacebookIm sure youll see plenty of geek speak thrown around about these new metrics, but the bottom lineis that Facebook is giving us more information about how many people are clicking on your links,commenting on your post, or sharing your post with friends. In return, were able to see which typesof content work and which ones dont.New Facebook Advertising Options New Ways to Get Traffic withFacebookFacebook has also just recently released a new ad unit called “Premium Ad Product” – which allowsbrands to turn their posts into ads. The premium ad unit encourages increased engagement, brandexposure, and virility.This new ad unit also combines post content with social context. Each premium ad also shows whichfriends have already „liked the post. The ad becomes much more powerful when it is attached bythe recommendation of a friend.Social context is adding a new dynamic to traditional advertising. Its kind of like a product ownertelling you their product is great vs. your neighbour Sally telling you the product is great.These Facebook advertising options allow you to build word of mouth around your content. One ofthe hardest parts of creating an online business is simply getting the ball rolling. That initial bit ofmomentum. Sponsored advertising allows you to get those eyeballs in front of your content.
  12. 12. Plus, theyre also a HUGE branding opportunity. Imagine your photo being shown on thousands ofpages. Regardless of whether or not someone clicks on your ad, youre still getting a ton of brandexposure. You are now going to be on the forefront of their minds. And this is very important forcreating trust, building relationships, and making sales. New Ways to Get Traffic with FacebookFacebook Pages Now Open Are you using them ?Another big change is that people can now engage on your Facebook Page without “Liking” yourPage.The focus is now much more on engagement rather than how many “likes you can get on your fanpage. Because fan pages are now open – everyone can engage, comment, like, and share yourcontent with their friends.The more engagement you create with your content (likes, comments, shares, etc…) the more likelyyour story will appear in your Fans newsfeeds. Increased engagement = Higher Edgerank. So themore interaction the better, even if it comes from non-Fans.Fans are certainly still an important metric, but at the same time, the new open pages allow for anincreased opportunity in traffic and exposure.Key Takeaways…* We are living through the humanization of business. Social media is making it easier than ever tobuild your audience. But at the same time, social media has also humanized the business experience.Now, more than ever before, business is about relationships. People are buying from people theyknow, like, and trust.So the more you can bring your own personality into your business the better :)* Facebook likes are becoming less important. You can no longer expect your posts to show up insomeones News Feed simply because they „liked your page. Facebook wants to serve up the mostrelevant, interesting content. Therefore, engagement (likes, shares, and comments) are becoming amuch more important metric. Engagement is now the BIGGEST key to getting more exposure onyour content. New Ways to Get Traffic with Facebook* Test different TYPES of content to see which ones drive the most engagement.* Although its getting a bit harder to show up in your fans news feed, its also a HUGE opportunityfor marketers and thought-leaders who are committed to creating killer content, engaging theircommunity, and creating fun experiences. Those are the ones who will reap massive rewards. Thebar has been raised!* Although technology is changing rapidly, your main core focus is still all about relationships.CLICK LINK BELOW FOR MORE GREAT TIPS
  13. 13. http://socialtrafficengagement. Facebook Pages in a Jiffy