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Marcelo presentation

  1. 1. Marcelo in the Real World by Francis X Stork Background Information HIGH SCHOOL LANGUAGE ARTS STUDENTSAimee Priem Eric Milton Aimee Wilson
  2. 2. About the Author• Francisco Stork majored in Literature, Law• Experience with the developmentally disabled• Worked for Department of Mental Health• Lived with “normal” and developmentally disabled• Attorney for affordable housing and writer
  3. 3. Cognitive DisordersMental conditions- difficultythinking clearlyEffects• thinking and perceptual processes• learning and retaining new informationMilder Cognitive Disorder for younger patients
  4. 4. Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms • Lacks Social Skills • Doesn’t speak in normal tones • Loses use of previously acquired language • Performs repetitive movements • Sensitive to activity around them
  5. 5. Asperger’s Syndrome Symptoms"Socially and emotionally inappropriate behaviorObsession with one or two subjectsRepetitive behaviors or rituals;Peculiarities in speech and language;Problems with nonverbal communication..."List from
  6. 6. Asperger’s Syndrome Symptoms "Lack of empathy Clumsy and uncoordinated motor movements Inflexibility or rigid thinking Fear of changes; Constant daily routines"List from
  7. 7. Marcelo’s Special Interest Religions and GodMainly:•Catholicism- His Family Heritage• Judaism- Friendship with Rabbi Herschel• Buddhism- Named dog after their prayers
  8. 8. Religious Distributionin the United States in 2009
  9. 9. Religion Quick ReferenceReligion Catholicism Judaism BuddhismClergy Title Priest Rabbi MonkHouse of Church Synagogue/Temple TempleWorshipHoly Text Bible Torah TripitikaGreat Teacher Jesus Jesus Buddha
  10. 10. Equine TherapyEquine therapy is new but successfulNatural leaders for horse, easy commandsMany benefits: • Focus on movement and sense stimulation • Motor skills and social improvements
  11. 11. Dementia• Isnt one disease but many symptoms• Includes memory loss• Causes personality changes• Loses ability to reason• Difficulty communicating with others
  12. 12. Resources to
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